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It would be lame and cliché to write a January column about New Year’s resolutions. Really lame and cliché’.

Just plain lazy, really.

So here goes.

In 2019, I will not complain about roundabouts. Heck, they really are good for those of us who don’t like to stop for anything. Now, that one at 14th and Superior is a freak show, but in general they are making our roads safer. It’s true. Still hate them? Just be glad you don’t live in Carmel, Indiana, where they have more than 100. Lots of dizzy people in Carmel, Indiana.

In 2019, I will try hard to remember that the idiot who just passed me going 50 in a 35 zone might not be an idiot at all. He might just be on his way to the hospital, where his wife is in labor or his mother was just taken by ambulance with a heart attack. You just never know what someone else is going through.

And on that note, in 2019, I will reach out to anyone I know who is going through a divorce because it sucks. For Mom. For Dad. Mostly for the kids. Just plain sucks.

And speaking of divorce (segue city here), in 2019, I will tell more people about “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Prime. Anna (the marvelous Mrs. Mabry) and I love it. Watch it. Rachel Brosnahan is outstanding as the star who fights marital disaster with stand-up comedy. From Midge (Mrs. Maisel herself):

“For Christmas, a gentile would get a bike as a reminder that their parents love them. For Hanukkah, we would get socks as a reminder that we were persecuted.”

In 2019, I will read at least one book. OK, that is crazy talk. Meant to say, I will play at least one round of golf. I can do it. I know I can do it.

And in 2019, I will remember what Barack Obama said about George H.W. Bush and 41’s “legacy of service that may never be matched, even though he’d want all of us to try.” Yep, we all gotta try. And, red or blue, we all gotta try to get along.

Big thanks to the Peed family

Just a quick note about the Peeds, who are featured in this issue of L.

Rhonda and Tom and their family and businesses have provided millions of meals – no exaggeration – for Southeast Nebraskans in need. And they have not asked for any publicity for it. Only recently have they agreed to any media attention, mainly because they hope their giving spirit is contagious.

No one has done more to support the work of the Food Bank and those we serve.


Cheers to a great 2019, everyone.

John Mabry, development director at the Food Bank of Lincoln, will write about life from time to time in L, as permitted. He can be reached at


L Magazine editor

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