The defense attorney's voice sounded incredulous Wednesday afternoon as he asked Greg Cody's accuser about the first time Cody exposed himself to her as they sat talking in a car.

She doesn't remember the specifics. They were in his Lincoln Police cruiser maybe, but she couldn't say where or when or how long they had been meeting up to talk before it happened.

Just that Cody laughed it off as a joke and zipped his pants back up, she said.

"Why would you ever get in a car with him again?" Cody's attorney, John Ball, asked the woman accusing the retired officer of sexually assaulting her.

"I don't have an answer," the 32-year-old Lincoln woman said, almost in a whisper.

Cody, 56, faces a single charge of first-degree sexual assault for more than a year's worth of interactions with her.

Cody says what happened was consensual.

In the morning, the jury heard a 12-minute recorded call, where he apologized to her.

"Clearly, I misjudged everything," Cody told her, with Nebraska State Patrol investigators listening in.

He said he wasn't trying to make excuses, but the medicine he'd started taking made him feel like he was on meth. He was raging, he said. He said she probably remembered better than he did what happened in the Lincoln Children's Zoo parking lot three nights earlier, on Oct. 15, 2017. If she said stop, he said, "whatever I was doing I should've stopped.

"I f---ed up, OK? You have no idea how bad I feel," he said.

Cody asked her for a chance to redeem himself but said if she wanted him to leave her alone, he would.

Later in the day, on cross examination, Ball asked Cody's accuser to pin down the number of times they had oral sex, if it was 20 or 30 times like she told the prosecutor on direct examination Tuesday, or about 50, like she had told him during a deposition before trial.

"Let's go with 45," she said.

She said they had intercourse about 10 times, though she only specifically remembers two times.

Ball asked about a tort claim her attorney filed against the city seeking $1 million for each occurrence of sexual or physical assault. Couldn't that make a difference with the numbers they were batting around? he asked her.

She said she had no idea. She just knew there was a lawsuit.

Ball asked why she and Cody had discussed the fact that he'd had a vasectomy and she had an IUD. She didn't remember. And why, after a two-month break of any contact with Cody, she even would answer her phone when he called.

She said she was terrified, the emotions all came back.

"Then, not only did you answer, but you go meet him?" the defense attorney asked.

"I felt I had no other choice," she said.

Cody's trial continues Thursday.

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