Project location, type of work, date work began or will begin, scheduled reopening:

27th at Old Cheney, north and southbound lanes, paving project, Sept. 30, Oct. 15.

27th, Van Dorn to Woodsdale, southbound lane, paving project, Oct. 14, Oct. 18.

40th, Leesburg to 300 feet north of Pine Lake, southbound lane, landscaping, Sept. 30, Oct. 18.

48th, Cotner to Sumner, northbound lane, utility work, Sept. 16, Oct. 15.

56th, Edgewood to Nebraska 2, north and southbound lanes, traffic signal work, July 22, Nov. 1.

56th, Fletcher to Morton, northbound lanes, utility work, June 24, Oct. 15.

56th, Madison to St. Paul, northbound lane, utility work, Sept. 30, Oct.25.

56th, Vine to X, northbound lanes, utility work, Sept. 18, Oct. 18.

84th at Havelock, southbound lane, utility work, Oct. 7, Oct. 18.

A, Southwest Second to Southwest Sixth, railroad track repair, Oct. 16, Oct. 16. 

Cotner, 48th to Franklin, utility work, Aug. 8, Oct. 25.

Fletcher, 56th to 60th, bridge installation, Feb. 11, Oct. 31.

Folsom, West A to West Washington, northbound lane, utility work, Oct. 3, Oct. 15.

Pine Lake, 61st to 66th, paving project, March 18, Nov. 30.

Pine Lake, 70th to Nebraska 2, paving project, March 5, Nov. 30.

Q, 11th to 12th, westbound lanes, building construction, May 29, Nov. 2.

Superior, 14th to 27th, eastbound lanes, utility work, Oct. 9, Nov. 8.  

Superior, 48th to 52nd, eastbound lane, utility work, Oct. 16, Oct. 16.

Van Dorn, Ninth to Park, eastbound lane, paving project, Oct. 14, Oct. 22. 

To find all street closings, go to lincoln.ne.gov and type "street closures" into the search.

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