OMAHA — Omaha police say an off-duty mall security guard faces charges after using his vehicle to chase suspected shoplifters in an incident that also had an off-duty sheriff's deputy fire a gun at one of the suspects.

Police say the incident began Wednesday night, when the off-duty deputy spotted a white vehicle belonging to the security guard trying to run a minivan off the road in southwestern Omaha. A witness later told police he saw the minivan accelerate toward the off-duty deputy, who was loudly ordering the driver to stop. The deputy then fired a gun at the minivan, but no one was hit.

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Omaha police, who are investigating, say the van's three occupants were found and questioned. Police believe they had stolen items from a store at Oakview Mall, and the security guard tried to stop them as they left in the minivan, then chased and threatened to shoot them.

The security guard was arrested on suspicion of three counts of making terroristic threats. It's unclear whether the three in the minivan face charges.


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