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Jeff Fortenberry town hall
Congressman Jeff Fortenberry answers questions during a town hall meeting at the Seward VFW Hall on Tuesday, July 6, 2010. (ROBERT BECKER / Lincoln Journal Star)

Voters in the 1st Congressional District should choose Rep. Jeff Fortenberry to represent them for the next two years.

Fortenberry, who has served three terms in the House, is in tune with the needs and values of his district.

He promises to focus his efforts in the next two years on reining in government spending and overreach.

Those trends have reached the point that they could undermine both the country's economic security and U.S. national security, Fortenberry said. He rightly points out that the current level of domestic spending is unsustainable.

As a member of the Agricultural Committee, Fortenberry has a proven record of looking out for the needs for the state's major economic interests.

He also has earned recognition for consistent support of the local food movement. At a conference earlier this year in Lincoln, Fortenberry pointed out that consumers who buy directly from food producers keep 90 percent of food income in the agricultural sector.

As the ranking Republican on a House nutrition subcommittee, Fortenberry helped increase the opportunity for locally produced food to be used in school lunch programs.

Another Fortenberry emphasis is finding ways to provide more support for small entrepreneurs.

"Prudent economic policies should be grounded in the reality that the Main Street entrepreneur - not the Washington or Wall Street insider - will best bring about lasting economic recovery," he said.

Fortenberry also serves his district and the nation as a whole with his work in Congress on international issues. He is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where he focuses on the Middle East. Fortenberry is uncommonly well-informed on international issues and occasionally visits international hot spots.

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With Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Fortenberry co-founded the bipartisan Congressional Nuclear Security Caucus to draw attention to the threat of nuclear proliferation and to improve nuclear safeguards, secure fissile materials, and prevent the misuse of sensitive nuclear materials and technologies.

He has been a strong supporter of efforts to block Iran from continuing its nuclear program and for efforts to improve security around the world for plutonium and enriched uranium from falling into the hands of terrorists.

His international interests, however, have not drawn his attention from local concerns. He works hard to stay in touch with constituents, returning regularly to hold town hall meetings across the district.

Fortenberry's record inspires confidence. He deserves another term.


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