Restaurant inspections

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued these food enforcement warnings. A priority violation is the most serious type of violation and a priority foundation is something that, if left uncorrected, could lead to a priority violation.

Ming's House, 1415 N. Cotner Blvd. (June 17) — One priority violation: 1) Par-cooked chicken and pork at unsafe temperature during lunch rush (corrected). Three priority foundation violations: 1) Walk-in cooler racks with heavy residue accumulation (repeat, corrected). 2) Cooked and cooled foods lack date markings. 3) Par-cooked chicken cooling in large colanders on counter (repeat, corrected).

Stauffer's Cafe and Pie Shoppe, 5601 S. 48th St. (June 26) — Four priority violations: 1) Employee observed working with raw burgers, taking off gloves without washing hands to then work with customer plates, etc. Stopped when informed to wash hands (corrected). 2) Beef roast reheating in oven struggling to reach 165 degrees. Placed in two pans to reheat more rapidly (corrected). 3) Items like potatoes, beans, soup observed at wrong temps. Cooler also not working well. Items discarded (repeat, corrected). 4) Meatloaf placed on top of three pans of cooling roast beef caused temperature to rise. Relocated to freezer to rapidly chill (corrected). Three priority foundation violations: 1) Some cans of pumpkin rusty in back storage (repeat, corrected). 2) Food/soil residue on scoops in bakery. Mixers with residue on overhang arm. Some utensils stored in areas that need increased cleaning. 3) Beef roasts and turkey prepared same morning observed in cooler in deeper pans in walk-in. Said normally take out of oven, drain, put in freezer before cutting and then place back with broth in pan and ultimately reheated in oven (corrected).

Las Margaritas, 2700 Jamie Lane (July 8) — Four priority violations: 1) Concentration of chlorine sanitizer solution for wiping towels was low (corrected). 2) Dishwasher not working at recommended temperature; technician called (repeat). 3) Enchilada sauce at wrong temp in deep bucket in walk-in cooler; sauce discarded (corrected). 4) Can of Raid in chemical areas, but said no longer use as working with licensed pest control provider (corrected). Two priority foundation violations: 1) Dented can of tomato juice on rack, discarded (corrected). 2) No thermometer provided for checking temperature at dish machine.

Teryaki Madness, 2801 Pine Lake Road, Suite B (July 9) — Two priority violations: 1) Employees with expired food handler permits (repeat). 2) No food manager (repeat). One priority foundation violation: 1) Roster not complete and no permit information provided (repeat). 

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