Great weather and course conditions made for a wonderful day Aug. 23 at both Highlands and Mahoney courses as the Lincoln Senior Men's Golf League wrapped up its 2017 league play.

This split Fun Day allowed a record 225 league members to enjoy the drop out scramble format that preceded the yearly meeting to announce league division winners as well as elect officers. Red, white, and blue flights were played at Highlands; green, yellow, and orange were at Mahoney.

Pin prizes were awarded at Highlands on holes 9 and 18. Rob James was closest to the pin and Ed Svensen had the longest putt on those respective holes. Mahoney also had pin prizes on holes 9 and 18 with Gary Wells making the longest putt, and Larry Younger closest to the pin on those respective holes.

Officers re-elected

Officers for the coming year were re-elected with Bill Allen-president; Dean Bergman-vice president; Dave Pauling-treasurer; and Glen Schmieding-secretary. New and old business was discussed and division winners were recognized as hamburgers were enjoyed. The league's Fall Fun Days began Wednesday (Aug. 30) at Tiburon Golf Course in Omaha.

Highlands Winners

Red Flight -First-Score 62-Bob Ryan, Jerry Vidlak, Denny Lacquement and Dave Lovercheck; Second - Score 64-Jon Debus, Bob Monson, Rod Heim, and Jerry Petersen Third - Score 65-Marv McMichael, Ron Riley, Bob Blackman, and Mark Oppegard.

White Flight-First-Score 65-Jack Morris, Milt Schmidt, Terry Blackman and Gary Westerhoff; Second-Score 65-Doc Ellis, Andy Anderson, Ron Girard, and Jeff Kuhlman; Third-Score 67-Greg Hinkle, Gary Sydzyik, Lynn Christiansen and Bob Schroeder.

Blue Flight-First-Score 61-Bill Nelson, Mike Furrow, Ed Banks and Jim Stepanich; Second-Score 64-Gayle Burr, D.R. Correll, Jerry Riley and Ed Svensen; Third-Score 64-Tom Storz, Paul Svoboda, Ron Cunningham and Randy Evans.

Mahoney Winners

Green Flight-First-Score 65-Ed Weaver, Larry Williams, Steve Bartling and Doyle Haney; Second-Score 67-Clinton Kimbrough, Merle Thompson, Tom Ochsner and Terry Waak; Third-Score 68-Bud Lorenz, Larry Younger, Mick Loughran and Tom McBride.

Yellow Flight- First-Score 68- Mike Grieger, James Smith, Ken Geisler and George Haessler; Second-Score 69- Paul Liess, Gary Wells, Joe Calder and Dennis Witfoth; Third-Score 70-Dean Muller, Gary Roller, Gary Muckel and Vince Perez.

Orange Flight-First-Score 65-Gary McCown, Gary Unrein, Carl Hutchison and Glen Manske; Second-Score 68-Bob Coleman, James Menard, Bob Batterman and Mike Gerhart; Third-Score 69-John Eshleman, Tom Tieso, Don Jones and Denny Strain.


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