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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

LNK Food Plaza, 3111 N.W. 112th St. Employee lacking food handler permit, unsure if food manager still associated with establishment, repeat. Employee failed to wash hands after handling money in sandwich area, employee failed to wash hands prior to prep, repeat, corrected. Raw chicken over ready to eat items in cooler, relocated by inspector, repeat, corrected. No sanitizer measured at 3 compartment sinks or buckets, corrected. Curry made previous day at unsafe temps in cooler, discarded, repeat, corrected. Knives with residues at magnet, slicer with residues, cell phone on table, repeat, corrected. Some items lacking new date marking, some past 7 days in Fly by Cafe, corrected. Employee beverage stored on prep table, repeat, corrected.

Da Vincis #10, 2650 Superior St. Two employees lack current food handler permits, repeat. No sanitizer measured in kitchen sani bucket, corrected. Soup in warmer at unsafe temp, discarded, corrected. Pasta at unsafe temp after sitting on counter during lunch, Alfredo sauce in walk-in at unsafe temp, both products discarded, repeat, corrected.

Hampton Inn, 1055 W. Bond St. Food manager no longer associated with establishment, one breakfast attendant lacking food handler permit. Door being kept closed off kitchen to front service area, employee contaminating gloved hands when having to open door handle, keep door open during breakfast service. Time as control log does not indicate when items set out, when to discard, repeat. Hand sink drain pipe leaking in kitchen, repaired during visit, repeat, corrected.

Kwik Shop #646, 3301 Holdrege St. One employee lacking current food handler permit. Chili and cheese at unsafe temp in dispenser, product discarded, dispenser put out of order, corrected. Oil stored next to drink items on shelf. Back drain pipe not working properly, hot water leaking, repeat. No handwashing sink provided in back room where pastries are reheated.

Poppi's BBQ, 5250 Cornhusker Highway. Immediate suspension. The facility has not been approved to reopen.

Runza, 610 W. O St. Food in reach-in coolers found at unsafe temps. Few flies observed in kitchen, back food prep and front counter areas.

Shogun, 3700 S. Ninth St. Proper hand washing not taking place as there is no paper towel available with sink turned off. Rice made previous night at unsafe temps in covered temps in walk-in cooler, product discarded, repeat. Employee list not available, new sheet must be filled out within 5 day follow up, repeat. Knives on magnet and magnet need to be cleaned, repeat.

Travelodge Inn, 1101 W. Bond Circle. No person in charge with a Food Protection Manager permit, employee without food handler permit, all breakfast attendants (excepting manager) lack permits, repeat. Employee failed to wash hands prior to servicing breakfast line. Gravy in crock pot at unsafe temp, discarded, corrected. Cream cheese at room temp for breakfast taken from refrigeration for too many hours and waffle mix must be kept at correct temp or be discarded, corrected. Chemical bottle hanging on shelf adjacent to food. Food handler list not current, repeat.

Village Inn #110028, 111 S. 29th St. Immediate suspension at inspection. The facility was approved to reopen on Sept. 21. Food handler list not available during inspection. Live roaches observed throughout facility, repeat.

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