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SOUTH SIOUX CITY - The Omaha World-Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, Norfolk Daily News and The Grand Island Independent took top honors Friday in the annual Nebraska Associated Press news and photo contest.

The World-Herald received seven first-place awards, the Journal Star and Daily News each received three and The Independent received two.

The awards were presented at the annual meeting of the Nebraska Associated Press Association.

The Journal Star and the World-Herald each also won five second-place honors, The Independent was given four and The North Platte Telegraph received one.

The World-Herald won top honors for feature story, sports enterprise, column, spot news photo, sports feature photo, graphics, and design and layout.

The Journal Star won for spot news, enterprise and sports story. The Daily News won for continuing coverage, sports column and sports photo. The Independent won for feature photo and photo essay.

NAPA comprises Nebraska's daily newspapers.

NAPA award winners:

SPOT NEWS: 1. Lincoln Journal Star, "Bank Massacre," Staff; 2. Omaha World-Herald, "Henk: I killed Brendan," David Hendee; Honorable Mention: Scottsbluff Star-Herald, "Deadly Derailment," Roger Holsinger, Rick Myers, Melissa Smith, J.R. Oppenheim; HM: Hastings Tribune, "Mystery Solved?" Staff.

FEATURE STORY: 1. Omaha World-Herald, "Healing the Healer," Todd Cooper; 2. The Grand Island Independent, "A Bond For Life," Mike Bockoven; HM: Omaha World-Herald, "Boys of Summer," Elizabeth Merrill.

ENTERPRISE: 1. Lincoln Journal Star, "Broken Trust," Jodi Rave Lee; 2. Lincoln Journal Star, "Judgment Calls," Colleen Kenney, Butch Mabin, Martha Stoddard; HM: Omaha World-Herald, "Denison Rail Car Deaths," Paul Goodsell, Steve Buttry, Cindy Gonzalez; HM: The Grand Island Independent, "A Bond For Life," Mike Bockoven.

CONTINUING COVERAGE: 1. Norfolk Daily News, "Bank Robbery," Staff; 2. Lincoln Journal Star, "The Budget File: What's at Stake," Staff; HM: Lincoln Journal Star, "The Angelou Report," Staff; HM: The Grand Island Independent, "The Drought of 2002-2003," Staff.

SPORTS ENTERPRISE: 1. Omaha World-Herald, "South High Series," Daniel Finney; 2. Lincoln Journal Star, "From Powerhouse to Punching Bag," Staff; HM: The North Platte Telegraph, "Dietary Supplements Dangerous?" Job Vigil; HM: Lincoln Journal Star, "Insight and Inspiration: The Coaching Experience," Staff.

SPORTS COLUMN: 1. Norfolk Daily News, "Letter of Support for Frank," Carrie Pitzer; 2. Lincoln Journal Star, "Reaping the Benefits of No School Activities," Ken Hambleton; HM: Columbus Telegram, "No Joking: Ban Should Remain on Pete Rose," Don Strecker; HM: Omaha World-Herald, "Which QB for Frank Solich," Tom Shatel.

SPORTS STORY: 1. Lincoln Journal Star, "Tryouts and Tribulations," Brian Christopherson; 2. Omaha World-Herald, "Trash Talking," Elizabeth Merrill; HM: Lincoln Journal Star, "Low Profile, High Intensity," Steven M. Sipple.

COLUMN: 1. Omaha World-Herald, "A Plea for More Openness on Rape," Michael Kelly; 2. The North Platte Telegraph, "Mick Still Can't Get No Girl Reaction," Dave Simpson. HM: The Grand Island Independent, "Exit Dilemma Is Case of Arch Before the Horse," George Ayoub.

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SPOT NEWS PHOTO: 1. Omaha World-Herald, "Confessed Killer," Kent Sievers; 2. Omaha World-Herald, "Overturned Sentence," Jeff Bundy; HM: Lincoln Journal Star, "Lincoln Police Capture Shooting Suspect," Ken Blackbird.

FEATURE PHOTO: 1. The Grand Island Independent, "Sharing the News," Scott Kingsley; 2. The Grand Island Independent, "Snow Prank," Gerik Parmele; HM: Omaha World-Herald, "Huggy Bear," Kent Sievers.

PHOTO ESSAY: 1. The Grand Island Independent, "A Day in the Life of Central Nebraska," Gerik Parmele; 2. The Grand Island Independent, "A Bond For Life," Scott Kingsley; HM: Omaha World-Herald, "Co-joined No More," Kent Sievers.

SPORTS PHOTO: 1. Norfolk Daily News, "Rough Rodeo Ride," Darin Epperly; 2. Lincoln Journal Star, "Missed, Scored," Krista Niles; HM: The Grand Island Independent, "Tennis Tongue," Barrett Stinson.

SPORTS FEATURE PHOTO: 1. Omaha World-Herald, "Ring Leader," Matt Miller; 2. Omaha World-Herald, "Conference MVP,'" Jeff Beiermann; HM: Omaha World-Herald, "South Sioux Pre-Game," Matt Miller.

GRAPHICS: 1. Omaha World-Herald, "Home on the Range," Dean Weinlaub; 2. Omaha World-Herald, "The Gift of Life," Dave Croy; HM: Lincoln Journal Star, "High-Tech Police," Kim Stolzer; HM: Omaha World-Herald, "Dwelling in Darkness," Darrell Forbes, Rich Janda, Niz Proskocil.

DESIGN AND LAYOUT: 1. Omaha World-Herald; 2. The Grand Island Independent; HM: Lincoln Journal Star.


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