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Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets crowd members at a rally on Monday at Omaha North High School. 

It’s an historical oddity that in 2016 America’s two major political parties somehow managed to nominate candidates with the highest disapproval ratings in modern history.

Nonetheless, the choice is clear: Hillary Clinton is best qualified by experience and temperament to be the country’s next president.

Her opponent, Donald Trump, is one of the worst presidential candidates in history.

Clinton has a spectacular resume of public service that includes stints in the U.S. Senate and as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

She’s been impressive under bizarre conditions during the campaign and during the debates. Clinton was smart, cool under pressure and prepared. She did what the so-called “deep bench” of Republican candidates was unable to do – expose Trump as the charlatan that he is.

The campaign brought a spotlight to a segment of the American population that is being left behind by global economic trends and advancements in technology and that feels ignored by the nation’s elites.

These Americans deserve attention and concern. One of the best reasons to vote for Clinton is that the tax and economic policies she has laid out in detailed fashion are likely to benefit the country’s middle class. She has promised that no American family earning under $250,000 a year will face a tax increase under her policies.

Clinton’s long experience in foreign relations inspires confidence she would do a better job than Trump in working with America’s allies against adversaries like the Islamic State. Trump campaign boasts are so over the top that they invite disbelief. At one point Trump said, “I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.” We don’t. No American should.

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Trump’s ignorance of history, the U.S. Constitution, foreign affairs and the American system of government has been on full display during the campaign.

He has run a campaign that has appealed to the basest of human emotions. His policy positions are vague and shifting; they inspire no confidence that he knows what he’s talking about. He asserts as fact things that are demonstrably false.

Our endorsement of Clinton for president is tempered by the reality that her record shows a tendency toward secrecy and to sidestep rules. It’s of genuine concern that as Secretary of State she used a private email server that FBI Director James Comey said could have given access to “hostile actors.” It’s dismaying that she and her aides claimed falsely that none of the emails were classified at the time they were improperly stored on her private server.

Nonetheless, those concerns pale in comparison with those engendered by Trump’s lack of knowledge, his treatment of women, his bigoted comments about minorities and his repeated impulsive outbursts. Like many Americans, we wish the ballot presented us with better choices for president. But the differences between the candidates are stark. We endorse Hillary Clinton.


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