Adams, Frank J. and Cheryl L. to City of Lincoln, 3268 Randolph St., $82,855.

Aden, Roberta to Skunkwiler, Terry A. and Sandra D., 6540 Cascade Drive, $192,500.

Allen, Shawn N. and Laura N. to Krienert, Derrick T. and Ashley D., 1631 Marlene Drive, $196,725.

Anderson, Douglas D. and Denise L. to Otradovsky, Susan and Dustin, 4911 NW Fairway Drive, $184,000.

Anderson, Forrest G. and Betsy to Bernhardt, Jennifer L. and Matthew M., 7330 Nolan Road, $215,900.

Asbjornson, Donald C. and Clarice Elaine to Asbjornson Family Dental LLC, 2810 S. 48th St., $388,500.

Aspen Home Builders LLC to Berner, Jason and Lori S., 9910 N. 152nd St., Waverly, $352,085.

Aspen Home Builders LLC to Manley, William H. and Kimberly D., 8300 Emery Lane, $284,050.

Babb, Bryan to Peters, Brooke, 2130 NW 57th St., $108,000.

Bair, Shirley M. to Deatherage, Daryl D. and Brenda L., 7145 S. Hampton Road, $287,500.

Balkus, Mandolynn G. and Lance P. to Miller, Kelly A. and Tyler, Matthew N., 4519 Hill Drive, $125,000.

Ballard, Brooks N. and Nancy L. to Hoffman, Lance P., 522 Maple St., Hickman, $120,000.

Bank Of America N. A to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1525 S. 11th St., $129,418.

Bank Of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 657 W. Lakeshore Drive, $174,739.

Bauer, Heather R. to Ahlman, Jeremy S. and Angela D., 1710 SW Lacey Lane, $142,900.

Becker, Ken D. and Denise M. Co-Trustees to Rhode, Jeffrey D. and Tina M., 6527 S. 21st St., $88,000.

Becker, Russell L. and Rhonda L. to Hagan, Dustin C., 4640 Union Hill Road, $352,000.

Belcher, Allen R. to Belcher, Alexa R., 4411 Meredeth St., $110,000.

Belcher, Natalie A. to Belcher, Alexa R., 4411 Meredeth St., $110,000.

Belina, Brock M. and Stacy J. to Lough, David D. and Ann E., 9035 Garland St., $224,900.

Bellamy, Jack and Marlys to Bellamy, Kyle E. and Michelle, 3535 Canyon Road, $197,000.

Bodfield, Amy M. and Jamie J. to Robidoux, Jamie and Amanda, 5331 S. 68th St., $190,000.

Boterf, Bandit R. and Courtni J. to Sapp, Seth C. T, 4820 W. Thatcher Lane, $106,000.

Brester Construction Inc. to Tracy, Michael and Holly, 6121 Chatsworth Lane, $223,870.

Brown, Fred Ray and Chana A. to Edwards, Lindsey M. and Dondlinger, Matthew L., 1412 N. 59th St., $75,500.

Buhr Homes Inc. to Bosn, Reginald Patrick and Carolyn Heide, 8270 Emery Lane, $365,684.

Burkey, Troy L. and Lindsay to Yager, Jesse A., 8301 S. 61st St., $257,000.

Burnett, Lyndsi K. and Brandon J. to Crete Steen LLC, 1124 S. 23rd St., $91,500.

Campbell, Stuart H. and Laurie to Choquette, Rita J., 1536 S. 20th St., $145,000.

Caskey, Leland L. to Brenning, Brandon Lee and Staci Leigh, 5721 Otoe St., $99,000.

Cass, Tamara S. to Murphy, Tim and Janice, 3805 B St., $159,000.

Cassel, Ray W. and Alla Jeanne to Mollo, Zachariah and Wilson, Pamela J., 12900 Branched Oak Road, Rural, $150,000.

Castellano, Rock H. to Janovy, John Jr. and Karen, 7101 South St., No. 12, $105,000.

Cedar Cove Townhomes LLC to Nanfito, David M., 2464 Cedar Cove Road, $143,900.

Cedar Cove Townhomes LLC to Dougherty, Kevin J., 8951 Broken Spoke Drive, $136,900.

Cherry, Doris G. Living Trust to Schepers, Marilyn L., 4017 Woods Blvd., $156,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 4730 Woodhaven Drive, $124,113.

Clark, Josten A. to Vonderfecht, Scott and Rebecca, 2573 Woods Blvd., $126,000.

Clark, Patricia R. to Detweiler, Randy, 4800 W. Kingsley St., $71,000.

Cleveland, John and Joanne to Nosal, Curtis, 1940 Dakota St., $169,500.

Cochran, Lisa to Miles, Robert A. and Dorothy K., 1580 Prairie Lane, $167,000.

Cooper, Christopher L. and Nicole M. to Regier, Sarah and James, 3101 Dickens St., $173,000.

Culver, Justin to Benes, Nicholas James and Kayla M., 517 Education Drive, Malcolm, $167,500.

Dalke, Matthew to Dalke Properties LLC, 2901 A. St, No. 115, $82,000.

Danley, Harold and Jean to Gorman, Candace M., 3121 W. Raymond Road, Rural, $295,000.

Dean, Norma Jeanne to Dawson, Alan M. and Monica N., 7105 Beaver Creek Lane, $265,000.

Dilbeck, Jeffrey S. and Deborah S. to Howe, Brad and Renee, 2233 Grainger Pkwy., $310,000.

Dingledine, Mark A. and Peggy A. to Gestenschlager, Natasha M. and Simpson, Ryan J., 1930 N. 73rd St., $125,000.

Dolsky, John A. and Shirley M. to Pawlak, Dale E. and Kathryn A., 305 N. 148th St., rural, $205,000.

Don Johnson Homes Inc. to McCoy, Kristopher H. and Angela J., 1120 Middleton Ave., Rural, $212,800.

Dughman, Earl John Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 301 S. 54th St., $98,973.

Dunning, Guy P. to Barnett, Scott W. and Ann, 4915 South St., $115,000.

Dunrite Homes Inc. to Arnett, Michele, 3640 W. Plum St., $198,150.

Eden-Neal, Janette M. to Wragge, Brett and Brittany, 3013 Sewell St., $139,400.

Eifert, Larae J. to US Bank National Association, 3320 Vine St., $76,075.

Engelbart, Wayne J. to Kitsmiller, Mark and Annette, 2926 Sumner St., $77,500.

Engstrom, Steven T. and Jaime M. to Cameron, William J. and Kathleen A., 7930 N. Hazelwood Drive, $155,000.

Eppens, Genevieve et al to Pierson, Rose M., 1616 N. 58th St., $92,750.

Erlewine, Roy R. and Pamela K. to Gokie, David and Catherine M., 3845 Garfield St., $115,000.

Fagan, Danolda J. to Lee, Robert C. and Betty R., 5831 Shadow Lane, $205,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Duis, Wayne A. and Sharon L., 5501 Sherman St., $108,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Arens, Steve W. and Tisha A., 542 Trail Ridge Circle, $175,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Sabata, Val and Deanna, 4704 S. 85th Circle, $150,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp., 835 Columbine Circle, Hickman, $136,600.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Watson, Danial R. and Nataliya B., 420 S. 29th St., $95,000.

Fletcher, Thomas B. to Gibson, Tonda, 5626 Walker Ave., $77,000.

Frankforter, Margaret I. to Suhr, Timothy J., 5701 Dennis Drive, $93,000.

Frith, Ruth Katherine to Caha, Mark D. and Deborah A., no situs, $550,000.

Frith, Ruth Katherine to Dvoracek, Gary L., no situs, $550,000.

FT Development Company Inc. to Zlab/Troyer Construction Inc., 3400 Firethorn Terrace, $105,000.

Fulmer, Charles V. to Williams, Melanie L. and Scott, David M., 1527 Meadow Lark Road, $193,500.

Gates, Scott J. and Kelly M. to Erb, Jacob A., 300 Bridger Road, $97,800.

Gerdes, Elizabeth G. to Guyer, Harold R. and Cooper-Guyer, Kim, 842 Malcolm Court, $160,000.

Gilsdorf, Marsha R. Trust to Ross, Andrew J. and Kelly M., 4056 Washington St., $60,000.

Glanz, Betty C. to US Bank National Association, 3811 Everett St., $97,320.

GMAC Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, 210 W. Fifth St., Firth, $71,658.

Grantski, Scott and Ela to Secretary of The Department Of Housing and Urban Development, 4200 Mohawk St., $154,975.

Great Plains Custom Homes LLC to Everitt, Robert P. and Karen L., 2841 Valley Stream Drive, $295,100.

Green, Paul E. to Becker Construction Inc., no situs, $66,000.

Green, Thomas Lee to Becker Construction Inc., no situs, $66,000.

Grimes, Jaclyn M. to Owens, Timothy D., 1909 Indigo Road, $159,500.

Grimit, Patricia Ann to Becker Construction Inc., no situs, $66,000.

Gross, Margaret L. to Storer, Ronald E. and Garnet M., 2220 S. 62nd St., $170,000.

Gross, Thomas L. and Patricia to Worm, Nathan and Susan, no situs, $82,500.

Hafer, Larry E. and Jana N. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1801 W. Panama Road, Rural, $375,499.

Hagan, Dustin C. to English, Taylor Lawrence, 6411 Saline Drive, $222,950.

Haley, Rosemary Daniel to Russell, Rachel, 6621 Tanglewood Lane, $180,000.

Hall, Andria L. and Persinger, Tanner D. to Stephens, Christine E., 14510 Oak Lane, Waverly, $118,500.

Hansen, Kelmer Leon and Merrie S. to White, Gary L. and Erica M., 21001 N. 148th St., Rural, $221,000.

Harris, Stephen R. and Brenda K. to Sturgill, George E. and Barbara A., 4010 Everett St., $94,500.

Hart, Barbara H. to Hand, David S. and Lori R., 600 Wedgewood Drive, $138,883.

Heckman, Rocky A. to Say, Kler H., 1924 Timber Ridge Road, $148,000.

Henrichs, Jean and Phyllis E. to Self, Courtney, 2816 Ponca St., $131,000.

Heritage Lakes LLC to Ironwood Builders LLC, 7222 S. 97th St., $78,000.

Hernandez, Dilia to Johnson, Debra J., 4000 S. 56th St., Unit, No. 260C, $95,000.

Hevener, Michael W. and Jeanne M. to Lau, Alice M. and Mark A., 26421 S. 96th St., Rural, $215,900.

Hidden Valley Estates LLC to Schwinn Homes LLC, 7200 Hidden Valley Drive, Rural, $220,000.

Hidden Valley Estates LLC to Schwinn Homes LLC, 7206 Hidden Valley Drive, Rural, $220,000.

Hidden Valley Estates LLC to Schwinn Homes LLC, 7237 Hidden Valley Drive, Rural, $220,000.

Hilgenfeld, Steven William and Booher, Stephanie L. to Spar, Jennie M., 3451 Anaheim Drive, $105,000.

Hinkley, Ron D. to Tlo LLC, 1931 N. 63rd St., $65,000.

Hinkley, Toni L. to Tlo LLC, 1931 N. 63rd St., $65,000.

Hochstetler, Verlin L. and Cynthia F. to Hurwitz, Justin William, 5940 L. St., $185,000.

Hollins, Matthew Lloyd and Cami Janelle to Ramaekers, Daryl F. and Shannon, 2155 Wesley Drive, $187,500.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Buhr Construction Inc., 516 W. Harvest Drive, $91,500.

Huenink, Barbara to Becker Construction Inc., no situs, $66,000.

Hughes, Benjamin P. to Wallin, Kelsey M. and Brian K., 8520 Morning Glory Lane, $142,000.

Hunt, Scott A. and Barbara A. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trustee, 5433 S. 82nd St., $136,425.

Ingwerson, Andrew M. and Tammy S. to Elliott, Angela P. and Cathey, David Alan, 1101 Linwood Lane, Rural, $405,000.

Iteffa, Banti and Nicole J. to Kaiser, Kristoffer J. and Heather M., 4133 Clifford Drive, $182,000.

J A. S A. Investments LLC to Farringer, Christopher Andrew and Jordan Kalyn, 16900 N. 14th St., Rural, $205,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 224 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 222 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 220 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 200 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 1810 P. St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 1812 P. St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori S. to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 224 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori S. to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 222 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori S. to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 220 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori S. to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 200 N. 18th St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori S. to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 1810 P. St., $300,000.

Jacobsen, E. Alan and Lori S. to B. and J. Partnership Ltd., 1812 P. St., $300,000.

Jacoby, Benjamin J. to Keiser, Blake P., 6140 NW Fourth St., $152,500.

Jarecki, Steven J. to Fricke, Daniel B. and Darcee D., 3420 Cascade Circle, $217,000.

JCK Enterprises LLC to JCK Enterprises LLC, 1915 Garfield St., $510,000.

Johns, Sharon to Nguyen, Le Trong and Dinh, Xuan Mai Thi, 516 N. 23rd St., $66,500.

Jordison, Kevin K. to Kraft, Gary D. and Joyce A., 13910 Cavalier St., Waverly, $96,285.

June, Douglas E. to Kilgore, Matthew and Lindsey, 3536 Canyon Road, $219,500.

Kazebeer, Calvern and Rhonda to Towne, Samuel R. and Renee M., 5221 Pony Hill Court, $181,000.

Kestler, Nick D. to Ahlman, Jeremy S. and Angela D., 1710 SW Lacey Lane, $142,900.

King, April M. to Hartgerink, Wayne and Stacy, 2405 Ramsey Road, $104,000.

King, Jeffrey A. to Randall, Conrad Dale and Natalie Renee, 2801 NW 53rd St., $117,000.

Klimm, Randall L. and Linda to Gaber, James J. and Rhonda S., 6031 Kearney Ave., $104,000.

Knabe, David to Mcwilliams, Charles P. and Debra Buchholz and Weiler, Gary R. and Weiler, Mark P. and Kathl, 7201 Garland St., $113,500.

Koch, Angela Lyn to Lockwood, Bethany D., 5101 W. Kingsley St., $66,000.

Kohout, Nicholas A. and Jessica L. to Kavan, Kory and Jane, 14340 Paris St., Waverly, $162,000.

Kolco Homes LLC to Borden, Aaron and Larissa, 1220 S. 25th St., $117,000.

Krieser, Dianne to Rybak Homes Inc., 1801 N. 129th St., rural, $99,900.

Krieser, Gerry A. to Rybak Homes Inc., 1801 N. 129th St., rural, $99,900.

KSA LLC to 3732 Holdings LLC, 6800 Normal Blvd., $910,000.

Lafferty, Adam M. and Holly A. to Bank Of America NA, 1800 SW Derek Ave., $129,924.

Lago, Eladia N. to Huerta, Robert M., 4029 D. St., $88,000.

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Lattimer, Robert A. and Julie L. to Pugh, Martin, 5220 S. 30th St., $150,000.

Lee, Scott and Adrienne R. to Graham, Paul M. and Roxane, 4840 Walton St., $130,000.

Lehman, Daniel J. and Sandra S. to Berner, Scott A. and Crystal A., 2958 Crown Pointe Road, $225,000.

Lewis, Robert and Mary Beth to Stauffer, Bradley G. and Molde-Stauffer, Judy A., 8021 Stockwell St., $219,900.

Liberty First Credit Union to Heller, Taylor Scott, 539 Danville Drive, $155,000.

Lincoln Federal Bancorp Inc. to Alexs Custom Homes Inc., 9300 S. 30th St., $62,000.

Lippold, Waylon Michael to United Equity LLC, 5028 Martin St., $84,100.

Lovorn, Christina A. and Gary and Wilhelm, Vija to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 3401 Washington St., $73,187.

Lubicher, Kyle and Deininger, Sheryl L. to Rahimi, Agron, 620 W. Cuming St., $132,000.

Luetchens, Brenton T. to JCK Enterprises LLC, 1915 Garfield St., $510,000.

Luetchens, Brenton T. to JCK Enterprises LLC, 1915 Garfield St., $510,000.

Luetchens, Shawn C. to JCK Enterprises LLC, 1915 Garfield St., $510,000.

Lum, Michael R. to Kilchriste, Neil, 2324 NW 50 St., $103,000.

Maaske, Eric to Coffey, Larry W. and Constance F., no situs, $335,500.

Madzelan, Peter to DSK Properties LLC, 1018 N. 40th St., $125,000.

Maier, Ruth to Adams, Margaret B., 2930 S. 59 St., $106,750.

Manthey, James R. and Suzan L. to Meier, Grant A. and Hope M., 5924 Branford Place, $243,000.

Marr, Waylon W. and Kristen J. to Jacobi, Dane T., 6719 Orchard St., $92,500.

Mayer, Julia Jane to Kerkemeyer, Ian and Michelle, 9504 Forest Glen Drive, $149,900.

MBA Apartments LLC to Dietrich, Michael, 2101 D St., $444,750.

McCaslin-Timmons, Jill Q. to Van Deventer, Thomas R. and Anna A., 4019 E St., $106,000.

McConnell, Jessica L. to Richardson, Jeff S., 1120 N. 78th St., $126,000.

McCrory, Robert L. to Henning, Thomas E. and Candy J., 1929 King Arthur Court, $219,000.

Mcdaniel, Brendan J. and Barrett, Ashley L. to Shen, Hong, 5727 S. 25th St., $165,000.

Mcgregor, Wayne A. to Lionberger, John M., 6801 Aylesworth Ave., $72,000.

Miller, Paul A. and Heather D. to Bentley, Roger D. and Rita S., 7910 Karl Drive, $185,900.

Mischnick, Duane R. and Sarah R. to Hurley, Russel, 2654 S. Ninth St., $65,000.

Mitchell, Carolyn J. Trustee to Mitchell, Daryl D. and Carolyn J. Trusts, no situs, $303,600.

Moran, Brian E. and Hillary to Hauschild, Bruce and Alexandra V., 5210 S. 80th St., $146,000.

Munyon, Clair to Adams, Jacqueline L., 2810 Vine St., $73,000.

Mutual Of Omaha Loanpro LLC to Gebbie, Charles J. and Kimberly L., 12145 W. Dakota Springs Drive, Rural, $72,500.

Nail, Susanne Jo to Payne, Dennis and Tammi, 235 Monroe St., Bennet, $61,000.

Nelson, Aaron J. and Sharreen R. to Sanders, Demetrius F. and Heather R., 9433 S. 28th St., $358,000.

New Traditions Home and Realty LLC dba Hartland Homes to Hawkins, Cody J. and Moore, Marcus T., 1615 SW 30th St., $173,797.

Nguyen, Tom and Vu, Andy to Nguyen, Tom, 2720 N. First St., $375,000.

Nguyen, Tom and Vu, Andy to Nguyen, Tom, 2730 N. First St., $375,000.

Nielsen, Rachel R. to Kasik, Eric J. and Amanda R., 2617 S. 52nd St., $110,000.

North West Townhomes LLC to Mcalpine, Bryan P. and Bess A., 11081 N. 144th St., Waverly, $132,900.

O'Brien, Brenda J. and Stara, Michelle M. to Citimortgage Inc., 3700 W. Ickes Court, $218,422.

O'Donnell, Julie Estate to Snyder, Evan J. and Newell Snyder, Christine L., 1229 Harrison Ave., $93,045.

Oestreich, John W. and Dannielle L. to Terry, Benjamin and Rachel, 3951 Pace Blvd., $149,400.

O'Neil, Tom and Starla to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1731 N. 76th St., $115,000.

Oswald, Shannan M. to Gates, Scott J. and Kelly M., 3269 Prairieview Drive, $173,500.

Packard, Gloria L. and Ed T. to Holman, Donald, 4011 Spruce St., $166,000.

Park, Audrey L. to Pickerel, Jeffry and Dian, 441 S. 41st St., $79,900.

Patronsky, Richard J. and Barbara to Henrichs, Jean and Phyllis E., 519 Lyncrest Drive, $119,000.

Pedersen, Peggy L. to US Bank National Association Nd, 4709 Goldenrod Lane, $94,104.

Peetz, Pamela Ann to Streff, Vanessa K., 6301 Strauss Court, $107,900.

Pelc, Travis J. and Donna J. to Philson, Gregory M. and Kimberly A., 723 W. Leon Drive, $139,000.

Peterkin, Frank Edwin to Gauthier, Matthew W. and Deby L., 8530 Arrow Head Circle, $142,500.

Peterson, Elizabeth A. to Dietrich, Michael, 324 S. 47th St., $330,000.

Petsch, Jean and Ronald to Zhang, Vivian, 3603 Mclaughlin Drive, $117,000.

Phelps, Timothy M. and Pottorff, Ashley A. to Putnam, Michelle E., 4533 N. 65th St., $112,000.

Pierson, Rose M. to Vertex Enterprise LLC, 6742 Aylesworth Ave., $72,000.

Pohlman, Patrick J. to Kuligowski, Tony S., 921 Cottonwood Drive, $146,500.

Pro Property Investments LLC to Henry Farms Inc., 2231 Orchard St., $146,000.

Pustovit, Pavel A. and Yelena to Nurbabayev, Sergey, 5315 W. Madison Ave., $118,000.

R C. Krueger Development Company to Predmore, Rob and Teresa, 7214 Rutha Lane, $60,000.

Rammaha, Mohammad A. to McClure, Donald W. and Donna G., 3564 Neerpark Drive, $95,900.

Reigert, Larry G. and Brigitte to Bacon, David D. and Virginia L., 1600 Old Farm Road, $245,000.

Riensche, Jay and Heidi to Bodfield, Scott D., 4430 Vine St., Roca, $138,500.

Roberts, Wayne A. and Martinez, Raquel A. to Viehman, Robert J., 2966 W. Rose St., $175,000.

Rockenbach, Donna R. Estate to Shelton Acres LLC, 2550 N. 69 Court, $112,000.

Rongish, Christopher M. and Kimberly A. to Marr, Waylon W. and Kristen J., 1701 Spring Meadow Drive, $168,000.

Ross, Andrew J. to Thelen, Kyle M. and Cassandra A., 1612 SW 15th St., $125,000.

Sabetrasekh, Kefayat to Warrington, Macklin, 7945 S. 17th St., $157,500.

Salem, Tom A. and Kate E. to Frodyma, Gary L. and Susan, 4838 Randolph St., $88,500.

Saltzgaber, Lee K. and Kristin F. to Howard, Jeremy L., 827 W. Leon Drive, $125,000.

Sanne, Craig D. to Behrends, Justin, 5831 S. Seventh St., $135,000.

Sanne, Melissa to Dolch, Matthew Stephen, 6101 NW 11th St., $142,000.

Scharton, Vernon E. to Dillehay, Jeffry R. and Catherine L., 221 W. Dawes Ave., $176,000.

Schmidt, Michael J. to Wilmes, Jordan J., 8509 Horizon Drive, $140,000.

Schmitz, Shawn M. to Laughter, Michael S. and Cindy M., 1966 SW 33rd St., $151,500.

Schnell, Ralph E. and Kerrie J. to Stubbs, Randall L. and Sheila M., 3334 S. 81st St., $294,900.

Scraper, Matthew and Kathryn to Secretary of The Department Of Housing and Urban Development, 5110 S. 67th St., $178,047.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kinning, Matthew William, 7901 Myrtle St., $122,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Edstrom, Duane E., 750 E. Avon Lane, $85,100.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Parcell, Shawn C. and Geraets-Parcell, Judy C., 2846 W. Arlington St., $119,000.

Seymour, Terry F. and Colleen V. to Hansen, Marie L., 7111 Old Post Road, No. 13, $92,000.

Shinn, Kathleen R. to Bundy, Debra B., 3001 S. 51st St, No. 2200, $102,000.

Signature Homes LLC to Foust, Andrew and Stacy, 8351 Emery Lane, $230,239.

Sikyta, Fred R. Jr to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 16200 N. 40th St., Rural, $89,038.

Simms, Susanne I. to Parde, Valerie J., 5525 S. 20th St., $120,900.

Sipma, Virginia to Stutzman, Douglas and Sylvia, 2425 Folkways Blvd., No. 304, $61,500.

Sloup, Daniel G. to Maylau LLC, 6033 Glenbrook Lane, $150,900.

Smith, Amy N. to Weaver, Austin R. and Elyse A. and Mark E. and Judy L., 6031 S. 48th St., $130,000.

Smith, Mark A. and Katherine A. to Pierce, James A. and Brolliar, Alicia A., 725 Sunflower Drive, Hickman, $153,000.

Sobotka, Matthew V. and Renee A. to Ohler, Scott J. and Romero, Roxanne L., 7222 S. 96th Court, $115,000.

Sonic La LLC to MBAApartments56 LLC, 5500 Shady Creek Court, $6,200,000.

Southview Inc. to Rybak Homes Inc., 2131 N. 92nd St., $60,900.

Spilker Family Ltd. Partnership to Nebraska Crop Improvement Association, no situs, $260,000.

Starostka Lewis LLC to Adams, Dee M. and Mayer-Adams, Julia J., 1040 Humphrey Ave., $179,900.

Stauffer, Barry B. and Brenda to Stauffer, Ryan B., 162 W. Lakeshore Drive, $195,000.

Stolley, James A. and Karla M. Welding to Stolley, Roger M., 2325 NW Sixth St., $85,500.

Stonybrook Homes Inc. to Ingerson, Randy L. and Linda L., 7530 Nashway Road, $252,434.

Stonybrook Homes Inc. to Mayeux, Peter E., 8148 Regent Drive, $175,000.

Streit, Michael S. and Vaverka, Andrea R. to Prokop, Michael James, 1004 S. 31st St., $114,900.

Struve, Patrick and Lorrie to Holle, Jason and Noel, 2560 N. 83rd St., $210,000.

Stueck, Shane A. and Kacey R. to Schmidt, Michael J. and Kristin C., 910 Primrose Court, Hickman, $196,000.

Sullivan, Susan Kay and Walls, Sammy Dean to Starita, Jesse D. and Pham, Dao, 3005 S. 19th St., $154,900.

Sylvester, Floyd E. and Mitchellene K. to Schmidt, Tracy, 2100 Park Ave., $177,750.

Tapia, Olga E. to Tran, Giang and Bui, Thao, 510 S. 24th St., $214,900.

Tavlin, Lindsey to Baker, Alvin Lee and Laura Lynn, 2952 Sewell St., $154,000.

Taylor, James H. to Porter, Aaron, 870 S. 39th St., $105,000.

Thomas, Curtis A. and Jennifer A. to Hoeller, Emily, 3920 Randolph St., $116,000.

Thomas, Heidi D. to Jensby, Chaz and Haessler, Breanna, 308 S. 53rd St., $110,000.

Three B. Homes Inc. to Maxson, Ryan, 550 NW Eighth St., $127,500.

Tinstman, Jean S. Family Trust to Schrader, Kody and Cora, 139 N. 11th St, No. 403, $70,000.

Toomey, James J. and Kelley A. to Walters, Arnold J., 3800 S. Sixth St., Unit, No. 6, $95,000.

Tracy, Michael L. and Holly L. to Carmichael, Jamison and Jessica, 2251 W. Laguna Road, $120,000.

Tran, Hung V. and Nguyen, Dinh Thi to Chavarria, Gerren P. and Nguyen, Trinh M., 3434 Timber Ridge Circle, $125,000.

Tran, Paul Minh and Wendy M. to Graham, Stacy, 5731 Bridle Lane, $196,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3811 Everett St., $97,317.

Van Cleef, Michael D. and Nancy K. to Bounds, Jonathan E., 1911 Preamble Lane, $136,000.

Vistar Homes Inc. to Pasieka, Michael and Khan, Johanna E., 1656 Torreys Drive, $219,435.

Vodicka, Thomas F. and Linda J. to Root, Michael H. and Kalan, 1948 SW 33rd St., $172,000.

Walker, Barbara J. to Walker, Cheryl J., 6227 Benjamin Place, $122,000.

Ware, Gary R. Jr and Nicole Lyn to Allen, Shawn Neal and Laura Nicole, 1833 Davenport Circle, $382,000.

Weichel, Jeffrey T. and Susan E. to Jacoby, Benjamin J. and Amber N., 4201 N. 148th St., Rural, $280,500.

Weideman, Bernard G. to Harbaugh, Richard E., 1005 W. Avon Lane, $80,000.

Welch, James Robert and Brandy Lynn to Sysel, Gaylen and Laura, 4333 Baldwin Ave., $89,750.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development, 1550 Whittier St., $83,198.

West Haymarket Joint Public Agency to Project Oscar LLC, no situs, $486,465.

White, Gary L. and Erica to Haskell, Thales and Cailee, 3734 X St., $104,000.

Wieser, Kevin J. and Bringelson, Dawn to Giovanni, Ann, 8333 W. Denton Road, Rural, $392,900.

Wilhite, Dianna R. to Witthuhn, Johnie, 2312 Ramsey Road, $105,900.

Wilkens Construction Inc. to Schinker, Kevin J. and Diane M., 2938 Forest Ave., $323,200.

Wilkins, Justin J. and Liisa C. to Anderson, Forrest G. and Betsy, 2447 Nick Road, $320,000.

Wilkinson, Charles O. to Doan Family LLC, 2421 S. 36th St., $105,000.

Williams, Brynmor M. and Brenda L. to Krier, Todd J. and Kelly J., 3212 Crown Pointe Road, $316,000.

Wilson, Joel C. and Jill D. to Butler, Joel and Suzann, 1101 N. 97th St., $219,900.

Wittwer, Shirley A. and John N. to Walbridge, Jenna M. and Hoveling, Garett L., 8531 Blue Sky Drive, $148,500.

Wooters, Eldon W. to Legacy Terrace LP, 5740 Fremont St., $126,900.

Wright, Amanda L. to Hubert Properties LLC, 1551 N. 51st St., $117,000.

Yant, Kelly M. Revocable Trust to Pagel, Chance W. and Angela K., 2330 Ammon Ave., $150,000.

Yant, Roger V. Jr Revocable Trust to Pagel, Chance W. and Angela K., 2330 Ammon Ave., $150,000.

Yost, Toby and Rachel to Mansfield, Patrick K. and Valentina A., 2318 NW 44th St., $165,000.

Young, Bodil J. to Jensen, Shelley and Paul and Haleigh, 1730 S. 47th St., $110,000.

Zhou, You and Wen, Xiaoping to Luu, Hao V., 7721 S. 41st St., $228,100.

Zimmer, Gordon W. to Ueberrhein, Ronald F. and Jane E., 1310 Talon Road, $232,290.

Zlab/Troyer Construction Incorporated to Krieser, Gerry A. and Dianne, 3410 Firethorn Terrance, $575,000.

Zurcher, Ben J. to Metcalf, Shelly A., 2400 S. 37th St., $84,000.

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