The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will discuss Wilderness Park trails and funding for the city golf program at its regular meeting Thursday. The meeting begins at 4 p.m. at the Auld Pavilion in Antelope Park.

The board will consider adopting guidelines to manage trails in Wilderness Park, addressing trail corridor width and height. The guidelines also include information on vegetation management along trails and guidance on rerouting trails as creek and drainage channels evolve.

The intent of the proposed guidelines is to assure that all trail users -- hikers, bicyclists and equestrians -- continue to have unique trail experiences in the natural environment of Wilderness Park, said Parks and Recreation Director Lynn Johnson.

In developing the guidelines, Johnson said staff researched national standards, including those used by the U.S. Forest Service. He said the trail guidelines are consistent with the adopted management plan for Wilderness Park.

The board will also consider a number of proposed fee increases for the 2016 golf season. For the current fiscal year, the projected operating and capital improvement expenses for the golf program are $3.79 million, including about $186,000 of infrastructure repair and replacement costs.

Department staff have been working with the Lincoln Municipal Golf Advisory Committee to develop and evaluate options for funding the projected expenses.

The proposed fee increases for the 2016 season are:

* Adjusting the number of Loyalty Program points needed for a free round of golf.

* Increasing greens fees $2 for 18 holes and $1 for 9 holes at Highlands and Pioneers.

* A new capital improvement surcharge of $1 for 18-hole rounds and 50 cents for 9 holes at all courses.

* Increasing cart rental fees 25 cents.

Other changes to the golf program that will be considered include:

* Initiating foot golf as a recreation opportunity at Ager.

* Increasing revenue at Holmes with new management of clubhouse operations.

The public can provide comments to the board by attending Thursday's meeting, submitting a letter to the board, 2740 A St., Lincoln, NE 68502 or sending an email to the board at achesnut@lincoln.ne.gov.

Proposed changes can be reviewed online at parks.lincoln.ne.gov and lincolncitygolf.org or at the Parks and Recreation office, 2740 A St.

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