Long waits at the DMV are expected -- but waiting for a license for a month?

Up to 5,000 Nebraskans have waited nearly 30 days for their driver's licenses, permits and other documents after a problem at the place that prints them for the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

"The manufacturing facility where our cards are produced is experiencing some problems," DMV Director Beverly Neth said Wednesday. "Admittedly, they're slow in getting those things fixed."

The problems have affected documents initiated June 16 and 17. Neth estimates the state's DMV locations served about 2,500 people each of those days.

"It could affect every type of document we issue," she said. "All of the documents go to the same facility."

In place of laminated hard copies, the DMV has reissued temporary licenses to many people affected.

And Neth said she's been in frequent contact with the printer to try to get the documents pushed through.

The company serves DMVs from Iowa and Georgia, as well, and has a backlog of new orders building up alongside those from mid-June.

"Some of those are being produced now," Neth said. "Apparently the factory has been working overtime."

Nebraska licenses are printed near Atlanta by L-1 Identity Solutions, one of the half-dozen companies that provide security now required by the federal government.

Brian Cintani, 34, hopes he gets his hard copy before catching a flight in a couple of weeks. He doesn't think the temporary licenses will fly with airport security.

When he pulled his out of his wallet to get the DMV's number, he said, most of his photo ripped off, leaving just his chin.

"They couldn't be more slipshod in my opinion," he said. "(The factory's) priority should be to get me my license."

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