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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Vina Market I, 611 N. 27th St. No. 4. Carrots bag sitting on top of open raw fish container (repeat), relocated (corrected). Steamed peanuts being stored at room temperature and sprouts sitting out for extended period (repeat, corrected). Rodent bait pellets spread throughout shelves mixed in with packaged food. Dented cans observed on shelves, removed (corrected). Knifes and peelers rusty and with residues. Numerous mouse droppings observed in one aisle of facility, otherwise isolated droppings observed near end of noodle aisle and by ramen containers. Only sticky traps observed in facility and loose poison. Employee food items stored over produce in walk-in. Individual observed eating in meat prep area. Some raw frozen products lacking safe handling information.

Florios, 7300 S. 13th St. Some food handlers with expired permits (repeat). Dish machine not sanitizing (repeat, corrected). Potato soup cooled unsafely (repeat), discarded (corrected). Food handler datasheet missing some people (repeat, corrected). Pans of soapy water on cook lines missing labels.

AS Stop and Shop, 1301 N. 27th St. Employee observed washing hands for less than 20 seconds prior to donning gloves. Chicken over Gatorade in walk-in cooler, relocated by inspector (corrected). Items observed below correct temp in both warmers. Large number of mouse droppings observed in soda cabinet and along counter tops where soda dispenser machines, candy and microwave stored; nesting observed in cabinets and back rooms.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries, 6100 O St. Only two employees on schedule have a food handler permit. Food handler information not kept current, repeat.

Hub Cafe, 250 N. 21st St. Employee observed cracking eggs then failing to wash hands prior to returning to prep. Eggs over ready to eat items in cooler, repeat. Soup at unsafe temp in walk-in cooler, had been made day before (repeat), product discarded (corrected).

JTK, 201 N. Seventh St. Cooked lamb and chicken in cook's line cooler dated more than 7 days holding time, items discarded (corrected). Cockroaches seen under ware washing machine, live roaches on sticky board under a control cover, roaches in various stages of development. Container of Raid on bar floor, item removed (corrected).

Mazatlan II, 2711 King Lane #201. One employee working on line and dishwasher lacking food handler permit. Open employee beverage on prep counter (corrected). Ground beef in walk-in cooler at unsafe temp, discarded (corrected). Rice in warmer at unsafe temp, product discarded (corrected). Numerous dented cans of tomato juice on shelf (repeat), removed to return (corrected).

Taqueria El Rey II, 116 S. 27th St. No water available in truck for handwashing, water frozen and not usable at this time (Food team supervisor approved using temporary handwash station), (repeat). No water available for sanitizing work surfaces, no working buckets of sanitizer. Beans at incorrect temp on stove top, reheated to correct temp (corrected). No roster provided for staff working in truck.

Village Inn #110780, 7101 S. 27th St. Raw pork sausage over ready to eat meats in walk-in cooler (corrected). Portions of cooked rice, ready to eat meats, hamburger held at unsafe temp for unknown time in griddle drawer coolers, discarded (corrected). Corner walk-in cooler wall and racks with residue accumulation, internal surfaces of some microwaves, underside of unused broiler, nozzle area on OJ dispenser with residue accumulation (repeat). Spray bottle of cleaner missing label.

Yia Yias, 1423 O St. Potatoes on top of rail at unsafe temp, product discarded (corrected). Pesto at incorrect temp along prep line on ice bath, more ice added (corrected). Brasso stored with food items, orange spray with food items on storage shelf (repeat), relocate.


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