There’s little doubt Nebraska voters are enamored with the concept of term limits.

They approved two versions of term limits that were thrown out in court before a limit of two consecutive terms for state senators finally was put into the State Constitution by a vote in 2000.

The limits have not been the unmitigated disaster predicted by some opponents. And there have been some pluses. The new state senators who came into office had fresh ideas and were full of enthusiasm.

However, many of the new senators admitted after a few years in office that they did not realize how much they did not know until they had been in office for a few years.

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Amendment 3 would lengthen the time that state senators could serve to three consecutive terms.

The Journal Star editorial board thinks that’s a good idea because it would provide a better balance between experience and newcomers. It takes time to gain the skill essential to draft well-written laws, learn the details of state government and follow up to make sure laws are implemented by bureaucrats the way legislators intended.

And of course, if voters want to remove their senators earlier, they always can do that at the ballot box.



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