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Age: 44

Address: 315 N. Shimerda, Wilber

Occupation: Director of resource development and marketing; real estate agent

Political party: Democrat

Website: None

Karpisek is seeking his second term in the Legislature. He also served as mayor of Wilber 12 years and has been a member of civic organizations.

He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying business administration.

He feels everyone should be involved in their community, and he wants to work to keep Nebraska a great place to live and raise a family.

He has two children, ages 13 and 9.

Q: Should the Legislature pass laws addressing illegal immigration? If so, what law would you propose?

A: Yes, and I feel LB403 was a step in the right direction. This really is a federal issue, but it seems the states need to push the issue. I would like to see state and local police have more authority when dealing with illegals.

Q: What reforms could the Legislature enact to make state government and its agencies more efficient?

A: LR542 has been a step in the right direction. LR542 directs committees to address what programs could be cut. I am sure there is always room to be more efficient, but many agencies are running very efficiently. LR542 is proving that.

Q: Are Nebraska's laws against distracted driving enough to protect the public, or are other laws needed?

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A: Texting while driving is at the center of controversy right now. If new laws are enacted they need to address all of the other distractions also.

Q: How should the Legislature deal with federal health care reform law in the 2011 session? Make it as efficient and effective as possible, or delay implementation in hopes it will be overturned?

A: I feel it needs to be as efficient and effective as possible. Even though there is a lot of controversy of it, there are many good parts in it. I am by no means an expert on the subject and will be watching federal changes to it, which I am sure will be coming.

Q: Should the Department of Health and Human Services continue with child welfare in its present form, or do changes need to be made? What changes would you propose?

A: Changes need to be made. We need to be sure we are doing the best job possible for children, within budget restraints. I have no specific changes at this time.

Q: How should Nebraska use bonds to pay for needed highway improvements?

A: Highway improvements need to be addressed, but I am not a big fan of bonding. Bonding pushes the debt off on future Legislatures and taxpayers. If it is used, it should be used sparingly.

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