Those who searched Thursday for a missing Norfolk man swept away last week by rushing water during flooding found no signs of him, Madison County Sheriff Todd Volk said in a news release.

A 68-member search team looked for Scott E. Goodman along the North Fork of the Elkhorn River until its confluence with the Elkhorn River southeast of Norfolk, Volk said.

Goodman, 30, was last seen March 14 stranded on top of his car amid flooding, according to the sheriff's office.

Rescuers were unable to get to him.

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Goodman's family is "thankful for all the prayers and support that have been sent their way, and they still remain hopeful that Scott will be found," Volk said.

Searching will continue in the coming days, and people who live or farm along the Elkhorn River are asked to look out for him, the sheriff said.




Riley Johnson reports on local government in Lincoln.

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