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Age: 63

Address: 2577 Waverly Road, Seward

Occupation: Insurance/investment sales

Political party: Republican

Kolterman owns an insurance agency with his wife, Suzanne. He has a long history of community volunteerism, serving as a past president of the Seward School Board. He's also been on the Concordia University Foundation and Board of Regents, as well as the area hospital's foundation. He has served on Seward County economic and development boards and the Chamber of Commerce.

Do you support expanding Medicaid to adults who do not now qualify, but earn up to 133 percent of federal poverty guidelines, which would be $15,521 for a single person or $20,921 for a family of two?

No. I do not believe our state can afford to expand Medicaid.

Do Nebraska property taxes need to be lower, and is there anything state government can do to give property owners tax relief?

Yes. I believe that as a state we need to work to find ways to fix this problem. One solution is to add more funding to the property tax credit program. Another solution is the look at the state aid to schools formula.

Are there any circumstances in which taxes should be raised or added to in Nebraska?

I do not believe there are circumstances where we should raise taxes in Nebraska. Even during the most recent great recession the leaders of our state found a way to make things work without raising taxes. I plan to follow the example they set as I govern.

Name one way state lawmakers can help alleviate stress on county budgets. Be specific (e.g. eliminating a specific mandate or raising a specific fee).

Not having served on a county board I cannot be specific about alleviating stress on county budgets, but I believe one thing we need to look at is improving the state’s infrastructure as a whole – including bridges that are in need of repair. Perhaps there is a way the state can help counties with this problem.

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Would you rather: A) Allow additional prison crowding; B) Build a new state prison; C) House more inmates in county jails; D) Ease sentences for certain offenders; or E) Create additional pathways for inmates to be released?

C and E for non-violent offenders. I am not inclined to build a new state prison, but I do believe we have a problem and that we need to look at unique and creative ways to address it.

What in your background provides you with a unique perspective to share in the Legislature?

I have a great deal of experience in a variety of areas, from the insurance industry to education to economic development. I believe my unique experiences give me a good perspective that I can share with other members of the body.

Do you believe the death penalty is ethical and effective in preventing crime? Why or why not?

Currently, I believe the death penalty is an important tool for prosecutors that should only be used in the extreme cases of the most heinous nature. As a pro-life individual, I struggle with this issue, and am open to looking at the possibility of incarceration for life without the possibility of parole as an alternative.

Should authorization by the Game and Parks Commission to allow hunting of mountain lions in Nebraska be repealed?

No. As a sportsman and hunter, I believe we should trust the experts at Nebraska Game and Parks, and allow them to determine what is best for the wildlife population of Nebraska.


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