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Scott Frost, sideline official, Erik Chinander

Husker head football coach Scott Frost has words with a sideline official during the Purdue game as defensive coordinator Erik Chinander shouts instructions to his players at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 29.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things.

A few years ago, I was 100 percent behind the hiring of Steve Pederson as athletic director. Seemed like a great idea. Just like fully loaded nachos at midnight seems like a great idea.

More recently, I thought the Husker football team would have a few victories by Nov. 1. Wrong again, Mayberry. At the time of this writing, they are 0-5.

But I think I am right when I say Scott Frost is still very much the right man for the job.

Shortly after being hired last December, Frost had this to say about his newly inherited group of Huskers and what kind of work was needed to right the ship:

“A lot of these guys will jump on board and do those things. Maybe some won’t. But the ones that will are going to enjoy the ride. We’re going to have a lot of fun and get this place back to where it needs to be.”

The fun part has been elusive. Losses. Transfers. More losses. More transfers. But that is exactly what Frost said would happen, isn’t it?

On Sept. 29, the Huskers lost 42-28 to Purdue in a game many, including me, thought they could and should win. The highlight from that sad Saturday, for me anyway, was something Frost said after the game:

“It all comes down to caring enough to do it right. Not just on the field. It comes down to caring enough to do it right on Monday, on Tuesday, when you’re supposed to be in study hall, when you’re supposed to be at class, the way you treat the people that serve you food in the lunch line. People that do all those things the right way are winners.”

After a really tough day and some pretty bad football at times, that is what Frost wanted to stress. And that is what it’s all about at the end of the day, isn’t it? Whether you are talking about football or everyday life.

“It comes down to … the way you treat the people that serve you food in the lunch line.”

You also have to avoid penalties and make a tackle and complete a third-down pass and hold on to the football, but that lunch line deal, that is pretty important, too.

It will get better. It will take faith and patience, but it will get better, Husker fans. Just keep the faith (and avoid the midnight nachos).

One More Thing

We butted heads a few times but also had more than a few laughs while helping the Journal Star put out newspapers for a decade or so. Linda Olig was the features editor during my 10 years as sports editor (1997-2007), and I was very sorry to hear of her passing on Sept. 28.

At one point, there was serious talk in the newsroom about us switching roles for a year or two – with Linda handling sports and me handling features. I have no doubt the sports team would have gotten the better of that deal. Linda loved those Huskers. Bet she is working with coach Tenopir right now on getting the o-line back on track.

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