LMGA First Flight Winners Dillon Ehmen and Mike Miller

LMGA first flight winners Dillon Ehmen and Mike Miller.

Ninety-two players entered the Lincoln Municipal Golfers Association (LMGA) Kickoff Modified Chapman on a chilly day at the Highlands golf course on Sunday, April 28. A shamble-scramble-alternate shot style of play lent itself to some increased strategy among teams.

Scores were not overly low in the new format that was met with overall enjoyment by the entrants. Only four teams went under par on the day. Flights were made based on total team handicaps, and then strokes were given based on the top team.


Flight 1: Dillon Ehmen and Mike Miller, 66.5; Terry and Casey Bock, 68; Ricky Greene and James Jackson, 71.5; Kent Kurtzer and Chuck Swanson, 72.

Flight 2: Dan Blythe and Tim Stewart, 74; Rich Ondrak and Dave Shamblin, 74; Dan Nortman and Robert LaPorta, 75; Kent Evans and Larry Moore, 76.

Flight 3: Jerry Petersen and Rick Owens, 71.5; Joe Oliver and Terry Honke, 73; Bob Gossard and Dennis Luft, 76; Herb Hutcheson and Ron Ross, 77.

Flight 4: Kirk Morrow and Justin Nelson, 73; Tom Tiedgen and Russ Gausman, 77.5; Fred Daugherty and Matt Jilek, 77.5; Dan Biggs and Nathan Deal, 79.

Flight 5: Greg Freese and Mark Lohnes, 78; Greg and Kenten Oltman, 80.5; Bill Rainey and James Haug, 82.

After the tournament, the players dined on grilled burgers and held the annual LMGA Spring Meeting.

The next event is the Ryder Cup June 1-2. This is a West versus East tournament with team match play on day 1 and individual match play day 2. Meals and a prize pool each day -- only 100 spots available. For more details and signup, see lmgagolf.org.


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