Fans wondered.

Had the Huskers' hands been greased for Saturday's 20-13 loss to Texas?

"If we could catch the ball, we might have won," said Mark Brezinski of Omaha.

He wasn't the only disappointed Huskers' fan.

"Texas played well and beat our butt," said Doug Klein of Lincoln.

Despite the loss, some will miss the competition that Texas brings after the Huskers depart the Big 12 for the Big 10 next year.

"Texas is always a rival because they're a good team," said Bob Mckulsky of Omaha. "I feel humbled because we got beat by Texas."

Texas fans were elated.

"Texas played the best game of their season," said Sid Stolz, a UT graduate living in Washington D.C.

One family had mixed views on the result.

Michelle Nelson, wore a Husker shirt, and her son, Ethan, a Texas shirt.

Michelle and her husband were raised in Nebraska, and then moved to Texas about 15 years ago.

Ethan was born in Texas before the family moved back to Lincoln a few years ago. Ethan likes the Longhorns.

"I thought Nebraska would beat Texas - I was totally shocked," Michelle Nelson said. "It's a catch 22 - I'm consoling him, or Ethan is consoling me."

She thought this time Ethan would be sulking.

"The defense was OK, but the offense didn't perform," she said. "The Huskers didn't seemed focused at all."

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