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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Misty's Restaurant, 6235 Havelock Ave. Maximum water temperature in washing machine 150 degrees (repeat). Potentially hazardous food at unsafe temperatures at front service line and steam table not turned on; items reheated on stove (corrected). Spray bottles not labeled. 

Roc's Stop & Shop, 5757 S. 85th St. Sandwiches at elevated temperatures and display cooler with air at 55 degrees; all product removed (corrected). 

DaVinci's, 2650 Superior St. Pasta and meatballs over 60 degrees in reach-in cooler and cooler temperature around 65 degrees; product discarded (corrected). Chili 12 days old being served; discarded (corrected). Strong bleach spray bottle and sanitizer bucket stored in food-prep areas (corrected). Bleach in bottle too strong (corrected). Soda machine backflow device leaking. Slicer and walk-in cooler door handle with food residue. 

Skymart, 1111 O St., No. 211. Taco meat and cheese in temperature "danger zone" for unknown amount of time. 

LNK Food Plaza, 3111 N.W. 12th St. Inadequate food permits for management (repeat). Employee failed to wash hands after using gloves to handle raw product and putting on new gloves (repeat, corrected). No sanitizer in buckets (repeat). Tenders not fully cooked (corrected). Food too warm in cooler (corrected). Chemicals near service items (repeat). Roster not available (repeat). Knives, slicer and dipper well with residues, and cellphone on table (repeat). 


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