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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Burger King #3909, 1448 N. 48th St. Many employees lack current food handler permits. List of food handler permit information not current and lacks information. Employee donned gloves for food prep without washing hands first, corrected. Egg cooker has food residues.

House of Hunan, 2401 N. 48th St. Prepared food in cold storage have no dates or preparation or use-by dates. Cockroaches were found in kitchen, dead ones in traps and live ones observed; mouse droppings seen. Many food items and open drinks being consumed in the kitchen.

Nile Grocery, 611 N. 27th St. #9. Container of bleach lacking label. Numerous mouse droppings and old nest observed in back "personal" kitchen area, repeat.

Florios, 7300 S. 13th St. Only food handlers on duty at time of inspection had SC permits. Food handler datasheet missing some people. Meatballs held at unsafe temperature, but for less than 4 hours, reheated to proper temp, corrected. Wipecloth solutions/blue liquid spray bottle not labeled.


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