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Tomsu Pate Masters

In the championship match of the Nebraska Masters Tournament, Nick Pate (right) defeated Matt Tomsu (left).

The Lincoln USBC Awards Committee has worked out a point system to select Lincoln bowlers who have excelled in league play and City Tournament to become a member of the All-City team.

To be eligible for inclusion you must be a local member who bowls in a USBC sanctioned league at a center within the jurisdiction of the Lincoln Bowling Association. The season runs August 1-May 31. Summer leagues will not apply.

Scores will be compiled through league sheets provided from scorekeeping software and for presentation to the board by June 30. A bowler must bowl 51 complete games in one USBC-sanctioned league and to receive average points have at least a 72-game composite average, to be eligible for consideration for the All-City team.

There are four divisions for the All-City team: Men, Women, Senior Men and Senior Women (50 or older on or before Aug. 1 for Senior Division). Any senior man or woman who does not finish in the top 10 of their regular division will be placed in the senior division.

Points will be awarded for the top 10 averages in each division, performance in the city tournament and points awarded for games and series bowled during league.

Points for scores for:

Men: 900 (10 pts), 850-899 (8 pts), 800-849 (6 pts), 750-799 (2 pts), 300 (3 pts) and 290-299 (2 pts).

Women: 900 (15 pts), 850-899 (12 pts), 800-849 (10 pts), 750-799 (6 pts), 700-749 (4 pts), 650-699 (2 pts), 300 (5 pts), 290-299 (4 pts), 271-289 (3 pts), 250-270 (2 pts) and 240-249 (1 pt).

Senior men: 900 (15 pts), 850-899 (12 pts), 800-849 (10 pts), 750-799 (6 pts), 700-749 (4 pts), 675-699 (2 pts), 300 (5 pts), 290-299 (3 pts), 276-289 (2 pts) and 260-275 (1 pt).

Senior women: 900 (18 pts), 850-899 (16 pts), 800-849 (15 pts), 750-799 (12 pts), 700-749 (11 pts), 650-699 (4 pts), 600-649 (2 pts), 550-599 (1 pt), 300 (11 pts), 290-299 (8 pts), 271-289 (7 pts), 250-270 (5 pts), 240-249 (2 pts) and 225-239 (1 pt).

Points for the top 10 averages will be the same in all divisions, 30, 25, 20, 15, 12, 9, 6, 4, 3 and 2 respectively for top averages 1-10. City tournament points are 10, 5 and 3 for places 1-3 in City Singles and All Events and 5, 3, 2 for places 1-3 in Doubles & Team.

This gives each individual bowler a chance to see how they are doing point-wise for the season. Good luck to all Lincoln USBC members as they strive to earn All City recognition.

Master's results

The 2017 Nebraska Master’s Tournament, held at Sun Valley Lanes last month, determines the state’s representative to the National Master’s Tournament scheduled April 8-15 in Syracuse, N.Y.

With women and seniors bowling in the event, Tournament Director Dean Martin said that if a senior won they could choose Senior Masters or if a female won, they could choose the Queens Tournament. Forty-eight men and women bowled four qualifying games to reach the 16-player match play with places 1-4 earning two byes and 5-8 earning one bye.

There was a three-way tie for 16th, resulting in a tenth frame roll-off. Lincolnite Tim Dority bested fellow Lincolnite Dwyane DaMoude and Nate Stark for the final position. In the second round of match play, the husband-wife team of Michael & Jasmine Snell (former UNL bowlers) bowled each other to move forward.

Jasmine’s mother was asked if Michael and Jasmine would help each other in that match - the usual practice during tournaments - but she did not know if they would in a match play situation. Asked whom she would be rooting for, she said: "my kid, of course!" Jasmine came out on top 406-394 in the two-game match. Michael could have tied the match by striking out in the tenth of the second game, striking the first ball and getting eight on the second.

In the championship match, Nick Pate (Midland U bowler) defeated Matt Tomsu of Omaha 390-334 to win a championship ring, $600 and the spot to the Masters; Matt earned $400 for second. Nick had already qualified for the Masters and the spot was given to Matt. Finishing 3rd & 4th were Jamie Martin and Kristi Rosberg ($280), two of the ladies in the tournament. Lincoln bowlers finishing in the top 16 were Tim Dority-Riley Johnson- Brandon Kaup $100 (13-16) and Rick Miller $140 (9-12).

This tournament was conducted on the 2016 Master’s lane condition, with many low games shot, but Blake Earnest qualified third despite a 132 second game. The average to make match play was 189.5, with the leading qualifier averaging 214.

State tournaments

It's time to make reservations for the Nebraska State Tournaments. The Women’s Championship Tournament will take place in Lincoln at Hollywood Bowl (Team) and Parkway Lanes (Doubles & Singles). Tournament starts March 3 - April 29 (with Easter weekend skipped). The Open Championship Tournament os in Kearney on the same dates. One exception is the Women’s Open will offer two Friday dates on April 20 and April 27. Women’s Championship entries must be postmarked by November 15.


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