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A preliminary hearing for an activist who was arrested last month for allegedly participating in an incident May 3 in Whiteclay will take place July 2 in Sheridan County Court in Rushville.

T.R. McKenzie, who is seeking an end to alcohol sales in Whiteclay, was arrested May 24 while attempting to file a complaint with the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission against a Whiteclay beer store owner.

"I deny all the charges against me," he said. "I was there as a human rights observer trying to catch the liquor store owners committing crimes."

He is charged with committing a terroristic threat, third-degree assault, theft and two counts of criminal mischief. All are misdemeanors, except for the terroristic threat charge, which is a class four felony. The charges stem from an incident May 3 in which activists in Whiteclay allegedly flashed a knife at a beer truck driver, then smashed beer containers and slashed his truck's tires.

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McKenzie has filed a complaint with the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission against Jason Schwarting, owner of Arrowhead Inn, a beer store in Whiteclay. McKenzie said he observed Schwarting handing out baseball bats to men who were drinking in Whiteclay on May 15.

Schwarting then allegedly told the men to attack two activists who were walking toward Whiteclay to buy sodas and threatened the two women, according to McKenzie's complaint.



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