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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Boss Pizza and Chicken, 1000 Saunders Ave. Numerous employees lacking current food handler permits or not enough information to verify, repeat. Roster not accurate, repeat. No food manager associated with establishment. Open employee beverage on cutting board, repeat. Knife with biofilm, mixer with excessive residues, repeat. Some items just recently prepped without or with incorrect date mark (old sticker), one item in cooler past seven days, discarded, corrected.

Nate's Place, 2701 N. 48th St. List of food handler permit information not available at inspection, however, workers checked on schedule have current permits. Unapproved employee beverage container in food prep area, drinks discarded, corrected. Flats of shell eggs stored on top shelf of one-door cooler with cheeses stored underneath them, foods rearranged with no ready-to-eat foods below shell eggs, corrected. Several small, portioned containers of sausage gravy (made four days prior to inspection) at incorrect temp in cooler, all discarded, corrected.

Sakura China, 6145 O St. Cooked roast stored in back two-door fridge with raw meats and fish stored above it. Raw tuna and salmon for sushi rolls out of temperature, corrected. Milk container stored in ice maker bin, corrected. Spray wand at dish area set below rim of sink, repeat, corrected by inspector. Drain tube for prep sink is plastic bag. Knives with food residues stored on knife magnets and between wall and prep table, can opener with excess debris, plates in clean stacks with residue. Roaches on sticky traps throughout facility, one live roach noted by dish machine.

Topper Popper, 1402 N. Cotner Blvd. Cockroaches observed at several locations within facility, both upstairs and downstairs.

Toppers, 1226 P St. Employee(s) working without current food handler permit. Food handler data sheet incomplete.

Zoo Bar, 136 N. 14th St. Employee on duty with expired food handler permit. Food handler data sheet incomplete, corrected.


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