I am so pleased that finally the actions of the legislative committee on redistricting have assured that in the future the control of national elections by the Republican Party in Nebraska is guaranteed.

Moving the Offutt Air Force Base and Bellevue area into the 1st Congressional District will guarantee that any chance of a two-party system in Nebraska will finally be ended.

Have we learned nothing from history? What happened when a one-party system took power in Germany, Italy and Mexico? Any disagreement with the party in power was shut down.

In my opinion, a democracy cannot survive when only one party is in control. For a democracy to survive, we need a strong opposition that will question decision-makers.

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In those places where there is a strong one-party system, corruption in one form or another begins to emerge. Greed has a way of creeping in when the electorate trusts but does not verify what is happening in government.

Is this what we want in Nebraska? I think not. Surely the whole state legislative body will come to its senses and not accept the proposed changes for Congressional Districts 1 and 2.

Vern Barrett, Ceresco


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