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Tiburon in southwest Omaha is one of the Lincoln Senior Men's Golf League's favorite stops because of the great combination possible on the 27-hole course. So for 2018, the league used all three nines, allowing 183 golfers to experience the wonderful course and its amenities.

Because of the expanded field, two flights consisted of 16 four-man teams in A and B, with flight C having 15, while prizes were awarded for the first four places. Six pin prizes were also awarded by the league in the form of $25 gift certificates on the Mako and Hammerhead nines, and five on the Great White nine.

Prizewinners on Mako: Mike Abbott, Longest Putt on #1; Tom Brewer, closest second shot on #3; Mike Dosskey, longest drive on #4 fairway; Myron Thoreson, closest tee shot on #6; Jim Cunningham, closest tee shot to pin #8; and Bill Rainey, closest third shot on #9.

Prizewinners on Hammerhead: Mike Smith, longest putt on #1; Darrell Plumb, closest tee shot to pin #2; Wes Galligan, longest putt on #3; Rick Owens, longest drive on fairway #5; Jerry Petersen, closest second shot on #6; and Bill Westlund, closest second shot to pin #8.

Prizewinners on Great White: Doc Ellis, longest drive on fairway #1; Bill Rondeau, closest second shot on #2; Nick McElvain, closest to pin from off green #4, D.J. Lewis, longest putt on #5; and D.R. Correll, closest tee shot to pin #7.

Flight Winners

Flight A-First Place-Score 57-John Eshleman, Rick Owens, Jerry Petersen and John Tritt; Second Place-Score 59-Mike Dosskey, Kurt Micek, Gary Unrein and Bob Hagedorn; Third Place-Score 60-Shorty Harris, Bob Wesslund and Bill Rainey; Fourth Place-Score 61-Darrell Plumb, Marvin Jaques, Allan Klusman and George Hill.

Flight B-First Place-Score 65-Roger Tenopir, Craig Tische, James Smith and Glenn Muehlhausen; Second Place-Score 66-Ron Mitchell, Terry Blackman, Jerry Liess and Bob Blackman; Third Place-Score 66-Rich Robinson, Monte Fredrickson, Mike Furrow and Gary Jones; Fourth Place-Score 66-Mike Dalton, Virgil Horne, Merle Jahde and Mike Owens.

Flight C-First Place-Score 64-Tom Manning, Roger Coleman, Garry Morgan and Ron Garner; Second Place-Score 66-D.R. Correll, Dave Dunning and Mark Hergenrader; Third Place-Score 67-Mike Smith, Nick McElvain, Dean Sewell and Terry Olton; Fourth Place-Score 67-Rick Shaneyfelt, Brian Kamler, Jim Thieszen and Chuck Munson.

The Sept. 5 Fun Day tournament at Wilderness Ridge was canceled due to rain.


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