This bobcat was found in the Lincoln VA building.

Bobcats are shy, elusive and almost always see you before you see them — until they get stuck in a building on the Veterans Affairs campus on South 70th Street.

Then they have to be trapped using raw fish and released in the wild outside of town.

Biologists from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission were called by VA staff Tuesday about a bobcat that had wandered into one of its buildings. They set the cage trap and waited.

Wednesday morning, they received another call: The cat was in the trap.

The animal was about 20 pounds and seemed to be in good condition, said Sam Wilson, the commission’s carnivore program manager. Game and Parks staff didn’t examine it thoroughly — so they don’t know if it was male or female — before releasing it in a wildlife management area.

The animals are common throughout the state and are typically found at the edge of Lincoln, but sometimes they come inside city limits if the habitat is good.

“They’re common, but they’re rarely seen,” he said. “They often see people and hide.”

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