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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Luckie's Lounge & Grill, 1101 W. Bond Circle. Two kitchen employees with serve clean permits, need prep cook permits. Ribs, chicken, etc., at incorrect temp, heated in warmer, product pulled and reheated in oven to correct temp, corrected. Turkey at unsafe temp in walk-in cooler, product discarded. Numerous items observed at unsafe temps in warmer, product discarded, corrected. Beef on rail at incorrect temp, on rail for unknown reason (repeat), corrected. Mop sink not draining. Some food residue on "clean" storage containers, repeat.

Super Saver #9, 2662 Cornhusker Highway. Employee failed to wash hands after returning from restroom, multiple employees did not wash hands for correct length of time, smokehouse employee did not demonstrate good knowledge of handwashing. Raw meat items over ready-to-eat in meat department, relocated, corrected. Cooked imitation crab for salad thawing in same container as raw chicken, one package of crab adulterated and exposed to shared water, discarded; other unadulterated packaged sanitized prior to use, corrected. No sanitizer measured in sink and some working containers in deli, bucket was empty, replaced, corrected. Items observed below correct temp in deli warmer case and customer display, corrected. Nonfood grade lubricant being used for equipment with bakery, corrected. Hand sink in smokehouse not draining. Residue on outside of containers in bakery, knives with residues in deli and smokehouse, repeat. ROP records not clear in smokehouse, repeat.

Quality Inn, 3200 NW 12th St. No employee associated with establishment has Food Manager permit, repeat. Quat sanitizer measured over correct amount, corrected. Water pipe leaks at 3 compartment sink, back hand sink and server area hand wash sink, repeat.

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