The Spring Game had wieners rocketing the west stadium.

It had cheerleaders, penalty flags, eye black, the wave, big screen replays, Cornheads, foam hands, tailgates, Mardi Gras beads, Herbie Husker, bathroom lines, lost children, afternoon drunks.

You know, just like a real football game.

Except the head coach wore shorts.

And there was only one team …

But, really, truly, no one cared.

It was football. In April. For $10.

"We saw what we needed to see," said Marco Pedroza, who was leaving Memorial Stadium with his buddies at halftime.

And that was?

A team that looked "pretty good," said Anthony Ramirez Jr. And a quarterback named Washington who looked even better.

Midway through the sunny afternoon, fans fled the game. And fans arrived at the game.

And fans like Todd Keyser and Malynda Olson waffled.

"Everybody's bailing," Keyser said, walking against the southbound exodus. "Is it over?"

"It's too hot," answered a pale, sweaty boy.

Boring, said another.

Hot? Boring? Keyser and Olson debated returning to their tailgate at 11th and N streets.

Football? Beer? Football? Beer?

They'd come this far, Olson said, and she was anxious to see what Bo's boys had going.

"I'm hoping to see them turn things around. I think they're going to."

Beyond them, girls in miniature cheerleading outfits skipped. A man slipped off his cardboard Bo mask.

The Husker shop across from the stadium rocked.

Fans lined up for hoodies and visors and red foam fingers.

Matt Fudge eyeballed a Husker T-shirt for his 3-year-old.

When he was a kid, going to football games with his dad was one of his favorite things to do, the Omaha man said.

He hoped Caleb would one day feel the same. Saturday, they were leaving before boredom hit.

"I hit the eject button before he did."

Inside the stadium, the Red Team rolled for 77,670 fans.

Richard McKinley and his fiancee, Karie Kirkland, watched with their kids from prime seats in the east stadium.

The Plattsmouth couple met on eHarmony.

"I think I hooked him because I have season tickets," said Kirkland.

They were loving the Spring Game.

It didn't matter if they missed a play or two. Or three.

"We spent half the first quarter getting ice cream," said McKinley.

"And that was just fine."

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