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As I walked through the Country Club of Lincoln’s front entrance and headed toward the banquet room to cover the Music from the Heart fundraising gala that benefits Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, I was fortunate to arrive at the exact moment that Concertmaster Anton Miller, Music Director Edward Polochick and Executive Director Barbara Zach greeted each other in the main lobby.

The three LSO leaders clearly were happy to see each other, with long embraces, smiles, and conversation and laughter flowing easily among them. Though both Miller and Polochick are fixtures of the Lincoln community, they live in different parts of the East Coast. Miller teaches at the Hartt School in Connecticut, and Polochick teaches at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. Miller is a renowned violinist, and Polochick is an accomplished pianist and harpsichordist – both have performed around the world.

Over the years, they have developed a close musical collaboration – Polochick recently reached his 20th year conducting LSO, and Miller has been LSO’s concertmaster for more than 30 years. Zach has been executive director for more than 14 years.

These are clearly people who love what they do and are among the best in the world – and are in their element when a performance is about to begin.

The Feb. 2 gala (see "Music from the Heart Gala raises $30,000 to support Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra" on this website) featured Miller playing violin with the orchestra and special selections with Polochick on piano. After their amazing performance of “The Keys to Your House,” which Zach had commissioned British composer Errollyn Wallen to create for violin and piano to celebrate Miller’s and Polochick’s longtime collaboration, many of the 250 applauding guests had tears streaming down their faces. Their performance was that good.

For more on Miller’s and Polochick’s longtime musical collaboration, see Greg Walklin’s cover story on this website (to be posted Feb. 25). We thank Zach Tuttle for contributing this month’s cover photo and two photos that accompany the story.

Fun for foodies

The evening before the LSO gala, 350 chocolate lovers attended the 33rd annual Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy fundraiser at Embassy Suites. The evening’s biggest surprise may have been newcomer Mood Chocolate, which opened last summer in The Mill’s Haymarket coffee shop. Mood won the Most Delectable Chocolate award and tied with Kitchen Sink Bakery for the People’s Choice award. Not bad for a first-time entry. See my coverage of that event in the article titled "Chocolate Lover's Fantasy supports Haymarket, United Way/CHE campaign" on this website.

And if you love Chinese food, check out Larry Kubert’s review of Mr. Hui’s 2 on this website.

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