UPDATE (3:15 p.m.): Rapidly rising floodwaters have isolated residents in several areas of the state, including the community of Pierce.

Officials in Northeast Nebraska said water is blocking all roads in and out of Pierce.

Along the Platte River, rapidly rising water has reportedly trapped some residents of Horseshoe Lake near Plattsmouth. At 1:22 p.m., there were reports that water covered the only road leading from the residential development.

UPDATE (2:20 p.m.): Salt Creek rose to near flood stage at Roca on Wednesday afternoon and was flowing over Saltillo Road south of the city. Commuters in south Lincoln are advised to find a different route.

There are also reports that water is covering one lane of 84th Street between Adams Street and Cornhusker Highway in the northeast part of the city.

UPDATE (1:40 p.m.): As water rises, evacuations are taking place in several communities across eastern Nebraska.

Just after 1 p.m., residents of Cedar Rapids were being evacuated due to flooding on Cedar Creek. Cedar Rapids is in Boone County, west of Columbus.

In northern Nebraska, some residents of low-lying areas of Randolph were being evacuated to the city auditorium.

Near Columbus, sandbagging operations were underway in the community of Platte Center along Shell Creek.


Lancaster County and surrounding areas are in a flood warning as heavy rain, compounded by melting snow, saturated soil and frozen ground, is causing streams and rivers to overflow their banks.

At noon, radar estimates by the National Weather Service put rainfall totals near 2 inches from Lexington to Ord to Norfolk.

In Lancaster County, water is reported over the road at several locations:

* Northwest 84th Street and West Branched Oak Road.

* West Middle Road from near Northwest 70th to Northwest 98th streets.

* 98th Street from Waverly Road to U.S. 6.

* Ashland Road from 70th to 84th streets.

* Little Salt Road from U.S. 77 to 70th Street.

* Northwest Mill Grove Road, from Northwest 40th Street to Raymond Road.

* North of Northwest 126th Street and West Rock Creek Road and at Northwest 140th and West Rock Creek.

* East of the railroad tracks on Old Cheney Road near Southwest 84th Street.

* North 14th Street and Agnew Road, Northwest 12th Street and West Agnew Road and Agnew Road from U.S. 77 to 70th Street.

* Southwest Second Street from Nebraska 33 to West Sprague Road.

* West Ashland Road and Northwest 40th Street.

* Greenwood Road from 176th to 190th streets.

* North of Northwest 40th Street and West Davey Road.

In northeast Nebraska, officials in Madison County reported that they ran out of barricades and were resorting to flags to mark roads closed by high water.

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