4-H Outstanding Members

Outstanding 4-H Members (from left) Anna Sump and Addison Wanser.

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County presented its annual 4-H Achievement Celebration on Feb. 12. A week earlier, Lancaster County Board of Commissioners signed a proclamation declaring Feb. 12 as “4-H Achievement Day.” County Commissioner Vice-Chair Roma Amundson read the proclamation for “4-H Achievement Day” at the celebration. 4-H members, clubs and leaders were recognized for their many 2018 achievements. The following youth were recognized.

Career Portfolios

Career Portfolios are a record of an individual’s 4-H career. It includes a record of personal growth and leadership experiences related to the knowledge learned, skills gained and community service/volunteer activities experienced through 4-H.

Completed a Career Portfolio: Ellie Babcock (Waverly), Clare Bauman (Lincoln), Aleyna Cuttlers (Raymond), Khloe Cuttlers (Raymond), Kylie Hansen (Lincoln), Jordan Marsh (Clatonia), Katie Marsh (Clatonia), Ryan Marsh (Clatonia), Zachariah Marsh (Clatonia), Bridget Smith (Clatonia), Parker Smith (Lincoln), Pearce Smith (Lincoln), Preston Smith (Lincoln).

Nominated to Represent Lancaster County at District competition: Ellie Babcock (Waverly).

New — Nebraska 4-H Annual Achievement Award

The Nebraska 4-H Annual Achievement Award is a record of a 4-H member’s annual achievements in 4-H, including accomplishments, leadership experiences, community service and career exploration.

Completed an Annual Achievement Application: Noah Babcock (Waverly), Samuel Babcock (Waverly), Ethan Gabel (Lincoln), Morgan Gabel (Lincoln), Madelyn Kreifels (Lincoln), Abby Kruse (Lincoln), Katie Nepper (Lincoln), Riley Peterson (Lincoln), Micah Pracheil (Lincoln), Lilly Riedel (Lincoln), Anna Sump (Lincoln), Addison Wanser (Lincoln), Anastasia Yallaly (Lincoln), Cecilia Yallaly (Lincoln).

Representing Lancaster County at State: Madelyn Kreifels (Lincoln), Katie Nepper (Lincoln), Anna Sump (Lincoln), Addison Wanser (Lincoln).

Diamond Clover Program

The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is a statewide program that encourages 4-H members to engage in a variety of projects and activities. At the beginning of the 4-H year, youth choose goals from a provided list, and at the end of the 4-H year, complete a report that documents their accomplishments. Youth may progress from Levels 1–6.

Level 1 – Amethyst: Liliana Abele (Lincoln), Vyvian Alstrom (Lincoln), Isaac Baehr (Lincoln), Emily Bauman (Lincoln), Baylor Belgum (Roca), Brody Bonenberger (Lincoln), Alli Bornschlegl (Roca), Acacia Carlson (Pleasant Dale), Elise Chadwick (Lincoln), Khloe Cuttlers (Raymond), Grace Diederich (Lincoln), Kate Diederich (Lincoln), Sara Diedrichsen (Lincoln), Brooklan Doering (Lincoln), Rylan Doering (Lincoln), Margaret Doty (Lincoln), Emma Evaristo (Lincoln), Ada Foral (Roca), Caroline Fulkerson (Lincoln), Kaitlyn Giles (Lincoln), Annalyn Going (Lincoln), Emmalee Going (Lincoln), Isabelle Going (Lincoln), Isabella Grosskopf (Malcolm), Dailee Guthrie (Lincoln), Josie Johnson (Walton), Abby Kruse (Lincoln), Sarah Logan (Lincoln), Abby Lutz (Roca), Madeline Mailand (Lincoln), Rachael Mailand (Lincoln), Xander Mailand (Lincoln), Betty Martin (Lincoln), Sophia Martin (Lincoln), Elizabeth Moje (Lincoln), Isaac Nemec (Lincoln), Vanessa Peterson (Lincoln), Catherine Polk (Lincoln), Natalie Prichard (Lincoln), Felicity Rockenbach (Lincoln), Claire Schindler (Roca), Susannah Schulte (Lincoln), Kloee Schwartz (Lincoln), Brynn Sebek (Lincoln), Emmy Sheldon (Lincoln), Ella Simpson (Bennet), Julia Srb (Lincoln), Story Stell (Lincoln), Isabella Vogel (Lincoln), Maddie Walsh (Roca), Aryanna Wegner (Hickman), Naomi Wegner (Hickman), Romar Wegner (Hickman), Kolter Wellman (Waverly), Kaily Wesely (Lincoln), Lillian Wesely (Lincoln), Everett Wilkie (Roca), Josalea Wilkie (Roca), Molly Wilkinson (Beatrice).

Level 2 – Aquamarine: Sawyer Benne (Lincoln), Kaylee Boysen (Lincoln), Gracie Czyz (Walton), Gianna Doty (Lincoln), Andrew Frain (Lincoln), Morgan Gabel (Lincoln), Zoey Jamison (Lincoln), Claire Polk (Lincoln), Micah Pracheil (Lincoln), Lily Russman (Lincoln), Linsey Sheldon (Lincoln), Preston Smith (Lincoln), Emma Thomson (Palmyra), Kamryn Wanser (Lincoln).

Level 3 – Ruby: John Donlan (Lincoln), Ethan Gabel (Lincoln), Kylie Hansen (Lincoln), Maleah Jamison (Lincoln), Clara Johnson (Walton), Frances Nebel (Lincoln), Lilly Riedel (Lincoln), Parker Smith (Lincoln), Audrey Srb (Lincoln), Hannah Thomson (Palmyra), Katie Timmer (Lincoln).

Level 4 – Sapphire: Mindy Bartels (Lincoln), Riley Peterson (Lincoln), Pearce Smith (Lincoln), Emma Timmer (Lincoln).

Level 5 – Emerald: Nathan Gabel (Lincoln), Ella Hendricksen (Lincoln), Abigail Kreifels (Lincoln), Jared Nielsen (Walton), David Swotek (Lincoln), John Swotek (Lincoln), Bethany Wachter (Lincoln).

Level 6 – Diamond: Katie Nepper (Lincoln).

Level 6 – Diamond with a “Nebraska 4-H Gives Back” service-learning project: Anna Sump (Lincoln) is the fifth 4-H’er in Lancaster County to complete this major service-learning project. For her project, Anna helped make 52 Eastern Bluebird houses and gave them away at the Lancaster County Super Fair to acreage owners and farmers. These houses will help Eastern Bluebirds maintain and grow their population.

Community Service Awards

Presented to 4-H’ers who have completed the most hours of community service.

Age 14 and over: Ellie Babcock (Waverly), Kali Burnham (Lincoln), Blake Callahan (Lincoln), Thomas Cook (Lincoln), Nathan Gabel (Lincoln), Bailee Gunnerson (Lincoln), Abigail Kreifels (Lincoln), Christopher Moore (Lincoln), Katie Nepper (Lincoln), David Swotek (Lincoln), John Swotek (Lincoln), Addison Wanser (Lincoln).

Age 13 and under: Vyvian Alstrom (Lincoln), Noah Babcock (Waverly), Samuel Babcock (Waverly), Aleyna Cuttlers (Raymond), Khloe Cuttlers (Raymond), Andrew Frain (Lincoln), Kylie Hansen (Lincoln), Maleah Jamison (Lincoln), Mischa Lunquist (Raymond), Nettie Lunquist (Raymond), Eliese Schwinck (Lincoln), Alexa Smith (Lincoln), Kamryn Wanser (Lincoln).

Outstanding 4-H Clubs

To encourage participation in the county fair, Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club awards traveling trophies to the top 4-H clubs participating in the Lancaster County Super Fair. One category winner is awarded the Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup as the overall Outstanding 4-H Club for the year. Clubs receive points based on all members’ total fair exhibit and contest placings. The Outstanding 4-H Clubs were also recognized at a Kiwanis meeting.

Category I (membership of 5–10) and Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup winner: Fusion 4-H’ers (Leaders: Marsha Prior and Analisa Peterson).

Category II (membership of 11–20): Five Star 4-H’ers (Leaders: Pam Cuttlers, Ruth Chantry, Bill Lange and Tammy Sheldon).

Category III (membership of 21 or more): Joe’s Clover Knights (Leader: Anne Johnson).

Nebraska 4-H Clubs of Excellence

These clubs have met the criteria outlined by the State 4-H Office to be considered a “Club of Excellence.” Some of the criteria includes: choose/elect youth officers, have one club project they do together and complete one community service project.

Clever Clovers, Crafty Clovers, Fantastic 4, Five Star 4-H’ers, Fusion 4-H’ers, Go Go Goat Getters, Joe’s Clover Knights, JP2 Crew, Learning Leaders, NBots Robostorm, Rabbits R Us, Super Shamrocks.

National Leadership Award

Each year, Lancaster County 4-H selects 4-H members to be awarded the National Leadership Award on behalf of the American Youth Foundation. The award recognizes youth ages 15–18 who strive to be their personal best and make a positive difference in their schools, youth groups, 4-H clubs and communities. This year's winners are: John Boesen (Malcolm), Delaney Meyer (Lincoln), Katie Nepper (Lincoln).

Outstanding 4-H Members

Presented to individuals age 14 or older who have excelled in their involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. Selection is based on participation in a wide variety — and depth of — 4-H activities.

Anna Sump (Lincoln) has had an ambitious 13-year 4-H career. She has been an independent member, Pick-A-Pig club president, Teen Council vice president and 4-H Council secretary. Last year, she attended National 4-H Congress, as well the National Youth Summit on Healthy Living. She has completed a Nebraska 4-H Gives Back service-learning project.

Addison Wanser (Lincoln) has been very involved in 4-H during her five years as a member of the Fantastic 4 club. She has also been Teen Council secretary. She is one of the top 4-H’ers in total number of community service hours completed. She was the fourth 4-H’er in Lancaster County to complete a Diamond Clover Level 6 community service project (now called Nebraska 4-H Gives Back).

4-H Meritorious Service

Presented to individuals or organizations that have exhibited consistent and strong support of the Lancaster County 4-H program.

Harry & Lois Muhlbach (Lincoln, by Davey) are co-leaders of the Pick-A-Pig 4-H club, which gives non-farm youth an opportunity to raise pigs and show at fair. Harry is superintendent and Lois is an assistant superintendent of the 4-H Swine Show at the Lancaster County Super Fair. Harry has been a 4-H volunteer for 39 years and Lois for six years.


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