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Minimum sentences for publication, one or more of the following: 60 days’ jail, $1,000 total fine, one year probation or license suspension. Court costs additional to fines. Age and address, if any, from public record. Corrections will be made only if public record was reported incorrectly. District Court judge’s name in parentheses. DUI sentences that include an ignition-lock requirement include the notation INTR.


Aiding consummation of a felony

Pflager, Austin J., 24, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, 365 days jail. (Nelson)

Third-degree assault

Canby, Tyron L., 32, Lincoln, 18 months prison. Also theft by unlawful taking $0-$500. (McManaman)

Thornton, Kara C., 28, Lincoln, 200 days jail. Also theft by unlawful taking $0-$500. (Otte)

Third-degree domestic assault

Gathje, Evan D., 31, Lincoln, 15 months prison. (Jacobsen)

Hernandez, David C., 37, Lincoln, 3 years prison. Also terroristic threats. (Ideus)

Attempt of a class 1/1A/1B/1C/1D felony

Espinosa, Gustavo Z., 56, San Gabriel, California, 13 to 15 years prison. (McManaman)

Attempt of a class 2 felony

Nasert, Jude B., 22, Lincoln, 8 to 15 years prison. (Nelson)

Hickey, Daqwan D., 20, Denver, 5 to 14 years prison. (Otte)

Rawls, Laderrius D., 26, Lincoln, 1 to 3 years prison. (McManaman)

Mowell, Orion J., 18, no hometown listed, 4 to 9 years prison. (Nelson)

Green, Ayanna M., 20, transient, 18 months to 2 years prison. (Nelson)

Attempt of a class 4 felony

Simon, Shelly R., 52, Davey, 360 days jail, 2 counts. (Nelson)

Marsh, Mitchell L., 33, transient, 365 days jail. (Colborn)

Norden, Denyel C., 37, Lincoln, 180 days jail. Also unlawful acts relating to drugs. (Colborn)

Burns, Earl E. 59, Lincoln, 210 days jail, license revoked 5 years, $1,000 fine. Also DUI-.15+or refusal, leaving the scene of an accident and failing to furnish information. (Nelson)

Shepherd, Cassie C., 25, Lincoln, 570 days prison, 2 counts. (Colborn)

Hegemann, Jessica D., 29, Lincoln, 240 days jail. Also theft by unlawful taking $500-$1,500. (Otte)

Park, Kimberly A., 48, Lincoln, 60 days jail, 2 years probation, $350 fine. Also theft by shoplifting $0-$500. (Ideus)

Westerhold, Roger E., 34, Pender, 3 to 6 years prison, plus 210 days, $500 fine. Also driving under suspension before reinstatement, delivery, dispensing/distributing/manufacturing/possessing and exceptionally hazardous drug. (Ideus)

Andrews, Rani J., 19, Douglasville, Georgia, 3 days jail, $1,000 fine. Also identity theft $500-$1,500. (Otte)

Douglas, Zachary A., 21, transient, 270 days jail. (Colborn)

Driving while revoked from DUI/refusal

Gray, Johnathan O., 39, Lincoln, 9 to 12 years prison, license revoked 15 years, INTR. Also attempt of a class 2 felony, escape when under arrest on a felony charge. (Strong)

Alvarez, Anthony L., 43, Omaha, 36 months probation, license revoked 15 years, INTR. (Strong)

Second-degree forgery $300 or less

Rech, Elizabeth J., 48, Omaha, 1 year probation. (Ideus)

Intruding on a person without consent

Hawklen, Jade S., 29, Lincoln, 545 days prison, 5 years probation, 3 counts. (Colborn)

Manufacture/deliver/distribute/dispense/possess a controlled substance

Sellars, Corey A., 23, transient, $1,000 fine. (McManaman)

Walker, Roosevelt D., 54, Lincoln, 4 to 8 years prison. (Strong)

Manufacture/deliver/distribute/dispense/possess an exceptionally hazardous drug

Morock, Robert K., 52, Lincoln, 3 to 8 years prison. (Nelson)

Hennecke, Sharla M., 38, Lincoln, 5 to 10 years prison. (Strong)

Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person

Muratella, Phillip J., 30, no hometown listed, 5 to 10 years prison. (Colborn)

Possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person

Labrillo, Anthony J., 41, Lincoln, 360 days jail. (Nelson)

Possession of a controlled substance

White, Lavega S., 31, Lincoln, 280 days jail. Also violation of a protection order. (McManaman)

Hall, Hannah E., 22, Lincoln, 18 months prison. Also failure to appear when on bail. (Strong)

Lafrenier, Justin B., 24, Minocqua, Wisconsin, 365 days jail. (Nelson)

Baker, Benjamin R., 38, Lincoln, 277 days jail, 4 years probation, $500 fine, 3 counts. Also attempt of a class 2 felony. (McManaman)

Alexander, Zachary S., 37, Lincoln, 2 years prison, 2 counts. (Nelson)

Third-degree sexual assault of a child

Oakland, Paul A., 37, Lincoln, 9 years prison, 3 counts. (McManaman)

Tamper with witness/informant/juror

Leon, Ivan J., 37, Lincoln, 2 years prison. (Nelson)

Terroristic threats

Mueller, Derek A., 34, Lincoln, 3 years prison. Also possession of a destructive device. (Colborn)

Hoegemeyer, Joshua P., 32, transient, 2 years, 6 months prison. Also attempt of a class 4 felony. (Colborn)

Theft by deception over $5,000

Simms, Edward M., 52, Lincoln, 8 to 14 years prison. (Nelson)

Theft by receiving stolen property $1,500-$5,000

McKinney, Lee E., 33, Lincoln, 2 years prison. (Ideus)


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