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About Mothers …

About Mothers …

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Mothers … we all have one. Each Mother is unique in personality and style of Motherhood. No universal job description exists for these women; only the promise of a lifetime commitment.

Motherhood is a sacred profession, challenging but rewarding. It is helpful, however, to have eyes in the back of the head, an ability to foretell the future and x-ray vision. Mothers realize these superpowers must be carefully guarded and used only when necessary. What Mothers do share openly is endless humor laced with love.

Mothers always hold their offspring to high standards beginning with “Be good,” which is equal to “Be quiet.” This lasts about two seconds; one if there are multiple children. If a child misbehaves while riding in a car, a Mother will ask (loudly and gripping the steering wheel), “Do you want me to turn this car around?” Although frightening, the threat seldom occurs as most Mothers are already on a mission and in a hurry.

Mothers declare that if you want to act like a child, they will treat you like one. Which is certainly rational, because they are talking to a child. Mothers encourage truth, but children’s faces do not freeze when they make an ugly face, rooms are seldom hit by cyclones and there is no evidence of Mothers breaking their backs when their offspring step on sidewalk cracks. Still, Mothers instill a strong sense of respect.

A Mother faced with making a parenting decision will sometimes recall when she was a child and subject to her own predecessor. Times change, but wishes and dreams transcend generations. If there is a reward for motherhood, it is embedded in titles as Mothers become Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers while watching their own children become parents.

When Mothers say they love you … they do. You are their favorite child, whether you are the first, middle or last. Mothers may forget the pain of childbirth, the occasional stresses of raising children, but they never forget their children.

This Mother’s Day, take time to tell your Mother she is loved. You may be holding her in your heart, visiting on the phone or having lunch together, but pause, focus on the moment and say “I love you Mom.” Because those words are priceless.

Robbie may be reached at Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you.


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