A 43-year-old man was taken into emergency protective custody Monday after he threatened to shoot people inside the Wal-Mart in southeast Lincoln, police said.

At about 2 p.m., the man, whom police didn't identify Tuesday, went into the store at 87th Street and Nebraska 2, told employees he had a gun and asked customers if they "wanted to see a show" and watch someone die, Officer Angela Sands said. 

Police arrived moments later, found the man pacing near the deli with his hands in his pockets and ordered him to take them out, Sands said. 

He refused to do so and motioned to officers as if he was going to pull out a gun, she said. 

An officer declared an emergency, believing the man had a gun, and concealed himself as he continued to try to get the man to show his hands, Sands said. 

Other officers arrived, and they ultimately got the man to lie face-down.

He was handcuffed, and officers didn't find a gun on him, she said. 

The man wasn't injured but was taken to an area hospital because of concerns for his mental health, she said. 

Officers have cited him for disturbing the peace.  

Sands praised the officers on Tuesday for their clear thinking in a tense situation. 

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Riley Johnson reports on breaking news and public safety issues in Lincoln and southeast Nebraska.

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