Acton, Matthew Lee and Terri Lynne to Brown, Benjamin M. and Amanda M., 7629 S. 39th St., $230,000.

Alex's Custom Homes Inc., dba Custom Design Homes to Pospisil, Dwane J. and Shirley A., 2931 Ridgegate Drive, $314,950.

Alex's Custom Homes Inc., dba Custom Design Homes to Beason, Denny L. and Kimberly, 9630 Del Rio Drive, $301,000.

Allied Mutual Ins Co. to Glenbrook LLC, 700 N. Cotner Blvd., $1,525,000.

Anania, Michael L. and Victoria J. to Minzel, Travis J. and Alicia M., 6731 S. 42nd St., $209,000.

Anderson, Terese to Roseberry, Andrew W., 5627 Greenwood St., $98,000.

Andreas, John and Luedtke, Cheryl L. and Ricciardello, Pamela J. to Wallman, Michael D. and Anne M., 1916 N. 56th St., $87,500.

Andrew, Boyd D. and Jacqueline to Sherman, Dayle L. and Tanya L., 4121 S. 44th St., $126,500.

Arauza, Marcia to Woodshank, Kristi R., 5780 N.W. 14th St., $122,000.

Archer, James F. and Alycmae to Roberts, Richard L., 910 S. 39th St., $150,000.

Armstrong, Heidi Sue to Godinez, Francisco Jr. and Alden, Terri J., 3301 Curtis Drive, $137,000.

Austin Realty Investments to BHG Properties LLC, 3609 N. 60th St., $326,308.

Auxier, Joseph W. and Jennifer L. to Napoleone, Steven W. and Michelle, 10331 N. 151st St., Waverly, $240,000.

Baker, Kyle D. and Diane M. to Wiles, Robert A. and Nadine L., 6760 Martell Road, rural, $220,000.

Balzer, Amanda to Neifert, A. J., 139 N. 11th St., No. 801, $88,750.

Bartels, Ronald Henry to Masin, Michael M., 235 S. 38th St., $131,500.

Bartunek, Vera V. Testamentary Trust to Engberg, David E. and Charleen S., 3525 L St., $118,500.

Basham, Gerald C. and Nancy J. to Kuchera, Tabitha and Shawn, 8321 South St., $143,000.

Bates, Kelly J. and Angella M. to Christiansen, Gary L. and Cheryle J., 7720 Upton Grey Lane, $260,000.

Beer, Kathyrn L. Et Al Trustees to BHG Properties LLC, 3619 N. 60th St., $1,355,692.

Berry, Josh and Trisha to Lowry, John S. and Shauna L., 6743 Glass Ridge Drive, $270,000.

Bivens, Nolan A. and Bussard, Michelle to Hansen, Matthew C. and Seymour, Caroline K., 4312 Browning St., $144,000.

Blair, Robert Daniel and Tracey Lea to Sheppard, Acquanetta Christal, 4720 Bryson St., $124,000.

Blakeley, Brian O. and Leslie A. to Lines, Raymond R. and Meloni R., 7810 S. 26th St., $271,000.

Bleich, Nathan E. and Nicole R. to Dostal, Russell and Hanks, Kristi, 1242 Hawkfly Road, $224,500.

Boehm, William J. to Boehm, Joseph W., 6221 S. 48th St., $96,000.

Bogle, Terry S. to Barnes, Cory Edward and Kyle, 135 S. 35th St., $160,000.

Bowman, Christopher W. and Debra A. to Haack, Duane A. and Deborah D., 3317 Prairieview Drive, $188,000.

Brettmann, Russell L. and Carol E. to Eickmeier, Justin J. and Kylee R., 815 Larkspur Drive, Hickman, $156,500.

Brookfield Relocation Inc., to Stuhr, Mitch and Lindsey, 8631 Misty Blue Circle, $235,000.

Brooks, Ciara N. to U. S. Bank National Association, 1710 Groveland Circle, $108,860.

Broughton, Justin E. and Lindsay L. to Nolan, Michelle D., 328 N.W. 16th St., $140,500.

Brown, Benjamin M. and Amanda M. to Davey, Amanda M., 3844 S. 20th St., $120,000.

Brown, Zort Jason to Harris, Ilo C. and Michele, 915 S. 32nd St., $137,000.

Bruns, Alan L. and Rebecca S. to Carmicheal, Terry D. Jr., 2916 S. 17th St., $119,900.

Bryan, Donna M. Estate to Farmer, Angela D., 6610 Fremont St., $87,000.

Buechel, Lori L. to Maier, Robert W. and Shari L., 3521 Mohawk St., $65,250.

Buechel, Lori L. to Maier, Robert W. and Shari L., 3924 Washington St., $65,250.

Buethe, Robert L. and Jane E. to Findlay, Charles B. and Janine M., 7911 Northshore Drive, $455,000.

Buhr Homes Inc., to Snyder, Kurt E. and Vivian A., 8211 S. 62nd St., $251,266.

Burkhardt, Robert and Lisa J. to Wagner, Dave J. and Amy R., 2811 Brummond Drive, $216,000.

Bush, Connie M. to Plautz, Travis R. and Joy L., 11300 W. Waverly Road, rural, $270,000.

Cadwallader, Ralph Aldes and Sandra Jean to Strong, Joe M. and Pat, 8831 Saltillo Road, rural, $215,000.

Callahan, Patrick J. and D'an J. to Kittok, Adam B. and Shawna M., 1729 N. 60th St., $106,500.

Campbell, Basil and Pam to Brentlinger, Steven J., 13481 Montrose Court, Waverly, $220,000.

Canning, Toby and Angela to Bingman, Gavin and Yuriko, 8130 S. 16th St., $187,000.

Carr, Jeffery A. and Bowhay, Elizabeth M. to James, Ginny and Bj, 4031 Loveland Drive, $148,500.

Caseyco Inc., to Vermeer, Kevin E. and Jolene M., 5200 N. 10th St., $172,900.

Catholic Bishop Of Lincoln to School Sisters Of Christ The King Lincoln, 4100 S.W. 56th St., rural, $5,976,800.

Cedar Cove Townhomes LLC to Mathews, Gail, 2363 Cedar Cove Road, $124,900.

Cherry Hill Construction Inc., to Ramaekers, Drew and Alisa, 370 Tyler St., Bent, $153,317.

Churchill, Howard J. and Lorene G. to Riha, Darrin M. and Alison R., 2516 Marilynn Ave., $148,000.

Collura, Donna Lee to Munford, James K., 7200 Old Post Road No. 13, $177,000.

Costanzo, Frank A. and Karen S. to Watson, Todd F. and Kelly, 6932 S. 90th St., $124,500.

Cranford, Elizabeth E. to M. and T. Bank, 4910 S. 37th St., $123,200.

Cunningham, Philip M. and Renee A. to Maly, Brook, 825 S. 36th St., $130,000.

Dak Inc., to Carr, Jeffery A. and Elizabeth M., 4307 Cooper Ave., $225,000.

Dankert, James A. and Laura L. to Wilson, Jason B. and Tansy A., 2840 Jane Lane, $184,000.

Dean, Carlene S. to Miller, Terry Kim and Sandra Sue, 2226 Stone Creek Loop N, $318,000.

Dean, Jason and Amanda to Wetta, Meghanne J. and Jeffrey R., 2320 Vavrina Lane, $256,500.

Determan, Chelsey A. to Jones, Jennifer A. and Beins, Jonathon, 5009 W. Sparrow Lane, $134,500.

Dever, Ardith C. to Young, Mark D. and Melissa J., 3730 Stockwell Circle, $160,000.

Dewsnap, Susan A. to Peterson, Anders R. and Hunt, Sally L., 2332 Sewell St., $134,900.

Dicke, Matthew and Wemhoff, Angela to Kruce, Scott G. and Adela M., 1101 W. Dilin St., $165,000.

Dittenber, Carly M. and Jerry W. Jr. to Vote, Dana and Katie, 2417 N.W. 43rd St., $154,000.

Doak, Spencer W. and Tammy to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 8631 Misty Blue Circle, $235,000.

Dolsky, John A. and Shirley M. to Derun, Pavel I. and Lyudmila F., no situs, $83,000.

Dostal, Russell S. to Brockhaus, Daniel F. and Corinne E., 5811 N.W. 14 Court, $125,800.

Downing, Jeffrey L. and Shirley F. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1529 N. 25th St., $62,000.

Dumler, Kevin D. to Hays, Theodore R. and Meaghers-Hays, Brienne L. A., 7554 Brummond Drive, $197,900.

Dunrite Homes Inc. to Heier, Cynthia L., 1230 N. 95th St., $224,950.

Dutton, Kathleen L. and Harlan J. to Todd, Lee, 3900 Pace Blvd., $263,000.

Ele, Josh A. and Annie M. to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, 9204 W. Denton Road, Denton, $98,600.

Epps, Aaron to Nelson, Doug A. and Kathy L. and Tyler, 1601 S. 37th St., $118,000.

Farr, Stephen J. to Young, Mark D. and Melissa J., 3730 Stockwell Circle, $160,000.

Fedler, Louis J. and Peggy to Kothe, Barry L., 17400 N.W. 140th St., rural, $170,400.

Frazier Construction Co. Inc., to Nemecek, Robert L. and Ronell D., 1235 N. 95th St., $275,000.

Frazier, Karen L. to Hovelsrud, Jerome R. III and Kelley S., 2240 Devoe Drive, $168,000.

Gabel, Roberta L. to Gardner, Tara and Seth, 2424 S. 79th St., $342,000.

Gardner, Dale Allen and Marsha C. to Simmons, Susan L., 4415 Calvert St., $105,000.

Gergens, Louise M. to Garner, Michael A. and Alyx M., 4100 Adams St., $68,000.

Gibson, Raleigh and Beverly to Snow, Robert G. and Ellen F., 5544 Briar Rosa Drive, $156,500.

Goins, Bruce E. and Lorinda C. to Culp, Steven E. and Lynn M., 1811 S. Pershing Road, $438,000.

Good Dae Inc., to Glenbrook LLC, 230 N. 12th St., $1,100,000.

Graeve, Trisha M. to Swartz, Donald and Lisa, 1100 Garden Valley Road, $116,000.

Great Plains Custom Homes LLC to Busch, Jeremy and Peggy A., 1404 N. 95th St., $319,950.

Great Plains Custom Homes LLC to Scarrow, Daniel B., 1314 N. 95th St., $284,950.

Greisen, Sara J. to Loseke, Stephanie D. Revocable Trust, 7957 Hunters Ridge Road, $365,000.

Griffin, Zachary P. and Dana R. to Swanson, Jeremy and Nicole, 7310 Canyon Road, $240,618.

Grinbergs, Ivars A. and Janis to Roberts, John H. and Darcel L., 725 S. 49th St., $83,000.

Grinbergs, Ivars A. and Janis to Roberts, John H. and Darcel L., 725 S. 49th St., $83,000.

Guenzel, Robert C. to Essay, Michael Benjamin, 2035 S. 33rd St., $225,000.

Guenzel, Steven E. to Essay, Michael Benjamin, 2035 S. 33rd St., $225,000.

Haddow, Patty to Horak, Michael L. Sr. and Diane, 5217 Starling Court, $60,000.

Hadley, Ronald to Hall, Larry M. and Carol J., 45 Vince Drive, Bent, $156,000.

Hahn, Steven G. and Mary A. to United Equity LLC, 1540 S.W. 13th St., $101,800.

Hajek, Jean Marie and Thomas John to Jensen, Gordon H., 2141 Kingswood Circle, $112,000.

Hall, Larry M. and Carol J. to Brown, Lee M. and Storrs, Kay D., 6200 L St., $132,000.

Harrison, Nancy K. to Logsdon, Lawrence T. and Marcellin K., 7101 Kearney Ave., $111,900.

Hatfield, Jason S. and Jamie L. to Olson, Bethany K., 8105 Cobblestone Circle, $154,900.

Hays, Theodore R. to Hynes, Thomas P. and Elizabeth G., 2033 W. S St., No. 1, $113,000.

HB II Inc., to Taute, Don W. and Nancy Kraft, 7160 S. 94 Court, $259,500.

Hebda, Clarence S. and Mary Ann to Kingsbury, Charles A. and Martha B., 1820 Oakdale Ave., $166,850.

Hecox, Dawn O. to Smith, Collie L. and Leora D., 8930 Eagleton Lane, $215,000.

Hill, Max L. to Secretary of The Department of Veterans Affairs, 3201 W. Peach St., $121,620.

Hjermstad, Erik P. and Robyn R. to Wiedeman, John R. and Krista E., 5707 Elkcrest Drive, $131,500.

Hoff, Bryan D. to US Bank National Association, 6338 Hartley St., $111,000.

Hoffman, Alvin and Roma M. to Wach, Loran A. and Nancy K. and Hardin, Benjamin R. and Susan D., 940 N. 42nd St., $150,000.

Hollmann, Clay W. and Teal D. to Penner, Quintin and Kylie A., 2041 Dodge St., $123,000.

Horak, Michael L. Sr to Horak, Michael L. Sr. and Diane, 5217 Starling Court, $60,000.

Hoveling, Travis J. and Wilson, Donna S. to Bank Of America NA, 6950 Lexington Ave., $130,400.

Hunters Pointe Townhomes LLC to Sisavanh, Keokhamsay and Umaphorn, 1942 North Gate Road, $134,900.

Hunters Pointe Townhomes LLC to Zastrow, Philip A. and Leslie M., 1851 Atlas Ave., $122,900.

Jacobson, Curtis A. to Kellogg, Benjamin L. and Lynn D., 400 Adams St., $115,000.

Javorsky, Delzell L. to Esser, Mildred P., 3204 Jamestown Lane, $133,500.

Jay, Kellie Lewis and Christopher to Van Winkle, Brent M. and Leslie A., 8130 Mckinty Lane, $193,000.

Jelinek, Dale A. and Jean Ann to McMurry, Kevin D. and Cheryl M., 4111 Jacquelyn Drive, $128,000.

Johnson, Mary E. to Burkhardt, Robert and Lisa J., 9230 White Hall Lane, $220,000.

Johnson, Virginia G. to Essay, Michael Benjamin, 2035 S. 33rd St., $225,000.

Jones, Christopher A. and Elizabeth A. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee, 26400 S. 84 Street Court, rural, $153,000.

Kelch, Delores Marie to Quiring, Tyler W., 7429 Whitewater Lane, $158,500.

Keller, Victor Jr. to Denton, Dan R. and Wismer, Rose A., 550 Brookside Drive, $135,000.

Ketelhut, Winona Etal Co-Trsts to TCS Family Farms LP, no situs, $283,770.

Kobza, Thomas A. and Iona M. to Delong, Andrew S. and Sherri L., 1420 S. 28th St., $79,000.

Koch, Tracy and McQueen, Jackie to Hamel, Nathan R. and Bush, Haley C., 610 Marshall Ave., $106,000.

Kohler, Ryan J. and Kathleen A. to Pieper, Jenna R. and Roger D. and Fitzke, Debra L. and Randall D., 7715 S. 28th St., $210,000.

Krums, Aivars V. and Glenda M. to Meyer, Chad L. and Jessica M., 1701 W. Washington St., $120,000.

Laduke, Allan J. and Sheryl L. to Jameson, Darrin L. and Lisa M., 6709 S. 89th St., $123,000.

Lamb, Alisha D. to Nolan, Ryland S. and Jepson, Kellie, 5775 N.W. 12th St., $160,000.

Laws, Dorothy L. Life Estate to Reznicek, Dave and Sonya, 6601 Logan Ave., $98,000.

Lefler, Jack and E. Violet to L. and R. Rissler Family Trust, 5507 Davey Road, rural, $180,000.

Legacy Homes LLC to Chancellor, Dennis and Charlene, 3125 N. 90th St., $191,026.

Legacy Homes LLC to Loskill, Leigh A., 5301 Pony Hill Court, $188,853.

Legacy Homes LLC to Borreson, Curtis and Jeannette, 3130 Gunsmoke Drive, $143,400.

Legacy Homes LLC to Nelson, Dennis L. and Elenor A., 3167 Colt Ave., $132,400.

Leonard, Kent M. and Jody N. to West, Pamela S., 5928 White Fish Drive, $262,000.

Licht, Alice L. to Sullivan, James Allen and Robison, Traci Jane, 3010 Jackson Drive, $181,000.

Lieb, April D. and Ryan M. to Moore, Justin and Nicole, 1344 N. 38th St., $180,000.

Lillie, Bradley James to Kensington Park LLC, 6810 Palmetto Court, $278,000.

Lines, Raymond R. and Meloni R. to Hengelfelt, Shawn Alan and Craig, Kimberly Jo, 3511 W. Garfield St., $165,000.

Lowry, John S. and Shauna L. to Pfister, Thomas and Ashley, 8351 N. Hazelwood Drive, $131,000.

Luebbe, Tom to Graff, David S., 1401 O St., Unit No. F, $305,500.

Lybarger, Robert A. to Modak Development LLC, 2224 Y St., $175,000.

Lybarger, Robert A. to Modak Development LLC, 2230 Y St., $175,000.

Lybarger, Robert A. to Modak Development LLC, 2234 Y St., $175,000.

Mackel, Steven D. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1145 Washington St., $96,874.

Maier, Robert W. and Shari L. to Maier, Robert W. and Shari L., 3521 Mohawk St., $65,250.

Maier, Robert W. and Shari L. to Maier, Robert W. and Shari L., 3924 Washington St., $65,250.

Mariscal, Richard J. and Nicole R. to Wells Fargo Bank National Association, 1001 S. 30th St., $104,503.

Matejka, Trisha A. to Gries, Melanie M., 440 Skyway Road, $120,295.

McCord, Jason D. and Kim M. to Nagata, Tomonori and Laurie Ann, 5424 Bancroft Ave., $128,900.

Mcmillan, Peggy K. to Tedrow, Kimberly Ann, 3230 D St., $100,000.

MDGC Properties LLC to Nguyen, Nga and Vu, Binh, 2701 N. 37th St., $138,000.

Mejer, Vince M. and Frances A. to Lacouture, David and Amy, 2685 Woodsdale Blvd., $181,500.

Merrifield, Michael and Paige Rose to Rivera, David J. Jr. and Brookley A., 5751 Bridle Lane, $269,000.

Mettscher, Melvin G. and Sharon K. to Straw, Karen R., 1408 N. 23rd St., $120,000.

Midwest Diversified LLC to Fischer, Terryl E. and Neemann, Gene A., 139 Wedgewood Drive, $188,800.

Mutual Of Omaha Loanpro LLC to Herman, Ronald W. and Patricia B., no situs, $95,000.

Myers, Michael A. and Carol A. to Beck, Curtis D. and Sanine S., 7115 S. 45th St., $237,000.

National Transfer Services LLC to Lieb, Ryan M. and April D., 6201 S. 32nd St., $234,000.

Nebraska Nurseries Inc., to Rallis, John and Pamela S., 4635 S. 80th St., $65,000.

Neelly, Stephen R. and Diane M. to National Transfer Services LLC, 6201 S. 32nd St., $234,000.

Neighborhoods Inc., D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Marcuson, Timothy C. and Emily D., 1308 S. 23rd St., $137,000.

Nelson, Brian J. and Darcy D. to Nelson, Brian, 720 W. Beal St., $62,500.

Ness, Robert J. and Shelley A. to Schneck, Richard S. and Laura J., 4630 W. Bucks Drive, rural, $342,500.

Nguyen, Benjamin T. and Miyuki A. to Bank Of America NA, 179 Mormon Trail, $165,117.

Nielsen, Kirk J. and Susan E. to Barnason, Joseph and Christina P., 3911 Village Court, $247,500.

Nielsen, Lance D. to Hoger, Amy, 220 Cottonwood Drive, $118,500.

Noble, Daniel P. and Regina A. to Orchard, Kimberly A. and Todd F., 4051 Thorn Court, $1,200,000.

Novak, Jon B. and Jennifer L. to Lucero, Anthony and Rhonda, 6830 Northfork Drive, $599,000.

Obenchain, Greg M. and Cindy S. to Terry, Benjamin S. and Rachel M., 3830 Sheridan Blvd., $250,205.

Olberding, Matt and Suzie to Smith, Zachary A. and Karli, 2525 S. 39th St., $128,000.

Olmer, Brian G. to Krissoff, Derek and Liana, 2111 Ryons St., $121,500.

Olson, Cory to Thompson, Erin, 1939 N. 32nd St., $69,900.

On The Move LLC to Aksamit, Harold A. and Carol Ann, 8241 Elizabeth Drive, $123,000.

O'Neill, Richard J. and Sarah Olsson O’Neill to US Bank National Association Trustee, 5751 Shadow Pines Court, $158,950.

Osborne, Brent L. and Linda L. to Autoslik LLC, 5125 Greenwood St., $62,000.

Ostrander, John and Tracy to Koch, Tracy L. and McQueen, Jackie A., 7334 S. 21st St., $173,000.

Panko, Lori Jane and Ruenholl, Steven R. and Rita L. to West, Matthew M. and Stacie L., 841 School House Lane, $121,000.

Parker, Howard A. and Natalie R. to Olberding, Matt and Suzie, 2916 S. 25th St., $212,900.

Parris, Rodney Shawn and Monica Rae to Greisen, Sara J., 6262 S. 82nd St., $406,000.

Parrish, Millie S. to Novotny, Kelly J. and Brent, 7700 S. 16th St., $170,000.

Pawloski, Michael R. and Donna L. to Carfield, David E. and Christine A., 607 W. Burt Drive, $130,000.

Peterson, Lisa M. Revocable Trust to Lyman, Derek W. and Jenifer A., 7624 Addison Court, $199,000.

Pierson, Patricia to Broughton, Justin E. and Lindsay L., 5000 S. 54th St., $125,000.

Plautz, Travis R. and Kaup, Joy L. to Hittner, Adam and Volkman, Michelle, 2340 N.W. 41st St., $159,900.

Pohlman, Dustin P. to Milliken, Korey R. and Jasnoch, Brieanna S., 6645 Y St., $105,900.

Popple, Dylan and Ashton to Hayes, Leslie D., 6740 Stephanie Lane, $157,000.

Prime Ventures LLC to Pytlik, Keith R. and Tackett, Lori N., 1980 Ryons St., $179,900.

Prokop, Charles and Patricia to Hakenkamp, Richard L. and Nancy E., 8120 Lillibridge St., $185,000.

PZ Properties LLC to Skibinski, Kimberly J., 5311 Franklin St., $105,000.

Quinn, Shawn M. and Jill S. to Littrell, Evan E. and Abigail F., 2921 S. 74th St., $183,500.

R. C. Krueger Development Co. Inc., to Monson, Erik and Bridget, 6285 Waters Edge Drive, rural, $153,000.

Rasmussen, Dustin S. and Michel F. to Gerdes, Michael J. and Jennifer K., 5337 W. Kingsley St., $69,000.

Raymond, Robert H. to Raymond, Aaron C. and Allison E., no situs, $300,000.

Rebensdorf, John Henry to Case, Randall N. and Karen S., 2727 S. 13th St., $108,000.

Reichel, Debra Ruth to York, Brian T. and Amber L., 2525 N. 82 Court, $176,000.

Reis, Dudley E. and Donna K. to Mckinnon, Damion and Nicole, 3940 S. Folsom St., $178,000.

Rezac-Pickering-Williams LLC to Oestreich, John W. and Dannielle L., 3211 W. Covered Bridge Drive, rural, $103,000.

Rhineshart, Elda M. to Arnold, Scott A. and Amy E., 1131 N. 78th St., $92,000.

Rikli, Warren L. Trustee and Rikli, Ruth M. Trustee to Gabel, Roberta L., 8210 East Pointe Road, $181,000.

Rinchen, Ngawang and Chhoden, Sonam to Hain, Raymond and Kathryn, 1827 F St., $158,500.

Rivera, David Jr. and Brookley A. to Hollibaugh, Lloyd B. and Linda D., 5130 S. 80th St., $152,000.

Roberts, Richard Lee to Roberts, Melissa D. and Adam Marvin, 4501 S. 48th St., $220,000.

Roberts, Richard Lee to Roberts, Melissa D. and Adam Marvin, 4445 S. 48th St., $220,000.

Robertson, Bradley K. and Julie A. to Shirk, Justin L., 2011 Sawyer Place, $126,000.

Robertson, Ramsy R. and Angie L. to Patten, Alfred S. Jr. and Dedra L., 800 Columbine Circle, Hickman, $152,000.

Rojas, Marco A. and Smitterberg, Hannah L. A. to Warner, David F. Jr. and Tara D., 1975 B ST., $329,900.

Rosburg Enterprises Inc., to Stanton, Jessica E., 1429 Burr St., $111,000.

Ross, Andrew to Mattox, Jenna and Benjamin Scott, 16 Beckman Circle, Malcolm, $103,000.

Rupert Enterprise LLC to Bsi Properties LLC, 1403 N. 26th St., $80,000.

Rybak, Viktor and Nadezhda to Macdonald, James C. and Harmony E., 14824 N. 112th St., rural, $385,000.

Saltzman, Kurt A. to Sulek, John Steven, 550 Wedgewood Drive, $172,250.

Schilling, Harold E. and Lisa A. to Borer, Douglas A. and Lori L., 26805 S. 84 Street Place, rural, $245,000.

Schwindt, Leata I. to Williss, Russell A. and Jean, 4911 S. 55 Court, $140,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Erickson, Scott Shuttleworth and Pashaj, Anjeza, 1200 N. 44th St., $68,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Conradt, Edward B., 2222 S. 48th St., $60,000.

Sedersten, Allison M. to Wong, Belbei and Sae, 1305 Turtle Creek Road, $139,000.

Shasteen, Rolf Edward to Ryan, Daniel Craig, 4020 S. 20th St., $116,000.

Slattery, David E. to Bergen, Jacob M., 139 N. 11th St., No. 703, $75,000.

Smetter Custom Homes Inc., to Dietrich, Rodney A. and Ann B., 8317 S. 62nd St., $309,515.

Smetter, Sean S. to Sell, Randy D. and Pamela J., 9325 S. 28th St., $389,900.

Smith, James D. to Edwards, Brennon Omar, 7533 Sherman St., $186,000.

SNB Construction LLC to Hamilton, Gina Rose and Ryan Hugh, 7625 Blanchard Blvd., $189,000.

Southside Holdings LLC to JSK Ventures LLC, 3100 S. Seventh St., $517,500.

Spieldenner, Patrick N. and Lianna C. to Hitchler, Dustin and Jodi, 7322 S. 29th St., $209,000.

Stavron, James and Frosine to Bway, Lah and Than, Chare, 5600 L St., $118,000.

Steadman, Sharon A. to Fosket, Luke and Shawna, 8030 Northshore Drive, $205,000.

Stonybrook Homes Inc., to Bobrowski, Robert A. and Mary Ann, 7610 Nashway Road, $230,000.

Summers, Dennis and Linda to Larkins, Cody, 825 Garfield St., $75,400.

Swanson, Jeremy and Nicole to Miriovsky, Jacob T., 4024 N. Eighth St., $131,000.

Swanson, Ruth M. to Ball, Aaron D. and Alexandra A., 1809 S. 53rd St., $132,500.

Swartz, Matthew C. to Latta, Katie, 1225 Dublin Road, $112,500.

Tatay, Rafael to Rolfs, Lori A., 6911 LaCroix Drive, $253,575.

Taute, Don W. Et Al to Harding, John E. and Larkins, Sara J., 7430 Wren Circle, $225,900.

Taylor, Robert H. and Beverly to Yagil, Malinda Murphy and Oren, 6611 Westshore Drive, $250,000.

Taylor, Stacy J. and Jerry to Northup, Christopher Lee and Allyson Gwendolyn, 2548 N. 83rd St., $162,500.

TC Accommodator 3 LLC to Anderson, Russell F. and Rennae K., no situs, $480,000.

TC Accommodator 3 LLC to Anderson, Russell F. and Rennae K., no situs, $480,000.

Teragram Inc., to Scheetz, Michael P., 9321 Ravenwood Lane, $508,000.

Thompson, Daniel W. to US Bank National Association, 5524 Briar Rosa Drive, $117,928.

Townsend, Richard L. and Lori L. to Buss, Taylor L. and Polivka, Rachel L., 3231 N. 3rd St., $128,500.

Troy Bugbee Homes LLC to Harrington, Robert F. and Kathryn, 1451 N. 95th St., $200,040.

Tvrdy, John and June to Fischer, Scott R. and Jody J., 1610 N. 62nd St., $92,000.

United Equity LLC to Keyzer, Matthew J. and Marissa J. Gill, 4910 N.W. 10th St., $179,900.

US Bank National Association to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1734 Sewell St., $71,442.

Vancleave, Michael and Erin to Patras, Anthony and Hillary, 6220 S. 48th St., $154,900.

Vineyard, Robert Lee to Wilmington Trust Co., 11601 S. Seventh St., rural, $190,000.

Von Bargen, Brian to Ostrander, John and Tracy, 6700 S.W. 38th St., rural, $339,000.

Waterman, Katherine E. to Patten, Debra Lynn, 5106 Wilshire Blvd., $87,000.

Weber, Garry L. and Joyce E. to Thompson, Steven P., 1546 S. 25th St., $87,000.

Weber, Warren and Joan M. to Stohlmann, Stephen O., 2425 Folkways Blvd. No. 124, $71,000.

Wellman Properties LLC to Taylor Made Printing LLC, 934 N. 35th St., $110,000.

Wellman Properties LLC to Taylor Made Printing LLC, 401 S. 41st St., $110,000.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1001 S. 30th St., $104,503.

Wheeler, John Joseph III and Andra Dianne to Umberger, Jessica and Othmer, Jeremy, 1600 S.W. 50th St., rural, $225,000.

Wiedel, John E. and Diana L. to Johnston, Gary A. and Amy M., 3003 S.W. 80th St., rural, $273,000.

Wilderness View Townhomes LLC to Rademacher, Darrick, 6003 Glenbrook Lane, $140,900.

Woodbury, Lydell L. and Lorraine M. to Woodbury, Mark L., 5644 Adams St., $87,750.

Wooden, Steven R. Jr. to Goodbarn, Thomas W. and Barbara J., 1131 Charleston St., $64,500.

Woolf, Kathryn J. to Essay, Michael Benjamin, 2035 S. 33rd St., $225,000.

Yankee Ridge Partners LLC to Ahlers, Allen A. and Cheryl A., 3773 Pablo Lane, $251,168.

Yankee Ridge Partners LLC to Brigham, Brooke, 3765 Pablo Lane, $219,950.

Young, Timothy B. to Schumacher, Jeffrey L., 2200 Bradfield Drive, $220,000.

Zajicek, Matthew J. and Alicia M. to Nielsen, Lance D., 2657 S.W. 16th St., $148,500.

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