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This cat was stolen from a Lincoln front porch.

A 17-year-old Lincoln girl has been referred for prosecution after police say she tried to steal a cat from someone else's porch. 

On Wednesday at 8:30 p.m., the girl walked up to a Lincoln resident's porch near 52nd and Francis streets, grabbed the cat and tried to take it back to her vehicle, Officer Angela Sands said.

Her theft attempt was thwarted when the "fleet-footed feline made his heroic escape and returned to the porch," Officer Anthony Perkins said in a report.

Video captured the attempted cat-napping, and police fielded calls after the story was shared by local news stations, Sands said.

Someone called police after they recognized the person in the video and thought it was their neighbor, Sands said.

Police contacted the girl and believed she was trying to steal the cat on a dare, Sands said.

Officers have referred her to the Lancaster County Attorney's Office for attempted larceny and trespassing.

The girl's mother told police she would have her daughter apologize to the owner.


City desk intern

Summer 2018 city desk intern for the Journal Star.

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