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The Indian Village Neighborhood Association (IVNA) will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a Sundae Sunday event Aug. 18 from 3 to 5:30 p.m.

The family-oriented event will take place at the Arapahoe Community Garden at 14th and Arapahoe streets. Current and former residents of Indian Village, which is bounded by Van Dorn Street and Highway 2, and Ninth to 20th streets, are invited to attend.

In addition to free ice cream sundaes provided by Russ’s Market, attendees can play yard games, talk with their neighbors, tour the garden area, read historical information about Indian Village and share their thoughts on what makes Indian Village a great place to live. Seating is limited at the garden, so bring folding chairs.

IVNA was formed Nov. 1, 1994, at a meeting of 48 people. The original board of directors included Dee Doyle, Doug McArthur, Deb Stephens, Lila Kulwicki, Leslie Fifer, Elaine Connelly, Diane Snapp, Brian Noonan, Charlie Gifford, Crystal Yanak and Cyndi Kreps. Doyle served as the association's first president.

As with many neighborhood associations, IVNA developed because people united on an issue affecting their neighborhood and saw the power and benefits of working together. Although the widening of 13th Street from South to Arapahoe served as a catalyst for IVNA’s formation, the group decided to focus on more sustainable goals such as neighborhood safety, unity and representation at the city level.

IVNA hosts a variety of activities throughout the year and continues to meet at Southminster United Methodist Church, 16th and Otoe streets, where its first meeting was held 25 years ago. Meetings are open to the public on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. For more information, see indianvillagena.com or the Association's Facebook page.

What are your memories of Indian Village?

Former and long-time residents of Indian Village are invited to share their favorite memories of the neighborhood, which will be displayed at the Sundae Sunday event. Send your memories and photos to dianekaye81@gmail.com by Aug. 15.


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Mark Schwaninger is L magazine and Neighborhood Extra editor.

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