The first year of the U.S. Kids Golf Tour in Lincoln concluded Sunday, Oct. 15 with the wrap-up of the Fall Tour. The Tour Championship, held at Wilderness Ridge Golf Course, marked the sixth and final event of the season.

Competitors ranging in age from 5 to 14 received awards for the tournament and for the overall season.

U.S. Kids Golf is a national program that strives to teach youth the game of golf by focusing on appropriate yardages, coaching, and pace of play.

Results for the Fall Tour Championship follow:

Boys 13-14 Player of the Year

1. Colton Stock, Omaha; 2. Geran Sander, Lincoln; 3. (tie) Richard Orth III of Omaha, Alexander Schademann of Geneva; 5. Connor Podliska, Lincoln.

Boys 12 Player of the Year

1. Ryan Lingelbach, Elkhorn; 2. Porter Topp, Omaha; 3. Tyson Wingate, Norfolk; 4. Tanner Grosse, Lincoln; 5. Alexander Combs, Roca.

Boys 11 Player of the Year

1. Thomas Bryson, Lincoln; 2. Owen Tucker, Lincoln; 3. Harrison Clements, Omaha; 4. Ethan Rosenthal, Waverly; 5. Nicholas Phelan, Lincoln.

Boys 10 Player of the Year

1. Coltrane Mittag, Elkhorn; 2. Udyat Sarangdevot, Omaha; 3. Tony Song, Windsor Heights, Iowa; 4. Tommy Kelley, Omaha; 5. Braxton Proctor, Lincoln.

Boys 9 Player of the Year

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1. Caden Norris, West Des Moines, Iowa; 2. Henry Stempson, Lincoln; 3. Miles Elgert, Lincoln; 4. Zachary Chance, Norwalk, Iowa; 5. Tyler Hanna, Omaha.

Boys 8 Player of the Year

1. Grady Thompson, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 2. Tye Treadwell, Omaha; 3. Max Moss, Lincoln; 4. Jake Strickland, Lincoln.

Boys 7 Player of the Year

1. Aaron Taylor, Omaha; 2. Jack Kelley, Omaha; 3. John Bryson, Lincoln; 4. Niko Reyes, Lincoln

Boys 6 & Under Player of the Year

1. Walker Nannen, Lincoln; 2. Declan Reinke, Lincoln

Girls 12-14 Player of the Year

1. Emily Karmazin, Omaha; 2. Neely Adler, Lincoln; 3. Ansley Sothan, Lincoln; 4. Adalia Maiyo, Lincoln; 5. Pari Sarangdevot, Omaha

Girls 10-11 Player of the Year

1. Julia Karmazin, Omaha; 2. Ansley Giesselmann, Fremont; 3. Julia Hyten, Lincoln; 4. Yve Nelson, Lincoln

Girls 8-9 Player of the Year

1. Saleah Vivanhvong, Des Moines, Iowa; 2. Savannah Song, Windsor Heights, Iowa; 3. Natasha Kolbas, Lincoln


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