Adams, Brian J. and Lindsey M. to Mueller, Robin A. and Tricia S., 8110 McBride Ave., $282,000.

Ahern, Bradley to Stubbendeck, Jared T., 126 S. 35th St., $106,750.

Al Rashawl, Mudhafar H. to Secretary of the Department of Housing And Urban Development, 1650 SW 25 St., $190,556.

Alex's Custom Homes Inc. DBA Custom Design Homes to Berzonsky, William A. and Suzanne K., 2933 Forest Ave., $314,950.

Allen, David H. and Claudia to Kam, Joseph and Chiu, Angie S., 9211 Thornwood Drive, $615,000.

Allen, Stanley and Nancy to Loewenstein, Blake and Heather, 6148 NW 10th St., $147,000.

Anchor Investments to European Auto Holdings LLC, 4920 N. 57th St, No. 1, $99,000.

Anderson, Jason Porter and Kulm, Tracy to McPherson, Marilee K., 5000 Southwood Circle, $95,000.

Andrews, Eric R. to Beltran, David Martinez, 1747 S. 16th St., $95,000.

Arndt, Ardean A. Revocable Trust to Ford, Steven L. and Suzanne Strandlund, 6530 Pheasant Run Court, $775,000.

Arndt, Eloise K. Revocable Trust to Ford, Steven L. and Suzanne Strandlund, 6530 Pheasant Run Court, $775,000.

Baehr, Harlan P. and Verda J. to Nash, Lakesha D., 4321 E St., $143,000.

Bakk, Julia M. and Kugel, Melody J. to Cunningham, Jason A. and Tammy R., 5407 Linden St., $90,000.

Bank of America N. A to Secretary of Housing And Urban Development, 3109 Kleckner Court, $98,609.

Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 3511 Madison Ave., $121,515.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. National Association to Kleen, Gail and Linda, 2336 Saint Thomas Drive, $105,900.

Bartek, Brandon P. and Rachel to Kilker, Jason T. and Ashley A., 3416 N. Miller Road, $128,000.

Bartels, Samuel L. Trustee to Medinger, Bernie and Egbert, Gwendolyn J., 3950 W. Roca Road, Rural, $360,000.

Bates, Kimberly D. to Gergen, Michael E., 1166 Elba Ave., $88,000.

Beall, Eric to Karas, Jonathan A. and Erica E., 888 Elmwood Ave., $129,000.

Behrens, Marshall Henry to Hegemann, Shawn M. and Colburn, Jessica D., 3000 S. 46th St., $147,000.

Bickel, Ryan D. and Brisson, Jennifer A. to Kruse, Nathan T. and Henneman, Cassie D., 7451 W. Saltillo Road, Rural, $322,000.

Bickford, Derald E. and Karen K. and Melissa A. to Sorensen, Mahlon L. and Kathleen A. and Brianna, 2245 N. 63 St., $78,500.

Bixenmann, Timothy and Gretchen to Plotnick, Ronald M. and Patricia A., 4000 S. 56th St., Unit, No. 379b, $98,700.

Blackman, Robert C. and Belinda R. to Howard, Shelley S., 6941 Summerset Circle, $193,000.

Boeckman, Gabriel and V. Jean to Titan Investments LLC, 1822 H St., $157,000.

Borer, Adam J. to Johnson, Dee R., 2700 Jane Lane, $155,500.

Braemer, Lucille M. Trustee to Torson, Gina Marie, 1731 S. 38th St., $121,000.

Brandt, Allan L. Trustee to Clarke, Melinda D., no situs, $130,500.

Brindley, Roger Allen to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee, 1009 N. 46th St., $81,000.

Burt, Belle R. Trustee to Kollmorgen, Karl L. and Daylene M. Revocable Trust, 945 Piedmont Road, $280,000.

Butt, Joe and Traci to Williamson, Ryan S. and Christina L., 2403 N. 88th St., $215,000.

Calvin G. Melson Estate to Trumble, Danny D. and Cheri K., 5331 Marigold Court, $144,900.

Campbell, Russell A. and Stephanie A. to Ihle, Emmie G. and Andrew L., 701 S. 50th St., $99,000.

Carey, John Carl Trustee to Carey, Benjamin J. and Amanda H., 1801 Vavrina Lane, $100,000.

Carmer, Julie A. and Tabaka, Stanislaw A. to Gregory, Maurice D. III, 1336 Peach St., $81,500.

Caseyco Inc. to T. And C. Investments LLC, 5228 N. 10th St., $169,950.

Caseyco-Edenton Woods LLC to Anderson, Michael J. and Roseann, 6400 Ashbrook Drive, $430,000.

Caseyco-Edenton Woods LLC to Sedlacek, David L. and Pamela D., 6410 Ashbrook Drive, $344,950.

Cedar Cove Townhomes LLC to Lambing, Thomas L. and Mary L., 8931 Broken Spoke Drive, $138,900.

Charlton, Mark and Wendy to White, Lane DC and Elizabeth L., 7410 S 33rd St., $253,000.

Cheloha, Kenneth J. and Kristi L. Miller to Toby Revocable Trust, 4801 S. 120 St., Rural, $900,000.

Chism, John L. and Kristine L. to Hubert, Adam B., 4740 S. 48th St., $85,000.

Chism, John L. and Kristine L. to Hubert, Adam B., 4744 S. 48th St., $85,000.

Chloupek, Jack A. and Karen L. and Miller, Charles F. and Judy J. to Lolland, Morten and Sonja, 1612 Whittier St., $115,000.

Chong, Jade and Truong Quoc to Crosby, Robert J. and Lori L., 3740 Lewis Ave., $108,000.

Chrisp, Esther Life Estate to Mangers, Colby and Giger, Maria Sue, 4230 N. Seventh St., $94,500.

Christian, David and Masek, Susan J. to Hong, Soo Young and Kim, Jun Hyeung, 7929 Twin Oaks Road, $150,000.

Clarke, Tyler S. to Niederhaus, Lisa Michelle, 5905 Billings Drive, $161,500.

Claussen, Bonita K. Et Al to Roth, Jacqueline K., 6030 Walker Ave., $145,000.

Concorde Management And Development Inc. to Reny, John and Polly, 1314 O St., Unit, No. 504, $174,000.

Conrad, Tammy M. and Whyte, Regina E. to Baker, Colin L., 2909 N. Cotner Blvd., $80,000.

Corporate Golf Marketing Inc. to D. and R. Custom Construction Inc., 8775 Angeline Court, $97,000.

Corporate Golf Marketing Inc. to D. and R. Custom Construction Inc., 8726 Angeline Court, $73,000.

Cox, Michael W. and Jill S. to Billups, Stephanie and Riggleman, William, 9510 Cotswold Lane, $340,000.

Cummings, Maureen Catherine to Northup, Christan W., 5127 N. St., $90,000.

Dakan, James E. to Bartels, Mark C. and Theresa E., 6717 Logan Ave., $94,000.

Dashchenko, Snezhana and Andrey to Johnson, Hayes, 2441 NW 43rd St., $133,000.

Davison, Mark W. and Julie A. to Thompson, Mark A. and Joy K., 4949 Union Hill Road, $426,000.

Dechenne, Sue Ellen to Donley, Elenita, 3011 Loveland Drive, $146,750.

Denius, Brandy Renae to Walker, Laura C., 3772 Everett St., $141,000.

Denzin, Jay S. and Rochelle R. to Apfel, Joshua J., 5353 W. Cleveland Ave., $132,500.

Derienzo, Christopher A. and Sarah J. to Zabawa, Angela S., 2632 Bishop Road, $185,000.

Devries, Paul F. and Sharon L. to Mortensen, Kurt W., 2905 Drawbridge Court, $134,000.

Dewing, Ryan L. and Kelly M. to Tomes, Frank Z. and Amanda M., 8610 Lavender Circle, $211,000.

Dillavou, Jonathan D. and Nicole M. to Burianek, Tiffany D., 231 W. Irving St., $125,500.

Dunrite Homes Incorporated to Murtagh, Santiago and Sarah, 621 N. 95th St., $245,533.

Dunrite Homes Incorporated to Schultz, Michaeleane, 920 N. 95th St., $235,430.

Durre, Donald W. and Debra to Linzell, Daniel Gattner and Cindy Hammer, 8011 Eastwood Court, $390,000.

Dutton, Harlan J. and Kathleen L. to Beecham, Robert M. and Dutton, Jan E., 1212 S. 15th St., $375,000.

Eaton, Marjorie O. Estate to Hendricks, William F. and Barbara C., 2735 Calvert St., $225,000.

Ellingson, Christopher D. to Schmidt, Andrew K. and Krystyn, 12300 Hickman Road, Rural, $115,000.

Ellis, Tamera D. to Lewis, David and Tracy, 7411 Starr St., $130,000.

Erks, Patricia Ann to Federal National Mortgage Association, 4926 Garland St., $62,266.

Everman, Brian K. and Tasha A. to Pleasant, Lorna L., 351 S. 30 St., $164,890.

Ewalt, Robert Irrevocable Trust to Kamler, Barbara, 3626 O'Sullivan Road, $134,200.

Fandrich, Erin to Schwartz Properties LLC, 5120 Meredeth St., $137,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Prakapchuk, Pavel and Iryna, 5412 NW Fourth St., $180,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Dulin, Edward and Christine, 5638 NW 14th St., $128,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Taylor, Matthew T., 3636 Way St., $100,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Peithman, Allen E. Jr., 301 S. 54th St., $87,000.

Fountaine, Stacy L. to Koenig, Glenda, 4436 S. 58th St., $137,500.

Fox, Bonnie E. Trustee to Handly, Scott L. and Rebekah S., 12901 Pine Lake Road, Rural, $81,000.

Frazier Construction Company to Hall, Gary L. and Kiene, Pamela J., 933 N. 96th St., $266,436.

Friendt, Glenn A. and Randal L. and Douglas E. to Luedtke, Timothy J., 2732 S. 11th St., $100,000.

Ftacek, John A. and Lynn to Bergt, Ross J., 9636 Saint Clement Circle, $260,000.

Furry, Joyce E. to Bowman, Rachel and Brody, 8310 E. Avon Lane, $139,500.

G Kravitz LLC to Gustafson, Mark Rand and Dianne Travers, 1200 N. 41st St., $170,000.

George, Donald and Harder, Joan to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 6640 Sumner St., $210,000.

Gergen, Michael E. and Judy A. to Hattan, Christopher A. and Lori E., 8000 Sanborn Drive, $172,500.

Geysun Style Homes Inc. to Adle, David and Angela, 1441 Torreys Drive, $199,753.

Gillan, Matthew D. and Mary Kay to Everman, Brian Keith and Tasha, 7429 Whitestone Drive, $255,000.

Gonzalez-Kruger, Gloria E. and Kruger, David G. to Slama, Judy A., 6164 Old Farm Court, $215,000.

Great Plains Custom Homes LLC to Connor, John T. III and Stacy M., 9120 Del Rio Drive, $394,950.

Green, Ramon to Miller, Miriam E., 1239 Silver Ridge Road, $125,000.

Grimes, David G. and Becky L. to Gerdes, Myron E. and Michael D., no situs, $625,000.

GS Investments LLC to Little Creek Enterprises LLC, 2136 Euclid Ave., $210,000.

Guerra, Ramon J. and Lisa M. to Smith, Paul D. and Kim C., 849 Lyncrest Drive, $146,000.

Haberlan, Whitney Ann to Messman, Randolph John, 1828 S. 22nd St., $71,000.

Hall, Larry J. and Karen K. to Mutual Of Omaha Bank, 1720 N. 70th St., $82,872.

Hamann Meadows Townhomes LLC to Mcintosh, Paul R., 7505 Diamond Court, $172,900.

Hamann Meadows Townhomes LLC to Swisher, Scott H. Jr. and Theresa Ann, 7511 Diamond Court, $172,900.

Hamilton, Hannah M. to CSH Properties LLC, 1121 Sycamore Drive, $112,700.

Hamilton, James D. and Smith, Amy L. to Hansen, Brian D. and Amy M., 1687 Woodsview St., $155,500.

Hansmeyer, Wayne A. to Schmidt, Justin J., 110 Concord Ave., Hickman, $119,000.

Harms, Ewald and Eveline K. to Fox, Kindra R., 4230 X St., $116,500.

Hartshorn, Cheryl L. to Becker, Mitchell R., no situs, $296,150.

Hastie, Thomas I. to Anderson, Nathan, 3505 Woodbine Ave., $121,000.

Hattan, Christopher A. and Lori E. to Bremers, Gregg M. Jr., 2921 Apple St., $84,500.

HB II Inc. to Rezac, Gary L. Revocable Trust and Rezac, Patricia A. Revocable Trust, 7700 S. 94th Bay, $68,000.

Heckman, Keith W. and Danielson, Janet M. to KFA 1208 LLC, 1208 O St., $505,000.

Hemmerling, Barry L. Trustee to Clarke, Melinda D., no situs, $135,500.

Hendricks, John W. and Teresa K. to Wiltgen, Annette M., no situs, $495,430.

Henning, Gil I. to Wrasse, Rebecca L., 225 S. 56th St., $97,000.

Henrichs, Jessica M. to Mcfarland, Travis M. and Stephanie J., 3725 W. Karwat Lane, $203,000.

Hepburn, Jacob I. and Meghan to Primavera, Andrew R., 2207 Lake St., $124,000.

Heritage Lakes LLC to Ironwood Builders LLC, 7212 S. 96th Court, $115,000.

Hernandez, Jennifer M. to Rodriguez, Maritza Y., 3200 N. 56th St., $104,000.

Hibbert, Andrew T. and Weishahn, Natasha to Carter, Jay, 1918 N. 57th St., $123,500.

Hildreth, Palmer and Patsy Et Al to Johnson, Scott P. and Michele Mckinnon, 2306 N. 74th St., $136,000.

Hipsag, Todd A. and Kendra A. to Russell, Scott and Diana, 425 Village View Drive, Hickman, $136,000.

Hobelman, Alissa M. to Thavenet, Daryll L. and Shirley A. Living Trust, 5724 Shadow Lane, $176,000.

Holland, Mavis V. Revocable Living Trust to Pfeiffer, Rose Lee, 3001 S. 51st St, No. 2208, $107,000.

Holmes, Gary D. and Kathleen A. to Wah, Eh Do and Dee Nah, 810 Rose St., $81,000.

Hornby, Rodney Scott to Go Big Red Real Estate Investments LLC, 1741 W. C St., $97,700.

Hoskins, Dorothy Generation Skipping Exempt Trust to Rallis, David and Cleverly, David, no situs, $450,000.

Humphrey, Warren J. and Kristen A. to Walter, Nicholas and Cassandra, 7440 S. 41st St., $267,000.

Hunsberger, Mary-Kathryn and Eric D. to King, Mark R. and Ann M., 7410 Helen Witt Drive, $185,500.

Hunt, Kyle Kenneth and Tiffany Ann to Reihmann, Chase M. and Anna K., 301 Lakewood Drive, $141,000.

Hurtz, Dennis L. to Scott, Michael and Susan, 4142 Boulder Drive, $288,000.

Hyde, Dean E. to Horneber, William F. and Alice S., 8217 Russwood Circle, $211,614.

Ingram, Cynthia S. to Jacox, Gerald W., 9014 Keystone Drive, $240,000.

Jackson, Christie and Johnson, Ed to Trowbridge, Matthew and Megan, 9514 Forest Glen Drive, $201,000.

Jackson, Shane M. and Storm, Amy R. to Barnes, Benjamin C. and Tiffany J., 5210 Hartley St., $104,900.

Jacobsen, Nathan D. to Swihart, Jade M., 841 S. 50th St., $88,000.

Janata, Kevin J. and Mary E. to Eigsti, Bruce R. and Rebecca S., 3240 N. 63rd St., $163,300.

Jay, Robert P. and Gellatly, Shannon J. to Shreve, Brian R. and Lorrie A., 520 Wedgewood Drive, $163,500.

Jensen, Thomas to Munro, Andrew A., 809 Groveland St., $74,000.

Johnson, Glenn D. and Elaine J. to Zinnecker, Marianne E. Revocable Trust, 8111 Cheney Ridge Road, $182,000.

Jones, John M. and Paula D. to Tran, Nhung T. and Tuan V., 921 Donnie Lane, $135,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, 5908 Locust St., $112,624.

Karst, Willmetta L. to Karges, Connie C., 2543 N. 69 Court, $117,500.

Karsten, Dan and Fanders, Candace to Newby, Christopher and Abbi, 300 Apache Trail, $151,500.

Kasparek, John J. and Suzanne L. to Wilhite, Andrea R., 3400 Wildbriar Lane, $150,000.

Keester, Violet M. to Lorenzen, Fred M. and Gail M., 7641 Maple Village Drive, $159,900.

Keiter, Larry G. and Laura L. to Preuss, Jesse and Lahners, Jennifer, 6900 Bucks Circle, Rural, $369,900.

Kennedy, Michael L. and Judy A. to Hamilton, James D. and Amy L., 6743 Rockwood Lane, $240,000.

Kermoade, Stacey A. and Donald W. to Sudbeck, Eric B., 6111 Gladstone St., $116,500.

Kinghorn, Michael A. and Jennifer S. to Vaneaton, Blake A., 2051 NW 53rd St., $99,000.

Kingsbury, Charles A. and Martha to Campbell, Russell and Stephanie, 7640 South St., $169,000.

Klein, Thomas L. to Guerra, Ramon J. and Lisa M., 1909 Devoe Drive, $192,500.

Klosterman, John C. III and Julie A. to Pflug, James R., 1163 Turtle Creek Road, $162,000.

Kodad Corp. to Hansen, Kathy A., 8030 A St., $239,900.

Koester, Clint B. to Helmerichs, Adam Michael and Kristin Gayle, 1206 W. Jean Ave., $131,000.

Kohle, Tori L. to Union Bank And Trust Co., 3935 N. 26th St, No. 4, $60,000.

Kohle, Tori L. to Union Bank And Trust Co., no situs, $60,000.

Kovtun, Zinoviy and Nadia to Strahm, Roger O. and Jeanette M., 1814 Arctic Circle, $214,500.

Krueger, Darcie L. to Kusek, Thomas A., 5027 Francis St., $90,000.

Kuhn, Donna R. to Ernst, Gregory D. and Darla D., 3200 Durado Court, $469,000.

Kuhr, Abbigail Louise and Jason Travis to Beeny, Martin and Aden-Beeny, Hilary, 3250 S. 31st St., $192,500.

Lahm Family Trust to Philippi, Drew Edward and Katie Lynn, 2901 W. Claire Ave., Rural, $243,000.

Langan, Scott W. to Newton, Wesley and Anne, 823 Sage Circle, $146,000.

Le, Dung Hung and Cam Hong to Nguyen, Vu Q. and Quynh D., 2050 N. 81st St., $250,000.

Le, Thao N. and Thach N. and Ngoc T. and Hai T. to Nguyen, Toan Van and Huynh, Thuy B., 3931 Mason Drive, $114,000.

Lee, Christopher A. and Zitek, Andrea N. to Cannon, Karen Janine, 3323 Woods Ave., $175,000.

Leiker, Gregory D. and Jamille L. to Bossard, Lucas O. and Ruth E., 16801 S. 68th St., Rural, $228,000.

Libengood, Joshua C. to Secretary of Housing And Urban Development, 1164 Furnas Ave., $68,000.

Lincoln Federal Bancorp Inc. to Great Plains Custom Homes LLC, 2954 Forest Ave., $62,000.

Lincoln M6 Investments LP to JFK Inc., 3001 NW 12th St., $865,000.

Lincoln/Lancaster County Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Garcia, Martin and Juana, 3030 W. Washington St., $136,602.

Lincoln/Lancaster County Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Kuznetsova, Olga, 541 Washington St., $125,223.

Lindsey, Daryl E. and Genowefa to Cook, Rodney C., 2435 Ramsey Road, $103,500.

Linneman, James B. Jr. and Jennifer L. to American Realty Investments LLC, 1235 D St., $155,000.

Long, Donna J. to Bank of New York Mellon, The, 5300 W. Benton St., $89,100.

Losito, John A. to O'Connell, Michael E. and Rebecca K., 3530 N. 74th St., $136,500.

Loy, Jacob and Allison to Carlisle, Sasha E., 5745 Franklin St., $155,000.

Macdonald, R. Robert and Nichole K. to Hunsberger, Mary-Kathryn and Eric Daniel, 2252 Brennen View Court, $313,000.

Malk, Edward G. and Joan J. to Kovanda, Alan E., 9210 Pioneer Court, $323,000.

Manion Construction Inc. to Mach, Richard A. and Gail J., 8943 S. 28th St., $250,000.

Martin, Lori J. to Kirk, James R. and Violet R. S, 1640 Marlene Drive, $176,000.

Martinez, Cynthia Judd Trust to Hyde, Dean E. and Boilesen, Christopher C., 1324 Aldrich Road, $325,000.

Mathews, Gail to Neill, Cheryl A., 2363 Cedar Cove Road, $130,900.

McCullough, Robert J. and Donna L. to Rau, Jason R. and Wendy A., 5631 S. 93rd St., $440,000.

Mckenzie, Matthew and Jena to Sattler, Thomas C. and Roxann, 9645 Saint Gregory Circle, $265,950.

Mckinney, Scott A. and Morris-Mckinney, Susan M. to Waid, Barry K. and Huff, Kathryn M., 4820 Beaver Creek Court, $329,900.

Mcmahon, George and Sarah to Sander, Reed S. and Sharolyn M., 6720 NW Third St., $290,000.

Mcpherson, Scott A. and Marilee K. to Murtaugh, Josh and Brooke, 5801 Cuthills Court, $257,000.

MCTC LLC to Holdsworth, Jerry D. and Barbara, 3507 Mclaughlin Drive, $133,000.

Medina, Philip S. to U.S. Bank National Association, 3840 Franklin St., $93,500.

Mefford, Kendra to Conway, Bryan S. and Carol J., 2333 NW 41st St., $176,000.

Metzger, Robert A. and Mary J. to Jones, Josh and Jennifer, 3615 Holmes Park Road, $240,000.

Meyer, Roland L. to Henn, Patrick and Nicole, 1206 Ridge Road, Hickman, $267,337.

Michael D. Goings Revocable Living Trust to Bischoff, Rebecca R., 7704 Phares Drive, $325,000.

Miller, Gregory J. and Sasha E. to Mann, Dennis A. and Sara J., 1230 Smoky Hill Road, $290,000.

Miller, Marty J. and Cheryl K. to Kilic, Ayse, 6740 Leesburg Court, $420,000.

Mitchell, Rodney W. and Carol to Luebbe, Elijah J. M and Kelli N., 3510 N. 74th St., $150,000.

MK Builders Inc. to Heier, Greg and Webster, Deb, 12150 W. Dakota Springs Drive, Rural, $491,219.

Moore, Gerald E. and Elaine R. Co-Trustees to Henderson, Dale W. and Janelle A., 2305 S. 35th St., $131,500.

Moore, Joan I. to Hagan, Kristina and Brandt, 3234 S. 48th St., $111,500.

Morgan, Chad M. to Morgan, Patricia S., 3930 N. Seventh St., $148,000.

Morrissey, Cindy L. to Becker, Mitchell R., no situs, $296,150.

Motel 6 Inc., No. 96 Tax Department to Lincoln M6 Investments LP, 3001 NW 12th St., $545,000.

Moyer, Dennis L. and Carol A. to Wells, Lonnie R. and Cheryl L., 5043 Bunker Hill Road, $168,000.

Moyer, Jean L. Trustee to Ross, Andrew, 1921 Perkins Blvd., $80,000.

Murtaugh, Joshua F. and Brooke M. to Novak, Daniel J. and Sarah R., 1835 Marlene Drive, $179,900.

Mutual Of Omaha LoanPro LLC to Crawford, Brice and Kristin, no situs, $75,000.

Naber, Tami J. to Christ, Benjamin J., 5715 Fremont St., $78,000.

NCD Inc. to Roberts, Christopher J. and Loren, 6610 Glass Ridge Drive, $291,530.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Isaacson, Andrew N. and Stephanie A., 1201 D St., $202,415.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Ohlman, Kathleen R., 2343 Q St., $169,000.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Klemsz, Justin A. and Erica A., 2333 Q St., $169,000.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Bauer, Paul B., 2339 Q St., $149,000.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Day, Donna R., 235 N. 24th St., $127,000.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Wiest, Nathan, 2337 Q St., $127,000.

Nissen Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust to Bergen, Jacob M., 139 N. 11th St., No. 702, $77,500.

Noeck Players LLC to DM Leasing, 320 W. Industrial Lake Drive, Unit, No. 3, $200,000.

Noeck Players LLC to DM Leasing, 320 W. Industrial Lake Drive, Unit, No. 4, $200,000.

Noeck Players LLC to DM Leasing, 320 W. Industrial Lake Drive, Unit, No. 5, $200,000.

Noeck Players LLC to DM Leasing, 320 W. Industrial Lake Drive, Unit, No. 6, $200,000.

Nohavec, Robert Revocable Marital and Family Trust to Bartels, Keith B. and Mary K., 2614 Arrow Ridge Pl, $151,250.

Norman, Matthew J. to Holtz, Corinne A., 2975 Starr St., $87,000.

Norton, Bruce T. Revocable Trust to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3130 S. 44th St., $85,000.

Novacek, Jon D. and Deitra L. to Loos, Rodney W. and Jeane M., 13800 N. First St., Rural, $319,500.

Oehring, Gerald E. and Laura B. to Sweeney, Ryan T. and Susan E., 3601 S. 76th St., $218,500.

Old City Homes Inc. to Thomas, Richard E. and Andrea H., 2966 Forest Ave., $355,208.

Olson, Richard E. and Renae D. to Knott, Timothy R. and Shawna D., 5301 Woodland Ave., $145,000.

Olson, Samuel P. to TC Accommodator 28 LLC, 7845 Fletcher Ave., $1,250,000.

Palmer, Carroll A. and Joyce A. to Janssen, Larry and Karen, 11501 W. Pioneers Blvd., Rural, $170,000.

Pape, Brian Jeremy to Rothluebber, Craig, 2256 W. Todd Lane, $87,000.

Parker, Helen M. Revocable Living Trust to Wekesser, Janet Kirchmeyer Trust, 7414 S. 19th St., $147,700.

Parker, Lloyd H. Revocable Living Trust to Wekesser, Janet Kirchmeyer Trust, 7414 S. 19th St., $147,700.

Parkland LLC to Watkins, Daniel D. and Jill R., no situs, $74,400.

Pearson, Melinda E. to Hyatt, Susan D., 2511 B St., $82,000.

Penrod, John N. and Kendra R. to Stapp, Kevin and Kaesi, 3717 Linden St., $154,000.

Plotnick, Ronald M. and Patricia A. to Murphy, Mitchell and Barnes, Paul, 3531 Cooper Ave., $242,500.

Portia Place Townhomes Ltd.to JCK Enterprises LLC, 3401 Portia St., $1,650,000.

Prairie Home Builders Inc. to Jackson, Christie, 3141 Gunsmoke Drive, $167,909.

Prairie Home Builders Inc. to Viergutz, Jason and Kathryn, 3145 Gunsmoke Drive, $153,900.

Pratt, Timothy H. and Shelley M. to Li, Hui and Yonghong, 6731 Meursault Drive, $268,000.

Price, R. Craig to Dunlap, Alison M. and Andrew D., 1621 Devoe Drive, $215,000.

Quinn, Jay and Ashley M. to Tlamka, Bryan J. and Jennifer L., 2341 W. C Court, $162,000.

R and D. Custom Homes Inc. to Frey, Timothy J. and Keri L., 1207 Autumn Road, Hickman, $210,000.

Rallis, Pam to Madsen, Harold L. and Jeanie R., 3521 Doonbeg Road, $125,000.

Ramthun, Alex and Amy to Doyle, Jesse C. and Erin L., 7740 S. 34th St., $227,500.

Raun, E. and G. Revocable Living Trust to Goddard, James A. and Milliken, Jordan W., 3036 Prairie Road, $134,950.

Reed, Carol to Brogan, Kylie A., 2739 Sumner St., $96,000.

Retzlaff, Duke and Joni to Miller, Daniel J. and Marsh, Sara M., 8520 Blue Sky Drive, $156,000.

Reynolds, Robert R. and Barbara J. to 1637 Euclid LLC, 340 S. 37th St., $117,038.

Rice, Cynthia B. to Krivolavek, Steven and Katie, 6709 Milan Drive, $124,000.

Rivera, Manuel and Christina to Rosenau, Matthew, 2021 S. 58th St., $109,000.

Riveros-Iregui, Diego A. and Bridenstine, Julie E. to Geib, Phil R. and Heitman, Carolyn C., 2541 Worthington Ave., $225,000.

Roberts, Christopher J. and Loren to Vasa, Taryn and Liess, Brendan, 8941 Truchard Road, $174,900.

Roeber, Ronald L. and Shirley R. to Melson, Lynn A., 3321 Canyon Road, $201,000.

Rose Equipment Inc. to TC Accommodator 28 LLC, 8101 Fletcher Ave., $962,000.

Ross, Andrew J. and Kelly M. to Keller, Bruce and Tanny, 4056 Washington St., $79,000.

Roth, Kerwin D. and Tiffany T. to Owens, Matthew W. and Lisa E., 6245 S. 28th St., $200,000.

Ruger, Robert P. and Kathryn J. to Hohnstein, Evan and Christiansen, Taylor N., 1630 SW 14th St., $132,500.

Russell, Scott and Diana to Traudt, Brandon and Ila Jean, 28301 Post Rock Circle, Rural, $256,000.

Ryan, Robyn G. to Christner, Justin M. and Kari A., 5231 S. Dove Place, $177,000.

Ryan, Robyn Gembol to Norman, Judd A. and Kristi, 14300 Pine Lake Road, Rural, $662,000.

Rybak Homes Inc. to Sokol, James and Rachel, 2745 Hoy St., $358,720.

SAK Company LLC, The to Antons, Nathan G. and Angela S., 8917 S. 71st St., $272,380.

Scarff, Michael P. and Melinda J. to Davidson, Michael G. and Amy Jo, 6622 Saline Drive, $231,500.

Schmidt, Justin J. to Yardley, D. Todd and Amy H., 2642 NW 55th St., $129,500.

Schoenholz, Alissa to Zhang, Luwen and Jie Li, 615 NW 20th St., $97,500.

Searcey, Lee and Jenny to Marshbanks, Aaron D. and Jennifer, 7351 Garland St., $81,200.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cowles, Jesse, 5501 S. 82nd St., $138,200.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Arroyo, Guillermo And Becky, 5001 Fawn Court, $107,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dodge, Jacob and Stacey, 1520 W. Sewell St., $84,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Flowerday, Kenneth Dale and Linda Lee, 3827 S. 17th St., $60,000.

Secretary of The Department of Housing and Urban Development to Stahl, Drew A., 5241 Danbury Court, $96,815.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Fett, Randy L., 2211 W. Todd Lane, $91,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs C/O Vrm to Finney, Donald R., 2000 Green Acres Blvd., Rural, $190,250.

Seebold, Harry M. and Julie A. to Bergmeier, Gary L. and Linda E., 1811 SW 38th St., $244,000.

Sherman, Jason D. to Aufdenkamp, Jonathan A. and Sherry M., 3228 Vine St., $113,000.

Siefkes, Diane K. to US Bank National Association ND, 3124 Sewell St., $69,550.

Siegert, Jon R. and Price, Amy M. to Dreith, Jimmy and Diana, 5270 W. Thatcher Lane, $115,500.

Simmons, Marjorie M. Trustee to Ullman, Donald E. and Janet R., 1236 Silver Ridge Road, $120,000.

Slothouber, Megan Marie to Mongeon, Steven and Sarah, 1731 Sawyer St., $131,900.

Smith, Douglas A. and Betty A. to Hipsag, Todd and Kendra A., 5421 Melrose Ave., $135,500.

Smith, Joel L. and Jennifer C. to Geist, Mark, 4200 Locust St., $122,500.

Smith, Kyle B. and Kesse, Sarah E. to Sitzman, Jeffrey E., 5910 Drake Circle, $132,500.

Smith, Paul R. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 4352 N. 71st St., $63,265.

SMS Investments LLC to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 5321 N. 70th St., $360,000.

Soncksen, Jeremy L. and Megan A. to Chism, John L. and Kristine L., 5420 Woodsview St., $130,500.

South 77 Inc. to Timber Ridge Homes Inc., 1840 SW Eighth St., $122,700.

South 77 Inc. to Timber Ridge Homes Inc., 747 W. Springer St., $122,700.

South 77 Inc. to Timber Ridge Homes Inc., 741 W. Springer St., $122,700.

South 77 Inc. to NCD Inc., 746 W. Springer St., $118,700.

South 77 Inc. to NCD Inc., 740 W. Springer St., $118,700.

South 77 Inc. to NCD Inc., 753 W. Springer St., $118,700.

Spier, Judith Etal to Ostrum, Russell E., 5141 N. 73rd St., $123,000.

Spomer, Lydia to Wolfe, Connie J., 3001 S. 51th St., No. 540, $81,000.

Stanislav, Jeremy to Lu, Ying, 2903 N. 45th St., $108,000.

Stanislav, Justin to Lu, Ying, 2903 N. 45th St., $108,000.

Starostka-Lewis LLC to Nelson, Nathan and Rebecca, 7525 S. 81st St., $214,900.

Steffen, Andrew M. to Wells Fargo Bank National Association, 1210 N. 26th St., $72,250.

Stettinger, Phillip R. to Havekost, Sidney and Ann and Arasmith, Lester L. and Nadine M., 6601 Flint Ridge Road, $330,000.

Stevens, Robert K. and Roma K. to Warneke, Brittni and Chris, 630 Driftwood Drive, $101,000.

Stock, Paula Patricia to Cornelius, Christopher J. and Theresa A., 6531 Yorktown Court, $299,500.

Stoynev, Michael and Pool, Karleigh to Hrouda, Elizabeth J., 1925 Burnham St., $115,000.

Strahm, Jeanette M. and Roger O. to Laswell, Nicholas T., 107 W. Dawes Ave., $126,500.

Streit, Ashley A. and Caitlin M. to Streit, Ashley A., 3935 N. 18th St., $65,000.

Strong, Shirley I. to Gillan, Mary C. and Matthew, 1720 S. 77th St., $235,000.

Summers, Peggy Z. Trustee to Gulliksen, Tracy L. and Sara E., 7127 Englewood Drive, $116,500.

Swanda, Joseph A. to Wooten, Thomas J. and Grant, Irene V., 3330 Dudley St., $117,500.

Swanson, Robert B. and Kathryn H. to Benda, Travis Michael and Laura Marie Revocable Trust, 2320 Stockwell St., $225,000.

Sweeney, Ryan T. and Susan E. to Hae, Paw and Ae, Sa, 4326 C St., $149,900.

Tatro, J. G and Patricia A. to Schuerman, Kerri Beth, 531 Redwood Drive, $139,800.

Thomson, Shari to Davidson, Debra and Knight, C. Scott, 20140 NW 98th St., Rural, $222,000.

Timber Ridge Homes Inc. to Thompson, Casey W. and Kelly A., 9700 Marcel Circle, $314,938.

TMP P. C to Lamphere, Jason J., 5001 Woodland Ave., $160,000.

Toepel, Paul D. and Douglas J. to K. J Welch Investments LLC, 5436 Cloudburst Lane, $87,500.

Tran, Minh to Tran, Cuong, 3521 Grainger Pkwy., $112,000.

Troy Bugbee Homes LLC to Terrell, Pennie Sue, 8020 Mandalay Drive, $245,000.

Tuscany Townhomes LLC to Nutzman, Randy K. and Sandra J., 6025 Laroche Road, $147,900.

Tuscany Townhomes LLC to Nutzman, Randy K. and Sandra J., 6105 Laroche Road, $147,900.

Unrau, Eric and Holly to Molsen, Sarah S., 1925 Morningside Drive, $128,000.

Vacek, William D. to Swahn, Curtis H., 2921 Raymond Road, Rural, $325,000.

Vanovereem, William Frederick to Vanovereem, Jason E., 2314 N. 63rd St., $86,000.

Viktor Derun Construction Inc. to Chong, Truong and Jade, 6410 Grays Peak Drive, $203,978.

Village Gardens Development Company LLC to Delgado, Scott and Lora, 7012 Fernhill Place, $89,000.

Voorhees, Sharon L. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3921 W St., $77,821.

Wagner, Robert M. and Marilyn to Ruwe, Curtis D. and Megan M., 2141 Harrison Ave., $339,000.

Wasenius, Clara L. to Anderson, Jason P. and Tracy L., 4841 S. 67th St., $188,000.

Waterford Estates LLC to Vladimir's Real Estate Services Inc., 10030 Blue Water Bay, $367,000.

Waterford Estates LLC to Vladimir's Real Estate Services Inc., 9800 Waterford Estates Drive, $367,000.

Waterford Estates LLC to Vladimir's Real Estate Services Inc., no situs, $367,000.

Waterford Estates LLC to Vladimir's Real Estate Services Inc., no situs, $367,000.

Waterford Estates LLC to Alex's Custom Homes Inc., 10120 Shore Front Drive, $90,000.

Watsek, Ashley to Rouse, Whitney, 1832 S. 49th St., $134,000.

Watson, Ryan and Erin to Kusz, Matthew and Bohls, Margaret, 1839 Crestline Drive, $159,750.

Weber, Martin H. and Darlene to Swanson, Robert B. and Kathryn H., 5327 Tipperary Trail, $179,500.

Westfork Downs LLC to Lefgren, David C. and Sunnie K., 1375 Bennet Road, Bennet, $176,000.

White, Lane D. C and Elizabeth L. to Wysocki, Keith A., 3006 Sequoia Drive, $164,400.

Wilderness View Townhomes LLC to Moore, Steven D., 734 Norwood Drive, $156,900.

Wilderness View Townhomes LLC to Stearns, Kevin Matthew and Bobbi Jean, 730 Norwood Drive, $156,900.

Wilderness View Townhomes LLC to Irving, Florence Inheritance Trust, 620 Norwood Drive, $156,900.

Wilderness View Townhomes LLC to Sanne, Melissa J., 6100 Oakley St., $141,900.

Wilderness View Townhomes LLC to Simonson, Linda D., 661 Carlton Drive, $132,900.

Wilkinson, Michelle L. to Meyer, Jessica Lynn, 2062 Chloe Lane, $154,500.

Williams, Ralph and Ruth Trustee to Wunderlich, Susan Rae, 840 Roca Road, Rural, $248,402.

Williamson, Ryan and Christina to Dinh, Phuong, 4800 Bunker Hill Road, $131,000.

Wilson, Brenda E. to Lamrouex, Molly C., 1923 Jefferson Ave., $104,000.

Wingert, Angeline M. Revocable Trust to South 44 Holdings LLC, 2284 W St., $114,750.

Wingert, Angeline M. Revocable Trust to South 44 Holdings LLC, 901 N. 23rd St., $114,750.

Wingert, Angeline M. Revocable Trust to South 44 Holdings LLC, 909 N. 23rd St., $114,750.

Woerner, Barclay Lane and Janice Sue to Fox, Brian J. and Wichmann, Amanda K., 515 W. Burt Drive, $137,000.

Wolfe, Brad to Nelson, Alexandria and Greenway, Mathew, 7817 S. 59th St., $174,900.

Wolfe, Connie J. to Beckler, Tony and Janice, 1900 High St., $137,500.

Wolfe, Judith A. and Naylor, Ted E. to Herrick, Stephanie B., 200 S. 52nd St., $84,500.

Woods Investment Co. to Murray Custom Homes LLC, 2041 Ridgeline Drive, $95,000.

Woolen, Lamont to PCE Inc., 1830 Yolande Ave., $250,000.

Worrell, Darrin R. to Strayer, Lee and Doris, 11111 N. 144th St., Waverly, $121,000.

Wright, Robert D. and Linda J. to Haas-Redmond, Valerie D., 3945 S. 15th St., $69,900.

Wyss, Dan J. and Julie M. to Jergensen, Kent and Kristi, 1620 Benton St., $105,000.

Yankee Ridge Partners LLC to Ingram, Cynthia Suzanne, 3810 Pablo Lane, $205,700.

Yelicich, Daniel R. and Margaret A. to Citimortgage Inc., 3521 N. 73rd St., $155,183.

Yelkin, Benjamin and Sarah to Hunt, Kyle Kenneth and Tiffany Ann, 6401 Gabrielle Drive, $279,000.

Yepes, Raquel S. to Wymore, Randall B., 5433 Pioneers Blvd., $112,000.

Yoachim, Jonathon K. and Jamie R. to Erickson, Lance, 2311 Camelot Court, $145,000.

Youngquist, Donna Dba R. and D. Custom Homes to Machado, Gustavo and Sandra, 6721 Granite Ridge Court, $410,000.

Zoller, Alfred H. and Herta M. to McNeal, David M. and Ashley S., 9901 Wagon Train Road, Rural, $200,000.

Zwiener, Anne R. to Bell, Daniel C. and Sharon H., 340 Nelson St., $131,000.

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