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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

D'Leon's, 1221 N. 27th St. Follow-up. Two employees lacking current food handler permits (repeat) Employee drinking from open container in kitchen. Beans at unsafe temp, prepared previous day, product discarded, corrected (repeat). Slicer with food residues, knives with food residues on magnet (repeat).

Fazoli's #1751, 4603 Vine St. Four employees lacking current food handler permits. Roster not provided upon inspection. Employee took dirty dishes to dish area, removed gloves and failed to wash hands before returning to line. Meatballs on steam table at incorrect temp, cold meatballs been placed in hot sauce so not properly reheating, pulled and reheated to correct temp, corrected (repeat). Nearly all pasta in unit measured at unsafe temp for unknown period of time, discarded, corrected.

Papa John's Pizza, 2720 Dan Ave. #102. Nine employees without current food handler permits (repeat). Food handler data sheet incomplete. Knives with residues at magnet, clean and relocate magnet, corrected.

Taco Bell #5, 1440 West O St. One of three employees working at time of inspection did not have current permit (repeat). List with employees food handler permit information not available at inspection (repeat). No residual "quats" sanitzer in bucket with wiping towels, corrected. Food on prep rail above safe-holding temps, corrected (repeat).

US Food Market, 1307 S. 11th St. Mouse poison placed on ground under shelves, use station bait boxes. Mouse droppings and dead mice in facility (repeat). Individually wrapped frozen chickens without safe handling labels.

Wahoo Fish Taco, 210 N. 14th St. Employee(s) working without current food handler permit. Food handler data sheet not available. Unapproved employee beverage container in food prep area, corrected.


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