Teacher of the Month - Chantelle Schroeder group

(From left) Erin Rausch Conaway, U.S. Bank; Daniele Schulzkump, principal; Chantelle Schroeder, Teacher of the Month; and Wayne Casper, chairman of the Lincoln East Rotary Club Teacher of the Month committee.

Teaching is a lifelong dream come true for Chantelle Schroeder, who has taught kindergarten for 12 years – the last 10 at Meadow Lane Elementary School.

“I played school growing up,” she said. “One of my fondest memories of my childhood is my grandpa taking me to Office Depot to purchase ‘school supplies’ for my pretend students.”

Born and raised on a farm near Syracuse, Nebraska, where she resides today, Schroeder attended kindergarten through high school in Syracuse. She lived in Lincoln for 12 years after high school graduation. She earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is now working on her graduate degree from UNL in curriculum and instruction.

Schroeder transferred to Meadow Lane after starting her teaching career at Holmes Elementary School.

“Chantelle is an incredible learner,” said Daniele Schulzkump, principal at Meadow Lane. “She embraces knowledge in everything she does. This attitude pours out to her students.”

Schroeder leads district staff development multiple times a year to enhance others’ learning, Schulzkump added.

“Chantelle is a team leader and mindful of the relationships between members,” she said. “She always has an ‘I can’ attitude and lives in the solution, not the problem.”

Families often choose Schroeder for a teacher because of the relationships she has built with them and the students.

“Students miss her when they leave kindergarten but carry on not just skills, but a deep understanding of how those skills fit together,” Schulzkump said. “She is passionate and knows the importance of her job. She has always put students first. I look forward to where she will go from here as she continues to permeate the lives of our students.”

Schroeder said she enjoys watching students learn and grow.

“It is amazing to see the growth that students can make throughout the school year and the impact you can have on their lives,” she said. “You know when you enter your classroom each day, you are helping them learn and grow. I love what I do.”

For her efforts, Schroeder was recently named Teacher of the Month by the Lincoln East Rotary Club and U.S. Bank. She received $100 each from East Rotary and U.S. Bank, with one of the awards covering the purchase of classroom materials and the other award for her personal use.

Outside the classroom, Schroeder volunteers for her child’s PTA, the Lincoln Public Schools BackPack Extra Mile Walk and the Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.

Her husband, Aaron, is a farmer and contractor. The Schroeders have three children: Jackson, 6; Presley, 4; and Carter, 1. Their dog Basher is 12 years old.


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