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1869: The Nebraska Commonwealth predicted that Lincoln was destined to be a "City of Churches." Said the newspaper: "Every denomination, we think, is already represented in a church organization, except the Presbyterian, ... with a view toward organization."

1879: Lincoln residents received the official word that the State Fair would definitely be held there.

1889: Arrangements were completed to open a packing house in West Lincoln. The plant was to be operated by the Lincoln Packing and Proving Co.

1899: The Lincoln Traction Co. found it impossible to run streetcars on any type of schedule during the winter. Cars slipped from the tracks because of ice and snow.

A legislative bill providing a 1-mill property tax for the University of Nebraska became law.

1909: The Lincoln Traction Co. and the Lincoln Street Railway Co. consolidated.

A mob of 1,000 men at South Omaha, enraged over the murder of Patrolman Edward Lowery, attacked the Greek quarter of the city, beating residents and burning many houses.

1919: Twelve-hour fast trains between Chicago and Omaha were called off, affecting many people who had business between the two cities.

1929: Temperatures in eastern Nebraska set an official new low for the winter, dipping to near 30 below zero in several areas. The western portion of the state was less severely hit by the cold.

1939: The state treasury told the Legislature's Appropriations Committee there was a possibility of a general fund deficiency of $2 million by June 30.

1949: Floods caused by the first thawing of one of the state's greatest blizzards began to cause severe property damage. Eventual losses would run into millions of dollars.

1959: An airman from the Lincoln Air Force Base waived a preliminary hearing before the U.S. commissioner on charges of robbing a bank service facility on the base. Police said a toy gun was used in the $4,600 holdup.

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1969: Nebraskans welcomed a temporary thaw after six weeks of severe winter.

More than 1,000 bills were introduced for the first time in the Legislature's history. One, offered in jest, proposed to name the grasshopper the state insect.

1979: Two Michigan Air National Guard F-100 fighters collided in a flight over Hayes Center in southwestern Nebraska. One pilot died.

Nine road graders were out on Lincoln residential streets and steep hills trying to break the thick ice. Barrels of sand also were placed along the iciest streets for motorists to use.

1989: Bitter cold swept across Nebraska. A record-breaking low of 26 degrees below zero was reported in Mullen and Valentine, with the wind chill at Mullen reaching 78 degrees below zero.

1999: Lincoln basked in the sun Feb. 8 with a record-setting 71 degrees. The previous record for Feb. 8 was 69 degrees in 1954.

In a surprise move, state senators advanced a measure that would ban smoking in all state buildings. The bill (LB211) would have banned smoking only in the Capitol, but an amendment was extended to all state buildings on a 28-6 vote.



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