Alexs Custom Homes Inc. to Leiker, Gregory and Jamille, 9300 S. 30th St., $329,100.

Alex's Custom Homes Inc. dba Custom Design Homes to Mcauliffe, Roland T. and Dorothy B., 7341 S. 95th Court, $350,000.

Arfmann, W. Gregory and Vicki E. to Feeken, Douglas and Kelly, 15551 Bobwhite Trail, Rural, $260,000.

Bailey, Douglas L. and Linda L. to Schaufelberger, Robert E. and Geraldine A., 7449 Laura Lynn Court, $279,000.

Baker, Matthew J. and Kimberly K. to Cabeen, Justin M. and Megan S., 8340 Olivia Drive, $205,000.

Baurain, Bradley T. and Julia K. to Summers, Mikel K., 831 N. 56th St., $91,500.

Beaurivage, Anne G. to Beaurivage, Michael Paul and Andria M., 2721 S. 39th St., $140,000.

Becker Construction Inc. to Tupa, Aaron and Bridget, 9631 Eastview Road, $250,000.

Berryman, Robert J. to Kunzman, Scott D., 3820 Raspberry Circle, $129,000.

Bettenhausen, Jo Anne to Person, Ashley C. and Melissa M., 2320 Bretigne Drive, $485,000.

Blaser, Dustin A. and Tonya M. to Hatch, Deryl K. and Tocaimaza, Carmen C., 5810 Saylor St., $135,200.

Brockman, Linda and Larry to Kriz, Dennis R. and Paula R., 2530 Surrey Court, $170,000.

Bush, Velma E. Revocable Trust to Barber, Tim and Kate, 2845 Delhay Drive, $100,000.

Campbell, Kenneth C. Estate to Lehms, Jeffrey W., 2309 S. 61st St., $90,000.

Cannon, Kenneth P. and Molly Swanson Boeka to U.S. Bank National Association, 2603 Washington St., $110,500.

Carlson, Ardeth F. and Elwood, Robert E. to Otte, Leroy M. and Delores M., 6909 Old Post Place, $230,000.

Carnazzo, Sebastian Antonio and Leila Marietta Rose to Kluge, Robert F. and Judith Conway, 7106 Cass Ave., Denton, $215,000.

Caseyco-Edenton Woods LLC to Knuth, Robert L. and Wilma M., 6610 Ashbrook Drive, $329,950.

Cathey, David Alan to Steffens, Carl J. and Miles-Steffens, Monica L., 8121 Whitney Court, $220,000.

Cedar Cove Townhomes LLC to Jetton, Charles M. and Marylinn I. and Kristi E., 2320 N. 91st St., $147,900.

Cedar Cove Townhomes LLC to Lachner, Jennifer Rebecca, 2310 N. 91st St., $145,900.

Chism Family Revocable Trust to Geraci, Melanie, 530 Danville Drive, $148,000.

Christensen, Caitlin J. to Batt, Robert and Nola Lee, 5205 Sunlight Court, $173,000.

City Bank and Trust Co. to Thomalla, Michael L., 310 Sycamore Place, Hickman, $84,000.

City Bank and Trust Co. to Thomalla, Michael L., 305 Sycamore Place, Hickman, $84,000.

City Bank and Trust Co. to Thomalla, Michael L., 415 W. Ninth St., Hickman, $84,000.

Clark, Harold L. Estate to Thurber, John M. and Jana L., 7431 S. 52nd St., $188,500.

Combs, Michael to TMCO Investments LLC, 502 F St., $180,000.

Concorde Management And Development Inc. to Jim and Sharri Baldonado Rentals LLC, 1314 O St., Unit, No. 205, $175,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trustee to JH Repair Inc., 1821 Prospect St., $62,000.

Dixon, Alexander M. and Mary Nan Dwire to Heithold, Jonathan, 3301 Cooper Ave., $201,500.

Don Johnson Homes Inc. to Backer, John A. and Andra D., 645 Branched Oak Road, Rural, $296,691.

Donnermeyer, Dennis Dale to Karges, Laura M., 7654 Maple Village Drive, $163,000.

Dudgeon, Verla L. to Schmucker, Phyllis J., 8504 Flintlock Circle, $131,000.

Dunn, Donald L. and Marsha M. to Nystrom Living Trust, 7846 Viburnum Drive, $390,000.

Eckstein, Daniel E. and Vicki to Vanderslice, Jeffrey S. and Maryanne, 2601 Winchester N., $159,000.

Effle, Dustin J. to Collins, Seamus Padriag, 823 B St., $95,000.

Eis, Ronald to Overcash, Marcy M. Revocable Trust, 100 N. 12th St, No. 302, $155,000.

Engle, Joel M. and Alisha R. to Remmers, Duane and Barbara, 3512 Mclaughlin Drive, $132,000.

Fairchild Family Trust to Nguyen, Thanh H. and Thu Mai Thi, 420 N. Bell St., $154,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Scarrow, Paul L. and Heidi S., 8216 Bancroft Ave., $164,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Sullivan, Jody J., 2407 Garfield St., $77,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Edwards, Ronald D., 3320 Vine St., $67,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Beiermann, Nathan, 2642 SW 14th St., $127,935.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Webben, Danielle Sue, 1017 S. 33rd St., $70,000.

Fire Brothers Development LLC to Tru-Built Investments, 4811 NW First St., $240,000.

Fischer, Alexander III to Stevenson, Eric and Julie, 2247 Stone Creek Loop N., $355,000.

Fisher, Richard W. Estate to Garmel Properties LLC, 3839 S. 57th St., $70,100.

Fisher-Erickson, Julie and Aaron to Boutmahavong, Jenna and Souks, 2121 Atlas Ave., $143,500.

Fletcher, Karen J. Trust to Hochstein, Roy and Rhea, no situs, $62,000.

Freye, Melissa L. to Ballard, Michael and Anissa, 1928 S. 45th St., $121,000.

Fricke, Barbara A. to Bordelon, Cynthia A. and Rice, David G., 230 Carolyn Court, $129,500.

FT Development Company Inc. to Auger, Dawn D., 9533 Calvert St., $150,000.

Gammel, Aaron S. and Anita A. to Moran, Jennifer L. and Scott A., 4503 Meredeth St., $127,500.

Gansemer, Gregory C. and Jill R. to Old City Building Group LLC, 1015 N. 100th St., $64,950.

Garvin, Jeanne M. to Sooner Knolls LLC, 4100 S. 59th Street Court, $600,000.

Geiger, Mary Adaleen to John, David and Oo, Ka, 2734 S. 12th St., $120,000.

Gilmore, Edward G. and Kathryn A. to Widman, Andrew D. and Christine N., 5201 S. 68th St., $135,850.

Godwin, Nathan Dayle to Vanderslice, Jeremy and Hannah, no situs, $115,000.

Grimes, Kristofor X. and Tami K. to Zammit, Charles John and Audra, 6541 Yorktown Court, $290,000.

Gross, Robert Lee to Freedom Investment Properties LLC, 3448 Neerpark Drive, $109,500.

Grove, Tina to Barrabi, Anibal and Fernandez-Barrabi, Erika M., 2332 NW 49th St., $95,000.

Guehlstorff, Bernadean L. Sieck to Hatch, Brandi Le, 3833 S. 20th St., $79,900.

Hagedorn, Charles M. to Bergo, Davide and Tafe, 5101 Lowell Ave., $144,500.

Haight, Standley Larry to Poppe, Clint Jr., 10205 Wagon Train Road, Rural, $90,000.

Haight, Standley Larry to Poppe, Clint Jr., 10205 Wagon Train Road, Rural, $90,000.

Haight, Stanley Elizabeth Estate to Poppe, Clint Jr., 10205 Wagon Train Road, Rural, $90,000.

Hamann Meadows Townhomes LLC to Adams, Gerald, 7500 Diamond Court, $180,900.

Hansen, John Alan and Hansen, Lois Snyder Trustees to Stolle, Michael and Brandy, 2611 S. 46th St., $170,000.

Harp, Michele L. to Carstens, David A., 1901 W. Arlington St., $111,000.

Hartman, Jeremy C. and Hanna B. to Shuman, David A. and Page-Shuman, Jamie N., 333 Lindale Circle, Hickman, $139,500.

Haubold, Kim A. to Ivy, Darren and Cassandra, 920 Waterlily Court, Hickman, $205,000.

Hauptman, Charles J. to Mangel, Rod A. and Melissa K., 636 S. 28th St., $70,000.

Hauser, Janice to Hauser, Darril R., 11505 N. 14 St., Rural, $238,100.

Havlat, Clara T. Estate to Lindgren, Charles M. and Debra A., 4909 N. 17th St., $128,000.

Helmink, Colleen Ann to Henderson, Ashton G. and Samantha L., 605 Allen St., Firth, $100,000.

Herr, Kurt A. and Bledso, Kari M. to Zoz, Marla J., 1815 SW 30th St., $127,500.

Heywood, Megan E. to Anderson, Gary L., 5400 S. 78th St., $144,900.

Hilfiker, Harlan D. Estate to Oswald, Ryan and Michelle, 7020 Yosemite Drive, $138,000.

Hilfiker, Lois C. Estate to Oswald, Ryan and Michelle, 7020 Yosemite Drive, $138,000.

Hindmand, Reed to Anderson, Stuart E. and Odessa, 5610 Barrington Park Drive, $186,000.

Hoffman, Susan K. to M. and M. Leasing LLC, 1603 Sumner St., $60,000.

Hoke, Fredrick A. Revocable Trust to Walford, Daniel J., 721 Driftwood Drive, $185,000.

Hollister, Mary Gwen Revocable Trust to Layton, Ralph E. and Linda J., 5511 Briar Rosa Drive, $155,300.

HOS LLC to Evans, Ryan J. and Engle-Evans, Amy E., 1001 O St, No. 304, $154,000.

Howell, Arlene F. Revocable Trust to Sigona, Joseph A. and Louise J., 5930 Berkeley Drive, $274,000.

Hromas, Curtis J. and Erica W. to Partch, Kevin, 1129 Aberdeen Ave., $128,900.

Hughes, Karen K. Revocable Trust to Wilke, Amy M., 2241 Surfside Drive, $136,500.

Hughes, Kenneth E. Revocable Trust to Wilke, Amy M., 2241 Surfside Drive, $136,500.

Huls, Jesse to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 1530 N. 50th St., $102,521.

Humphrey, Kenneth E. and Mary M. to McClure, Rhett and Renee, 4008 S. 30th St., $185,000.

Humphrey, William D. and Mary J. to Walklin, Gregory J. and Lee, Tiffany N., 1600 Twin Ridge Road, $209,000.

Hunters Pointe Townhomes LLC to Gantz, Christie B., 4201 N. 18th St., $134,900.

Hunters Pointe Townhomes LLC to Cruikshank, Max and Janene, 1847 Atlas Ave., $130,900.

Jacoba, L. Kathryn to Norris, Raymond L. and Margaret A., 5617 Guenevere Lane, $125,000.

Jaeger, Jennifer to Merry, Chandler R. and Brenda J., 831 Hollywood Ave., $115,000.

Johnson, Ben to Effle, James L. and Linda K., 5208 N. 10th St., $173,000.

Johnson, Cynthia L. and Shirley M. to Svoboda, Christopher M. and Samantha J., 5211 S. 52nd St., $63,450.

Johnson, Michelle I. and Eric A. to Newsome, Wardell III and Cheri R., 5237 S. Dove Place, $176,000.

Kapustka, Juanita to Kapustka, Roger V. and Cheryl D., 5200 Saltillo Road, Rural, $220,000.

Karges, Laura M. to Toepfer, Luanne, 6801 Stephanie Lane, $194,500.

Kastl, Anne L. to Ferris, Eugenia, 1810 W. S St., $92,500.

Kennedy, Mary E. to Lowe, Jeffrey D., 1165 Fairfield St., $67,825.

Kenney, Christopher R. and Amanda L. to Bliss, Jeremy J. and Adams, Terri L., 1810 Prairie Lane, $173,000.

Keslar, Michael T. and Nicole M. to Moser, Joshua A. and Jessica E., 5801 Margo Drive, $140,000.

Klimm, Brandon J. to Okamoto, Bobby and Loomer, Angie M., 400 Skyway Road, $136,000.

Knapp, Ted F. and Jacqueline L. to Wegner, Jennifer J., 3852 S. 76th St., $178,000.

Knuth, Robert L. and Wilma M. to Schwarting, Mark A. and Linda M., 1320 N. 80th St., $289,000.

Koepke, Brent and Lindsey to Kugler, Charli, 1931 W. Mulberry Court, $124,500.

Kolar, Erica K. to Becker, Brandi J. and Michael J., 2040 N. 77th St., $152,000.

Kotschwar, Jolene M. to Mizerski, Robert and Amanda, 3110 S. 79th St., $214,500.

Kramer, Bobbi J. to United Equity LLC, 3000 N. Third St., $72,100.

Krasser, Mary L. to Falk, Melanie Kay, 1609 S. 26th St., $107,500.

Krieger, James A. and Teresa F. to Brauer, Robert P. and Brittany K., 910 Colony Lane, $163,000.

Kuhlmann, Lindsey J. to Kovar, Michael Jay, 919 N. 68th St., $119,000.

Languis, Florence to Languis, Shawn D., 107 E. Seventh St., Panama, $70,000.

Lapko, Vitali to Lindner, Christopher and Lindsey, 4500 W. High Ridge Place, Rural, $75,000.

Legacy Homes LLC to Gates, Ryan Lee and Madeline Audrey, 1425 Blue Spruce Drive, $253,587.

Legacy Homes LLC to Stoddard, Thomas M. and Draper, Karen K., 8914 Blacksmith Court, $153,900.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Cooper, Charlie A. and Christine M., 9212 S. 71st St., $263,345.

Lindner, Nyla L. to Miller, Arnold R. and Hazel L., 1235 Benton St., $102,500.

Lindsey, Judy B. to Myers, Fred J. and Nadezda G., 620 Cottonwood Drive, $109,500.

Loomer, Angie M. and Okamoto, Bobby to Nobbe, Samuel and Jessica, 3627 Saint Paul Ave., $101,500.

Lovric, Nada to Tazbo Investments LLC, 4633 Tipperary Trail, $98,500.

Lubeck, Joyce M. to Heiser, Douglas and Megan, 1121 Cobblestone Drive, $148,000.

Luedtke, David A. to Braatz, Louis F. III and Jennifer, 5020 S. 56th St., $92,000.

Mailahn, Clinton A. and Kaila K. to Ridder, Patrick J. and Crystal J., 7408 Ringneck Drive, $245,700.

Marine, Bryan P. and Chelsea A. to Orso, Michael P. and Lorang, Elizabeth M., 624 Elmwood Ave., $111,350.

Mcallister, Brian J. and Rita J. to Gerber, Jacob and Allison, 2836 Jane Lane, $169,342.

Mckay, Mark S. to Smith, Amy, 3612 O'Sullivan Road, $140,000.

McMaster Enterprise Inc. to Jansa, Shane and Lori, 3608 C St., $78,000.

Mesloh, Mark L. and Brenda J. to Haselhorst, Ross and Jenny, 9012 S. 29th St., $290,000.

Meyer, Michael P. Revocable Trust to Miller, Shawn A. and Angela M., 4001 W. Bucks Drive, Rural, $382,500.

Mickle, Lloyd K. and Kathleen E. Living Trust to Weber, Stanley E. and Betty L., 5801 Spruce St., $165,000.

Miller, Jeremy J. and Courtney K. to Hadwiger, Ariel, 2100 N. 61st St., $128,500.

Mischnick, Duane R. and Sarah R. to Klone, Charles Robert and Regina Marie, 401 S. 53rd St., $106,500.

Mitchell, Val W. and Marlys A. to Roper, Judith A., 2442 Winchester N, $150,000.

MKL Developments LLC to Ross, Andrew J., 1101 N. 51st St., $62,500.

Moon, Alex and Eveland, Renee to Wustrack, Ashley L. and Travis, 100 Chancery Lane, $162,000.

Morrison, Thomas B. and Sharon K. to McGinn, Deborah T., 6530 Campbell Drive, $145,000.

Mort, Jeremy L. and Jennifer M. to Union Bank And Trust Company, 3921 Bel-Ridge Drive, $119,656.

Muhle, David W. and Julie A. to Muhle, Nicholas D. and Lewandowski, Heidi M., 1110 Manchester Drive, $259,000.

Mumma, Maurine K. Estate to Wombacher, Claudia J., 5512 Moor Drive, $152,000.

Murphy, Andrew to Farabee Properties LLC, 114 W. Third St., Firth, $85,000.

Mussmann, Ruth M. Trust to Miller, Jeremy J. and Courtney K., 2320 Nancy Drive, $209,000.

Naasz, Dean A. and Vanessa L. to HBI LLC, 532 Main St., Hickman, $61,600.

NEBCO to McPhillips, Robert D. and Kathleen P., 7101 NW Fifth St., $63,500.

Neben, Robert W. to Root, Adam W. and Tawnya L., 11020 Northloch Court, Waverly, $233,000.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Martin, Duane B., 2518 S St., $152,000.

Neighborhoods Inc. D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Schaefer, Bobby J., 250 N. 23rd St., $129,000.

Nelson, Sanford H. Trustee to Apples Way LLC, 8000 Old Cheney Road, $365,000.

New Traditions Home And Realty LLC to Dobson, David P. Jr. and Abigail L., 1730 SW 30th St., $204,982.

Nichols, Thomas D. Jr to Hruby, Mark R. and Klepper, Crystal L., 4131 Gertie Ave., $148,000.

North West Townhomes LLC to Dallegge, Laura M., 11080 N. 144 St., Waverly, $123,900.

North West Townhomes LLC to Dallegge, Laura M., 11070 N. 144th St., Waverly, $123,900.

Novak, John R. to Ehler, Bowdy D. and Kassie L., 6905 N. 15th St., $165,000.

Old City Homes Inc. to Manley, John M. and Cynthia M., 9129 Del Rio Drive, $309,893.

Old City Homes Inc. to Jones, Abigail and Zachary, 1330 Blue Spruce Drive, $281,532.

Old City Homes Inc. to Timmons, Jill Mccaslin, 9220 S. 28th St., $280,302.

Old City Homes Inc. to Morgan, Benjamin H. and Rebecca A., 9715 Keystone Drive, $268,000.

Old City Homes Inc. to Hurley, Nicolas B. and Shawna M., 1329 Blue Spruce Drive, $265,418.

Olson, Roger Conrad and Susan Marie to Sherrill, Nicholas and Alicia, 700 Mockingbird Lane N., $70,000.

Osterman, Michael J. and Jennifer L. Smice to Eastwood, Kiley and Shawn, 1920 Preamble Lane, $170,000.

Paramount Holdings LLC to Marker, William E. and Vicki J., 711 S. 44th St., $100,900.

Payne, Dennis Dean and Tammi Sue to Docherty, Rene John and Lee Denise, 25000 S. 82nd St., Rural, $155,000.

Pelan, Janis M. to Sasse, Teresa L., 1116 Aberdeen Ave., $126,000.

Pendell, Nathan D. to U.S. Bank National Association, 2307 NW 51st St., $101,745.

Peterson, Jason R. and Elizabeth A. to Baker, Kent, 7125 Yosemite Drive, $124,000.

Pettit, Robert C. Estate to James, Robert L. and Carla L., 3748 C St., $103,500.

Pika, Marcel and Josephine M. to Berks, Danny E. and Barowski, Regina S., 6719 Y St., $125,000.

Pomeroy, Cole A. and Megan C. to Wells Fargo Bank National Association, 4911 Aylesworth Ave., $88,400.

Poppe, Clint Jr. to Poppe, Clint Jr., 10205 Wagon Train Road, Rural, $90,000.

Powell, Jennifer Anne to Rinquest, Andrew A., 2836 S. 14th St., $110,000.

Pratt, Robert M. to Ocegueda, Jose De Jesus, 3910 Randolph St., $105,000.

Pritchard, Jason A. to Clements, Ryan C. and Horst, Kristen M., 1534 S. 24th St., $125,000.

Rager, Nicole L. to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, 5042 Goldenrod Lane, $96,050.

Raley, Russell J. and Burbach, Sarah to Gillan, David, 6027 Windhaven Drive, $65,000.

Raley, Russell J. and Burbach, Sarah to Gillan, David, 6027 Windhaven Drive, $64,000.

Ramco Enterprises LLC to Lile, Chad A. and Melissa A., 6801 NW Tempest Drive, $230,000.

Ramos, Karen and Lima, Manuel to Htun, Than and Shwe, Hla, 1715 S. 48th St., $86,000.

Reha, Christopher and Katrina to Exum, Joseph Leroy, 2270 Vavrina Lane, $203,000.

Rezac Construction Inc. to Novak, Todd J. and Sally, 2800 W. Covered Bridge Drive, Rural, $570,000.

Roesler, Danica Mihaela to Fischer, Terryl E. and Karen S., 131 Wedgewood Drive, $89,000.

Rudeen, Matt and Brooke E. to Saunders, Curtis R. and Rachel, 6100 Meadowbrook Lane, $140,500.

Rybak Homes Inc. to Patel, Sunil K. and War, Ibanylla, 6701 Shadow Ridge Road, $328,725.

Rybak Homes Inc. to Meese, John A. Jr. and Stephanie J., 811 Maple Court, Hickman, $320,000.

Saduikis, John A. Estate to Kuntz, Kenneth L. and Barbara A., 5700 S. 50th St., $136,000.

Salinas, Celso S. and Charlene R. to Biles, Benjamin and Nicole C., 7020 N. Hampton Road, $245,000.

Sattler, Ryan W. to Brown, Morgan R., 5061 W. Partridge Lane, $98,000.

Seal, Samuel Keith Jr and Amanda K. to Papik, Brady J. and April, 730 Sunflower Drive, Hickman, $196,500.

Seaman, Kasey N. to Duff, Kevin and Angela, 2951 N. 56th St., $79,500.

Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development to Mahoney, Brittne L., 2735 S. 37th St., $85,000.

Secretary Of The Department Of Housing and Urban Development to Hess, Corey J. and Gretchen A., 4200 Mohawk St., $117,116.

Sell, Sandra K. to Gildea, Karen, 6824 Lexington Ave., $107,500.

Shelbourn, Nathan E. and Pamela J. to Huenink, Colby S. and Rachel D., 4201 La Salle St., $160,500.

Sieck, Charlene K. to Hatch, Brandi Le, 3833 S. 20th St., $79,900.

Sieck, Kenneth E. to Hatch, Brandi Le, 3833 S. 20th St., $79,900.

Siedband, Don M. T to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, 6931 Dudley St., $97,750.

Sims, Randall Louis and Tanya Lynn to Moser, Douglas D., 5145 Locust St., $108,000.

Smith, Betty to Hatt, Ryan M. and Dusty Hatt, Susan, 5311 Stockwell St., $163,250.

Smith, Jeff and Finegan, Sheila to Carmichael, Timothy J. and Kristin L., 6065 Martell Road, Rural, $261,000.

Smith, Jill C. to Goering, Nicholas J. and Smith, Kari L., 6929 Naples Drive, $125,000.

Sothan, Joan L. Trustee to Schlegel, Todd, 5041 Rentworth Court, $200,000.

Spader, C. Eddis to Schoenrock, Ramona J., 5120 Sherman St., $125,000.

Spear, Barry C. and Cari L. to Jacoba, Lois Kathryn, 2415 Winding Way, $139,000.

Spencer, Carl R. and Carol J. to Scheffert, Russell and Linda, 6609 Platte Ave., $95,000.

Stafford, Jason L. and Kathryn A. to Wells Fargo Bank N. A, 6520 Gladstone St., $76,075.

Stoddard, Graham to Carlson, Zachary A. and Carly R., 1505 Blanca Drive, $204,000.

Stoddard, Lawrence to Carlson, Zachary A. and Carly R., 1505 Blanca Drive, $204,000.

Supalla, Raymond and Trudy to Brown, Billy J. and Jennifer M., 2201 W. Foothills Road, Rural, $304,000.

Sype, Chara L. to Nansel, Courtnie N., 2861 NW 55th St., $111,000.

Tallman, Benjamin J. to Krull, Jeffrey A. and Morgan L., 3335 South St., $122,750.

Thornburg, Kevin R. and Trudi J. to Mills, Jeffrey H. D/B/A Jeff Mills Construction, 2730 S. 154th St., Rural, $79,900.

Thurber, David E. and Linda J. to Svehla, Justin Ray, 5900 Thompson Creek Blvd., $168,000.

Tietjen, Cary M. and Amy E. to Applegate, Diane, 139 N. 11th St., No. 301, $110,000.

Trautman, Debbie A. to Schneider, Daneyelle N., 3428 O'Hanlon Drive, $212,000.

Troy Bugbee Homes LLC to Bloomquist, Dustin and Erin, 1427 W. Silverado Drive, $217,534.

Troy Bugbee Homes LLC to Kermoade, Donald W. and Stacy A., 2160 N. 92nd St., $179,985.

U.S. Bank National Association to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2307 NW 51st St., $101,745.

Ulrich, Frank J. and Shelly A. to Selivanoff, Michael, 4843 Spruce St., $125,000.

Urban Homes LLC to Hoefer, Brian K. and Karalyn, 643 Penrose Drive, $259,525.

Urban Homes LLC to Snyder, James L. and Julie K., 1285 W. Foreman Drive, Rural, $76,500.

Venter, Joeline F. to Finkner, Arnold D. and Darlene M., 6544 Darlington Court, $208,500.

Vercellino, Arlene Estate to Lutje, Sharon J., 5712 Enterprise Drive, $60,750.

Vercellino, Jeffrey J. and Darcy Lee to Coleman, Steven J. Jr and Abby, 1930 Vavrina Lane, $217,000.

Viljoen, Hendrik J. and Erika to Gaer, Brett M. and Languis, Melissa E., 4744 Birch Hollow Drive, $262,000.

Village Gardens Development Company LLC to Kroeker and Gubser Development LLC, 5911 Chartwell Lane, $138,985.

Village Gardens Development Company LLC to Kroeker and Gubser Development LLC, 7212 Kentwell Lane, $138,985.

Village Gardens Development Company LLC to Kroeker and Gubser Development LLC, 7218 Kentwell Lane, $138,985.

Village Gardens Development Company LLC to Kroeker and Gubser Development LLC, 7224 Kentwell Lane, $138,985.

Village Gardens Development Company LLC to Kroeker and Gubser Development LLC, 7230 Kentwell Lane, $138,985.

Vistar Homes Inc. to Land, Butch and Ashley, 1025 Oakview Drive, Hickman, $190,000.

Volker, Keith and Joan E. to Hodge, Mark D. and Emily A., 8500 S. 68th St., Rural, $290,000.

Volzke, Craig M. and Jana R. to Hartung, Alan W. and Sarah E., 7701 Glynoaks Drive, $235,000.

Wahl, Ann J. to Laschanzky, Alyssa, 4210 Van Dorn St., $110,000.

Wallace, Olivia A. and Will R. to Medinger, Bradley, 725 Sunny Slope Road, $145,000.

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust to Yellow Roses LLC, 2610 Jamie Lane, $550,000.

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust to Yellow Roses LLC, 2600 Jamie Lane, $550,000.

Walz, Jesse and Katie L. to Fisher-Erickson, Aaron and Julie, 2430 Chanticleer Court, $218,900.

Warren, Jay E. and Jessica R. to Rodenburg, Max L., 4235 Everett St., $148,500.

Waterford Estates LLC to Frazier Construction Company Inc., 9406 Southern Sky Road, $60,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Garmel Properties LLC, 6501 Skylark Lane, $113,000.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, 4911 Aylesworth Ave., $88,400.

White Residuary Trust to Fricke, Barbara A., 2431 S. 60th St., $131,000.

Widman, Andrew D. and Christine N. to Epler, Cory Michael, 1809 Pawnee St., $136,750.

Wiegert, Kurt C. and Elissa J. to Camplin, Jon and Meyer, Jane, 2200 Liberty Bell Lane, $188,000.

Wilkinson, Jason A. and Shannon M. to Sorensen, Jeffrey S. and Shelley A., 2125 The Knolls, $270,000.

Williams, Donald J. and Lisa to Buckley, Matthew, 9954 Shore Front Drive, $95,000.

Williams, Richard Jr. to Clark, Steven M. and Theresa A., 15401 NW 30th St., Rural, $165,000.

Winkelmann, Aaron D. and Tammy A. to Hutzel, Ryan R. and Tiffany J., 6510 Densmore Road, $162,000.

Wiseman, Clayton S. and Kendal L. to Grove, Connie, 4740 Southwood Drive, $117,000.

Wissink, Alda E. to Newth, Tamma K., 5906 Pine Ridge Road, $90,000.

Wubbels, Darrell A. and Rebecca to Deboer, Steve and Dena, no situs, $350,000.

Zender, Robert G. Revocable Trust to Hendricks, Gary and Florence, 6827 Northridge Road, $185,000.

Zimmerman, Newlyn N. and Cynthia M. to Beall, Connie, 7140 SW 91st St., Denton, $75,000.

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