Holmes Lake

Holmes Lake on Wednesday.

There's no shortage of fall color in Lincoln, for now. City park planner Mark Canney offered these tips on where to find some of the prettiest views in town:

Oak Lake Park 

"There are some large Cottonwoods — a great native tree — that have spectacular gold fall color both in and adjacent to the park. The color is tremendous on a blue sky day."

Taylor Park 

"A great place to look at trees. Home to more than 200 trees with more than 65 varieties of both native and introduced species. It's a great opportunity to see how trees look in the landscape. The neighborhood association has been active in helping create an arboretum within the park."

Holmes Lake 

"Great place to see fall color reflected in the water at sunset. Favorites include the sycamores with the exfoliating bark in cream, cinnamon and taupe topped off with golden yellow leaves. The south side of the lake has a large massing of sumac turning burnt red. You have to go to the countryside to see this type of display. The bald cypress also put on an impressive display before they drop their foliage with a burnt orange color."

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Union Plaza

"Still coming into its own as the park just opened last year. The best fall display is with the ornamental and native grass exhibits. More than 24 native and introduced grasses provide a spectrum of color. Cheyenne sky switchgrass continues displaying its burnt red color, the silvery blue foliage of big bluestem is beginning to to turn coppery red and Indian Grass is turning into a showy yellow bronze color.

"The over 50 types of perennials continue to contribute their color to the landscape. The aster family is still providing blooms to an occasional bee and butterfly. October skies is a dense tight mass of blue daisy-like flowers, 'Raydon's Favorite' aster — one of the last if not last aster to bloom — is just beginning to pop with its blue-lavender flowers and yellow centers, and the white flowers of the 'My Antonia' aster offer something different to the landscape. Pitchers sage is still in full bloom with its towering blue flowers, and the feathery foliage of Amsonia is turning golden yellow.

"The shrub collection at Union Plaza hosts a (display of) fruiting varieties. Favorites include purple beautyberry — a chartreuse golden foliage with purple berries, or the Amethyst Coral Berry with its deep pink clusters of fruit or the snowberry with its unusual white fruit. Several varieties of chokeberry, including Iroquois beauty, not only offer clusters of black fruit but a maroon red foliage that rival fall color of the landscape-favorite burning bush."

Rotary Strolling Garden (Antelope Park)

"The mix of hardy shrub roses, perennials and grasses is still putting on a show. The purple dome aster were several feet tall and put on a show for weeks. Angelina sedum is turning golden yellow and a great ground cover creating a bright spot in the landscape. A favorite area of the garden is the hydrangea collection, home to more than a dozen different varieties of hydrangea. The foliage on many is turning golden. Standouts include the limelight hydrangea, whose chartreuse-color flowers look like they have been burned with a tinge of pink."

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Assistant city editor

Zach Pluhacek is an assistant city editor.

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