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Restaurant inspections, 7/12/17

Restaurant inspections, 7/12/17

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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Alnahrain, 2230 R St. Yogurt and cheeses observed at unsafe temp, food discarded, corrected (repeat). Wood paddle on floor of bakery, clean prior to use; phone on pan, keep in location not source of contamination. Packages of beef and chicken lack "safe handling" instructions (repeat). Raid and rodent stopper spray in facility, can use only chemicals allowed for commercial usage in food establishments (repeat).

AS Stop and Shop, 1301 N. 27th St. Employee failed to wash hands after handling money and returning to prep area and donning gloves (repeat). Items observed at unsafe temp in pizza warmer, product discarded (repeat). Cornmeal and taco seasoning on shelf with chemicals, lotion next to candy, relocated (repeat). One employee working without food handler permit, provided information during inspection (repeat). Mouse droppings in back storage room (repeat).

Brewsky's Food & Spirits, 2662 Cornhusker Hwy. No sanitizer measured at dish machine (repeat). Milk and half-and-half at unsafe temps for unknown time period, product discarded, corrected. No backflow preventer on water line that goes to ice maker (repeat). Three compartment sink used for force thawing is directly plumbed (repeat). Thermometers stored on dusty location on rack, knives and ladles with food residues (repeat). No current employee roster available (repeat).

Casey's General Store #2974, 1200 N. 10th St. Walk-in cooler measured at incorrect temp, milk delivery three hours previously was moved to other cooler, all other foods using temperature for safety discarded.

Down the Hatch, 5601 NW First St. Container of cheese sauce from previous month placed on counter to soften up to place in squeeze bottles, product had mold, discarded, corrected. Cheese sauce in soup cooker/warmer had not reached safe temps in two hours, discarded, corrected. Uncovered gravy taken from microwave at incorrect temp, covered, put back in microwave and reheated to correct temp (repeat), corrected. Staff left items to be reheated on counter for hour, items reheated, extra that was not to be reheated discarded, corrected. Employee roster not kept up to date, updated by inspector, corrected. Heavy dent on seam of canned vegetable, removed and discarded, corrected. Pans with burned food residues, scoops and spoons with food residues, cell phone on work table, corrected (repeat). Cream cheese, taco meat and corned beef lacking date mark, cheese sauce with outdated mark getting ready to be used, discarded, corrected (repeat).

Five Guys Burgers & Fries, 1230 P St. #100. Employee working without current food handler permit. Food handler data sheet incomplete.

Hy-Vee #1, 5010 O St. Some ground meats on or above muscle meats, rearranged, corrected. Foods in pizza make table and Chinese prep table at unsafe temps, all product discarded, corrected. Some utensils that had been cleaned placed away with food debris, re-washed and sanitized, corrected. Can opener needs to be cleaned after use, knife magnets need to be wiped and sanitized, deli slicer left overnight with food residues, cleaned and sanitized, corrected. Knives and some plates (in clean stacks) with food debris, cleaned and sanitized, corrected.

Mamma Mia, 6100 O St. No person in charge with current Food Protection Manager permit, owner has expired Prep/Cook permit. Food handler data sheet is incomplete. Pizzas, calzones and strombolis at unsafe temp while on display prior to customer order, food discarded (repeat). Citrus scented bleach used, only non-scented bleach to be used for sanitization. Can opener with food residues, placed at warewashing sink for cleaning, corrected (repeat).

McKinney's Irish Pub, 151 N. Eighth St. Employee(s) without current food handler permit. Employee drink on counter downstairs kitchen, corrected (repeat). Corn beef, from previous night, at unsafe temp in covered pan in walk in cooler, food discarded, corrected. Sterno and bug spray above microwave and refrigeration unit, relocated, corrected. Spray bottle not labeled, corrected (repeat).

9 South Char Grill, 833 South St. New establishment permit has not been attained, acquire immediately. Drink pitcher in bar hand sink, removed, corrected (repeat). Counter mounted can opener encrusted with food residues, knives on magnetic rack soiled, knife rack very greasy, food thermometers with residues, corrected immediately (repeat). Spray bottle without labeling, corrected.


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