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What do you think about Tyrone Lue’s illness? People say LeBron coaches the team anyway but people also admire Tyrone. Someone suggested stress as the chief architect of Lue’s condition.

Do you think Kansas can beat Villanova? Neal at LifePointe suggested that, in the NBA, teams play seven games for a championship and in college ball, one game, one way or another, decides the winner. [Whoops: ‘Nova’s three-pointers seized the game for them.] So that is a factor, the idea that on any given day one team can beat another. [Time gets mixed up in my life these days; Villanova winning it all, I think, makes Kansas look better.]

What do you think the Lege will do about taxes? Such a tough job down there. I love reading about John McCollister’s votes and positions. What do you think John Y. [his late father and former member of U.S. House of Representatives from Omaha] would think about that?

Do you think I can write one more column on a neutral subject or stop ignoring the elephant in the room? A loaded “harrumph” greets this question.

Do you think Moos will give Miles an extension? Our basketball coach seems to be such a nice, smart, good coach of a person. What do I know anyway? Moos gave the greatest quote to the Lincoln Journal Star; I’ll read it to you: “I learned a long time ago, do what you can and control what you can and go with the flow with the things you cannot control.” This was in reference to our fifth seed in the NIT, which dismayed the team and coaches. An up-to-date version of the hallowed Serenity Prayer.

Are you going to watch the spring game? And I wonder if Annie will. She pays $10 extra each month on her television bill to get the Big Ten channel in Boston. I’ll have to depend on the sports writers for an assessment of the team, then, since I understand so little about the game of football.

The photograph that comes up when I log onto my computer is of us as much younger political stalwarts, in the town square of Schuyler, either when you worked for Roman [Hruska] or when we organized the Republican caravan. I circulated through the crowd with a clipboard and wrote down people’s names and addresses and I suspect you were engaged in weightier matters, such as hugging me, in the photo. We were young and sort of cute, and thought we knew exactly how to do the world, at least the world we had chosen for ourselves! I love looking at it. Remember when Roman spoke Czech there and the glow on people’s faces was as if they’d seen the second coming?

Do you understand why Ndamukong Suh went to the Los Angeles Rams? There’s the sweetest story online about a youngster who researched Suh’s life for a “favorite person” class project and got an A from his teacher who, before, thought this former All-American was not a suitable subject.

Did you read what Tilman Fertitta, billionaire owner of the Houston Rockets, said about Americans loving their local sports teams?

“This is a sports world. We live in America and there’s a huge part of every population in America where this is what they get up and they think about every day, their home sports team. I love owning the Houston Rockets, my family loves owning ‘em. We would never trade this.” What a heartfelt description of the power of a local sports team!

No longer do I get answers to these silly questions or comments, yet I can probably make up what I would have heard before Charley Thone left this earth a few weeks ago, at 94 years of age, great messages of farewell offered by so many, and a fine celebration service designed by his three girls and their mother, i.e. me, and his law associates and political comrades.

When does one stop asking questions or commenting to a partner of 65 years? Never, I hope. The trivial and the daily make up a lot of our lives, worth cherishing and bringing along into this new normal of a present.

(Ruth Raymond Thone feels unmoored since her husband died March 7, sometimes bewildered, and always and forever supported and succored by her friends. She may be reached at




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