Age: 67

Address: 1020 N. 21st St., Beatrice

Occupation: Retired

Political party: Republican

Timm served 16 years on the Beatrice Board of Education and 10 years on the Nebraska Board of Education. She is seeking re-election because she believes that leadership by the state board can help ensure all Nebraska children have the opportunity to an education that provides them with college and career-ready skills.

Should Nebraska adopt the voluntary national Common Core academic standards? Why or why not?

No, Nebraska chose to develop college and career-ready standards in English language arts, math and science. These standards were written by Nebraska educators across the state. The first five-year review and revision of the English language arts standards was recently adopted by the State Board and endorsed by our postsecondary education institutions for college and career readiness.

Should Nebraska apply for a waiver from the federal education law, known as No Child Left Behind, which requires 100 percent proficiency in reading and math by 2014? The law, which is overdue to be reauthorized by Congress imposes sanctions on schools that receive federal money when they fail to meet the benchmarks. Explain your answer.

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No, I believe the people of Nebraska want their elected officials to set policy. The majority of Nebraska schools and districts have not yet been labeled by this outdated federal law. Careful consideration of all requirements and potential ramifications of a waiver on Nebraska school districts are needed before any waiver is sought by Nebraska and the Commissioner of Education.

What are the most important issues facing the state board of education?

The state board must continue to monitor, support and provide resources in assisting school districts to improve student achievement and prepare students for life readiness. A new state accountability system -- A QuESTT -- will provide Nebraska schools and districts multiple indicators of performance and assistance for school improvement.

What factors should be part of Nebraska's system to gauge performance of its schools and school districts?

Multiple factors should be considered in school performance. Performance cannot be based on just status scores on a state test. Growth in student achievement cultural diversity, geographical diversity, poverty levels, student mobility, teacher preparedness, educational leadership, and financial resources may also affect a school's performance and the success of a student.

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